Five Free Android Apps to Help You Travel Abroad

In the 21st century, smartphones and tablets have become the best tools for international travel. In the past, international travelers relied on paperback books, foldable maps and Internet cafes to help them in their sojourns abroad; these days, however, people can plan their trips abroad and get the information they need on the go right from their smartphones and tablets.

Although some international travelers choose to get the information they need by accessing their mobile browsers and visiting certain websites and online travel portals, it is far more efficient to install the right mobile apps before they start their trips. The following five mobile apps for devices powered by the Android operating system will make your travel abroad much smoother:

Five Free Android Apps to Help You Travel Abroad

Five Free Android Apps to Help You Travel Abroad

1 – Google Maps and Waze

Getting around when visiting a foreign country often ends up becoming an exercise in guesswork and frustration. Asking locals for directions is not always the best idea in this regard, but looking up address and geographic information on the right app can save travelers from getting lost. To this end, the best mobile app for getting around is certainly Google Maps. One of the best aspects of Google Maps is that most travelers are thoroughly familiar with its desktop interface, and many find that the mobile version is even more intuitive. In this regard, it is important to remember that Google Maps is a native Android app, which makes it very solid in terms of user interface, accuracy and ease of use.

Google Maps has many advantages over the myriad other mapping apps, but it is definitely the most comprehensive in terms of being able to explore landmarks, tourist attractions, commercial districts, transit information, reviews, and more. Whereas Google Maps is great for exploring on foot, Waze is the best app for tourists or business travelers who choose to rent a car. Waze is powered by Google Maps and it features a very responsive GPS system plus a vibrant social network of collaborators who are interested in helping others beat gridlock.

2 – Hipmunk

A pleasant travel experience abroad is highly dependant on proper planning. With Hipmunk, organizing a trip overseas is efficient and comprehensive. This app features a dedicated search engine for flights and hotels that can be booked directly from a smartphone or tablet. The information is neatly arranged in terms of flight duration, hotel recommendations, travelers’ reviews, location, and more.

3 – SkyScanner

There are hundreds of mobile apps that let users search, compare and book flights, but SkyScanner is the best in terms of user experience, accuracy and functionality. Travelers can filter search results by flight duration, aircraft, departure and landing times, price, and more; plus, SkyScanner neatly organizes future flight information by weeks and months so that travelers can get the best deals by booking ahead of time.

4 – Uber

Foreign taxicab services are often a major source of discontent for international travelers. One of the problems in this regard is the lack of uniformity and the scant information available to travelers ahead of their arrival. The rules of taxicab services can greatly vary from one country to another, but personal transportation service Uber has focused on information and uniformity since its early days as a small startup. Uber is not available in all countries, so it helps to properly install and configure the app before taking off. There are many advantages to catching an Uber ride, and being able to seamlessly pay without cash without having to hail a cab from a rainy street corner are just two of them.

5 – Expensify

For business travelers who must keep track of their expenses abroad, Expensify is truly a must. It works best when a company signs up for the service and provides the app to their traveling employees, but individuals can take advantage of it as well. Entering expense information is as easy as taking pictures of receipts, and Expensify also features powerful reporting and itemization tools. This app is also helpful for non-business travelers who need to budget their future travels.

In the end, the five Android apps above are the most convenient for international travelers in terms of organization and efficiency. Remember: Smart travel begins and ends with your smartphone, but only when the right apps are installed.

This article was written by Natalya Pobedova. She is 28, from Brno Czech Republic, and runs a flight help website called as a hobby. At the moment, she works as a freelance web developer. When she has a free minute, she is hanging out with her friends or helping others at Stack Overflow.

Make Money from Mobile Phone Apps

It has been noted and also I have checked personally that everywhere around the internet, this topic has been search thousands of time in a single day because this time most of the generation using internet from smart phones. If you are looking for making some extra money from your android smart phone, this post will be helpful for you. Hence, in this article am going to tell you the very unique and amazing way to earn money through your mobile phone applications and will share such apps below.

Best mobile apps to make money
Best mobile apps to make money

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As discussed earlier, here are some best smart phone apps to make some extra cash from your mobile phone. Hope you will like it and share with your friends.


