3 Web design mistakes small business owners make

It’s been the online hub of business for decades, but there are some crucial mistakes small business owners make while preparing websites. Here are the top three most common and easily solvable mistakes made by small businesses when developing a website.

1. Content is unorganized

Content is key to everything. It’s what pulls people in to visit the website and it’s what keeps them coming back for more each time. The Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been buzzwords for years now and most small businesses tend to focus on those in particular. But many owners simply forget to organize the material properly.

Web design mistakes

This goes beyond just making things look nice. Focusing on natural language, keyword integration and simple images is all very important, but if the whole website is cluttered and the articles or sources are hard to find, they won’t be of much help. Your intent with a website is to garner online traffic and most of your visitors are used to nice, clean interfaces. Choose to clear the field and make it very easy for people to look up content and even come back to reference it if need be.

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Clean and organized is the way to go and for that you’ll have to aim for simplicity.

2. Complicated navigation

Along with a whole host of things left out by small businesses, business owners certainly don’t take enough of time looking at the site’s navigation. They don’t have the resources or the time to get it right, it may seem, which is an absolute pity considering the navigation of a site is one of the most fundamental elements.

Everything online is democratized and this means that the site you put up online will be in direct competition with the big guys. Regardless of how much you invest into the site’s construction, you will always need effective navigation to help people find what they are looking for.

People are impatient with websites that do not load