This application creates social media posts as well blog that needs Images and this is the way that how u will earn money through this app.


Viggle is the application that pays money to those who are playing its program regularly. You can get this application on your mobile phone through GOOGLE play store.


Shopkick is very amazing app that just pays money to users for their visit on their site. Actually the word kick is quite equal to points here. Therefore, how many times you will get kick the more points you will get and this will be possible when u sign up and get enter in such amazing stores.


Easyshift provides you the enjoyable way to earn money and also easy way. The activities that you do online like you count displayed products or photographing of different items are those from which you can get reward in EASYSHIFT app.


This application rewards to those users who download free apps or watch ads and the money you will earn by this app can be submit in your pay pal account.


This app is based on taking photos or images and it also helps to many media companies in providing photos for payment.


Another great application for your android phone to make money. Just share you photos in contests get big rewards  of $1000.

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Bottom Lines

All the above application has link to their official pages which contains complete information regarding how to use these apps in your smart phones and make some extra money.

Top 5 Android Game Apps for 2014

In this year so many android games and applications are getting so popular and also some are also on the way to be the top listed as a part of  technology. The top 5 android game apps for 2014 as following:

top android games 2014
Best Games for android phones in 2014

Top 5 Android Game Apps for 2014

1. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird has made by Dong Nguyen. This has found as one of the popular game in this year because of its simplicity. Those player who never played this before it might be also so charming game for them. A new player can also start this game with a great interest and after some time he can realize that it is really so exiting to pass such an enjoyable moment while playing it. The goal of this game is to move through the pips. Just need to control the birds. Flappy Bird  can be downloaded by anyone as free. This is found as a fantastic game by us.

2. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour has released in the market recently as the new chapter of Modern Combat. It is another game as getting so popular. Its graphics quality is nice. To play this game easily you need to know the details about the story. You might also need to play the same event in the perspectives of different teams and to get the success just specify your enemies carefully that where they coming from or your companions die so easily. You can keep yourselves in an enjoyable moment while playing it.

3. Farm Heroes Saga

The setting of Farm Heroes Saga is different from the first games that has released by King. Only the concept is same. You need to maintain positive activity so that you can reach the quota per level.  You can also find some similarity between Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush Saga and that is to  match some of the same type in horizontal and vertical combinations. In this game your progress depends on how better you can perform with facing the new kind of obstacles with pieces. The only new thing in this game is you need to fight an evil raccoon in the boss stage.

4. Squishy Birds

Squishy Birds is a another comfortable game for any beginner. If you want to be a better performer while playing this game, you just need to squish the birds for so longer time as you can do it. After sometimes it might be difficult for you to kill the bigger birds. But it is a more easier game  then Flappy Birds and also easy to collect so many points while playing it. So It might be a charming game for anyone as it is so easy to collect hundreds of points without a sweat in Squishy Birds.

5. Marvel Run Jump Smash

The Marvel Run Jump Smash is the game of battle with super villains and their henchmen as the Marvel heroes. In this game you need to unlock the Marvel heroes and beat the enemies as blocking your way. A fast internet connection must need for you so that you can  play this game with comfortably. It’s  simple controls can help you to make it easier. The moments of playing this game is so enjoyable for any gamer. You need to arrange the coins and enemies perfectly so that you can reach the higher levels. You just need to pay a little to play this game.

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Smartphones Usage How It Is Increasing Consistently (Infographic)

Smartphone usage and how it is increasing consistently. Check the infographic


how smartphone usage increasing consistently
how smartphone usage increasing consistently

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Following is the embading codes for above infographic.

Google’s Latest Update: GoodBye to Privacy Control Feature in Mobiles

Google often surprises its users with some incredible updates. However, all the time the updates aren’t delightful and sometimes it does leaves the users shell-shocked with astonishing roll outs. The update which is discussed here falls under the second category.

It may not appease most Android users as Google has removed the privacy control feature from its devices. This could be a serious blog to most users as this feature was highly celebrated by most Android lovers since the release of Android 4.3. But, most shockingly it has been removed in the 4.4.2 update recently.


Google’s Latest Update
Google’s Latest Update


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Google says it was experimental:

In most astonishing reply, Google Inc. replied to the uproar from different parts of the world that the entire set up was experimental and accidentally set up on the Android 4.3 devices. So this could mean that users of Android 4.4.2 has can access certain apps only after providing access to the mobiles.


What happened with Android 4.3?

It all started with Android 4.3 mobile devices as App Ops, a privacy component installed in the software protected users from the new and hazardous applications. So, blocking sensitive data was possible with the installation of this application in the device and it was wholeheartedly welcomed by most Android lovers.


Why Google refrained from adding this security app to 4.4.2 version?

Well, Google fears that this component installed in the device can break the app policies to a great extent and it is completely against this. Though the experiment worked well, the program still had the ability to disrupt the function of applications.

Also, Google always concentrates on finding out simple and easy remedies compared to something tough. Also, violating app rules is intolerable from Google POV. Anyway, Android apps developers are working on improving the privacy concerns and soon they may come up with special updates to protect Android users from data theft.

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Is this news good or bad for Android users?

It is a tough question to answer. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) in a release recently has revealed that the security feature of the robust model may take a beating as a result of App Ops withdrawal from the Android update 4.4.2. According to EEF, Google wants to enhance the security level of devices compared to privacy concerns of customers.

In short, when it comes to overall protection or privacy, Google would bat for protection and not privacy. But, this could be a blow to users as the security loopholes in the Android devices being exposed wildly, removing such a special feature could bring down the user experience of the devices.

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Google’s Advice to users on this:

A spokesperson from Google has suggested users to choose between the privacy concern and protection of devices from intruders. However, he also revealed that this explanation won’t justify the removal of the update feature as well.

As having the privacy app component in the latest version can lead to hazardous security risks, he advised users have to stick to the overall protection of the devices rather privacy controls.



Is privacy not a cause of concern for Google?

With privacy threats looming out of nowhere has causing serious concerns among the users, it becomes important for top-notch platforms to come up with rock-solid privacy control features to negotiate the threats imposed by various intruders in the mobile market place.


Whatever it is, Google will certainly come up with some fantastic updates for its users to confront the growing privacy backslides as this platform is proved to be the top shipped OS across the globe.


With more than 80% of OS shipped belong to Android, it becomes necessary to come up with strong security measures, in addition to privacy controls to help customers relish complete mobile experience.


Author Bio:-
I’m Zoya Bennet, part of Contus mobility team and author of this article. I’m an aspiring blogger hooked to write articles on Professional android application development topics. I consistently offer technology-based solutions not only for Android but also for iOS, and Windows as well.

Best Tested Android Security Apps

When we talk and discuss about the new and latest technology the very leading topic come in our mind is Android and Smartphones and due to its wide trade and usage, so many android users are facing such type security issues. For that I have decided to share some security apps and tools for android and smartphones which are totally free. The main reasons of having one of these security apps in your android phones because of different security issues just like Malware, remote lock, safe browsing encryption etc. As per latest report of AV-Test, its come in my know that every new day the different Malware removal tools apps detecting thousands of new virus, Trojan horses and worms, therefore its very necessary to secure your Android Smartphone from being a Jailbreaking or Rooting and protect it by installing one the tested and Best Android Security Apps.


best android security apps
best android security apps

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Why Android Security is Important?

There are lot of risks to be unprotected and unsecured as I have mentioned in my above para that every new day so many harming apps, virus, Trojans means Malware have been detected by the android security provision companies i.e. Remote Lock, Geographic Location, Call Blocker, spammy messages, no password protection, downloading piates apps etc.


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Best Free & Tested Android Security Apps for Malware

There are many apps has been designed having some additional features to proper secure android phone with great performance and tested and without any side effect means that will not impact on mobile battery or any kind of slowness just use your phone in normal speed. So check below the complete list of tested security apps for android mobile phones.


Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Avast mobile security will keep away your phone from viruses as well it will provide you the information in case of lose your phone. By choosing an option of cell phone locator feature, you will get the information of your android. At the same time it gives you immense new features like app locking, ad detector, password check, and many more.


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Avira Free Android Security

This one also not a new name, after provision of such a great protection and security to pc computers, also they have a build a great security app for android user to safe and protect its from viruses, antitheft, remote lock etc. you can find the best reviews from its user from the download link on Google Play.


ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

Enjoy your time safely on Social Media website, internet browsing/surfing or download anything without any worry or doubt means this app give you complete internet security for your android smartphone.


Trend Mobile Security

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

IKARUS Mobile Security


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All the above mentioned apps are totally tested and having good performance for security protection for you android. If you need any further inquiry don’t hesitate to ask by replying in this post.

Android: Best Option For Small Scale Businesses

Intro:- Small businesses that are on the path of growth will need communication options for their staff. The following article discusses why you should use Android devices for small business communications.

 Android Small Scale Businesses

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Android: Best Option For Small Scale Businesses

For any company that is growing has to make important decisions that will affect their future. These decisions have to be made carefully otherwise it may pose fatal for your business. One of such decisions is choosing suitable devices for communication in your business. Many in the past have preferred Blackberry because it was a suitable option for enterprises. Nowadays businesses go for the iPhone because of the popularity of the device. So if you are a business that is making constant progress in your path then a better option for your business would be Android devices. Not many would fall for it but it is a great option.

It is true that Android is not totally a business platform but we cannot deny the fact that it would be a great option for small businesses. Android is gaining momentum and is slowly but surely becoming a market leader replacing iPhone on the top. Let’s see at some of the reasons why you must use Android for small business communications.

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  • If you chose an iPhone it has only has so many options available. Half a dozen options are sometimes not good enough for us to do all our tasks. That is why you must choose Android, it’s got many options in different brands, and so you have a variety of options when you have to choose a handset. It is best to choose a latest model Android phone that will serve your purposes and can be used to perform multiple activities.
  • Most people prefer using Gmail and you also have mobile versions on different platforms. But Gmail works best Android because both are products of Google. Many small businesses use Gmail for email service and so going for an Android device for communication between staff members is a great option.
  • If you compare iPhone to an Android device you will also find that Android is quite customizable compared to the iPhone. That is an added advantage of using Android. You can have your way with Android which is not very much possible with iPhone. You can have multiple home screens and create shortcuts the way you want it. So there are many customizable options with Android so for any small business it is an ideal option.
  • Near field Communications or better known as NFC has not been used by many platforms. iPhone certainly did not try to use it but Android phones have already started using it. Transferring files just on top of the phones against each other or transfer with a touch is some of the features of the NFC technology. This is a great option which will not available on many other phones on other platforms.
  • Android has a lot of integrated services that we can use. Most businesses need instant messaging and email services to communicate with each other. They might also use other services like Skype to interact with clients. For all such needs Android is a very good option. All these services are also available on other platforms but they are not as integrated as Android. So using Android any day is a very good choice. Android offers value for money and is is a great platform that can yield many advantages to the users.

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So all these points prove that Android devices are any time good for small businesses who want Smartphones for internal communication and other activities. Moreover Android will reveal more features and functionalities in the future and is considered to stay as a market leader for a long time. It is also an open platform which gives it the edge over the iPhone and Blackberry. So if you are a small business then go for Android devices.

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Author Bio :

Hariot is a Android Apps Developer associated with a leading custom mobile application development company offering solutions for various mobile application platforms. She has a love for technology and always stays on top of the latest trends in the mobile application development industry, specially in Android Application Development.

Free Best Video Editing Software for Android Smartphones

Its so many days I have not shared any post about Android or Smartphones but this day I have choose a topic in which you will notified with few best and free video editing software for android and Smartphones. As we all aware that internet is full of thousands of applications which done similar jobs but always we find tools with having best quality in its work. The videos editing lovers will get the advantage of this article because I have listed below some of very useful and valuable tools for your android Smartphone with lot of best features to directly edit videos from your android, Smartphones and tablets.

 android video editing softwares




Free Best Video Editing Software for Android Smartphones

Check out the great apps with amazing video editing effects for your android smartphones and tables for the above mentioned purpose.



Movie Studio Video Maker :-Movie Studio Video Maker

One of the best video editing software for android phone having lot of great features such as split several videos into one, video effects (fade in, fade out, negative, gray tone) , video frames, you can change background music, you can create slideshow from images means this the must have android application for android phones.



Magisto Video Editor & Maker:-Magisto Video Editor Maker adnroid

Another must have android app for the video editing having so many great features. You can covert your videos into image by using this android app, edit movie and make them beautiful look with own background music and new attractive graphics in few seconds.



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HighlightCam Social :-HighlightCam Social for android

You can read all about the above app on its official page by click on the above link. Few lines I will add here about it. It has so many themes to beautify your video, edit your videos and share directly on best social media sites i.e. facebook, twitter, youtube as well as you can send same in MMS clips.



Viddy :-viddy video editor android

As per its simple name, the app is also very simple and easy to use but it has so many best features. Make you video beautify with builtin effects and create every day new personal movie and share between your family through social media platforms.


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VideoFX Music Video Maker :-VideoFX Music Video Maker

Want to experience like creative android user? You must have installed this app in your Smartphones for amazing video editing. The most recommended app for your android Smartphones with so many different effects to capture new type for videos such as cartoon, ghost, cinematic etc. For more check the above link to read extra about this useful app.


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Bottom Lines:-

All the above apps having almost same feature which will help you to make creative and attractive videos through your android Smartphones and tablets. Having any issue about the above mentioned apps? You can ask by replying in this post. Don’t forget to Join our Social media Profiles and RSS Subscription. Regards.

Back Up Whatsapp Conversation To PC

Now a days social networking is become very popular over the Internet. Whatsapp, Wechat, are also popular chat application in the youth’s groups. Whatsapp is a very delight messenger and have a lot of features like sending of videos, audio, images and texts to your friends. It gives more flexibility to users. the only problem that is occurred in that app is “Backup of conversations in the case of unintentional crisis” In that tutorial I will tell you that how to “Back up Whatsapp conversation to pc“. You can easily back up your audio video and texts conversation by following these step and simply backup Whatsapp conversation to PC:-

backup whatspp conversation

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How to Back Up Whatsapp Conversation To PC

Check below the instruction to backup the whatsapp conversation from mobile phone to PC.

Tools Need to take Whatsapp Conversation Back up to PC:-

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  • Move the backup conversation–  After opening the file manager Navigate to> data> data> com.whatsapp> database and (previous versions navigate to locate> data> data> com.whatsapp> database.
  • Copy wa.db and msgstore.db to your micro storage card
  • make any folder and extract the extracting tool that you have downloaded from above .
  • After extraction Run “!install pyCrypto.bat” in the pc.
  • Now insert the SD card on your computer and get msgstore.db and wa.db copied to a new folder and it will ask for overwriting then, replace existing files.
  • Open “whatsapp_xtract_android” which will produce  HTML file from database.
  • Open that new  file in any browser like (Google chrome) to read conversations.

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Performing the above steps will let you save your conversation with your relatives, And you can see them any time.

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Things to Know Before Building an Android Application

With thousands of apps being offered to customers every day, many amateurs have become involved in mobile application development. Among the leading Smartphone applications, Android is very popular in the application markets because of its many benefits to your business and organization. For anyone who is interested in this field, it is important to know the fundamentals of Android app development.

The interesting fact about Android is that its market is expanding by 32% every month, with 4,000 distinct devices. This could imply extra work for mobile application developers, while you are on the lookout for well experienced Android developers. Here are some things you need to remember before building an android application:

android application development

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Things Mobile Application developers must know before building an Android app


  • Different functionalities for each device

In contrast to iOS, the Android operating system is implemented by the respective device manufacturer to meet their hardware requirements. Owing to this, every Android device behaves differently compared to another manufactured by someone else. Therefore,  mobile app developers need to be extra careful about such manufacture-based   distinctions during development.

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  • Complex programming  implies time-consuming development

Unlike iOS, the programming model of Android is quite complex. When developing an iPhone app, Apple guides you to app designing using ModelViewController. However, Android works by giving you a toolbar only. Thus, making it relatively harder for some to design or code something on Android, compared to the easy and time saving work on  iOS.

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  • Different sizes mean different layouts

The different Android devices like Samsung S3, S4, HTC, and Galaxy Note come in different sizes. This implies extra work for designers than is usually required. Unlike iOS, there is a variety of screen layouts for Android devices. Therefore, the mobile application developers will have to redevelop the layouts to support different devices and the designers will have to create images to suit different screen resolutions.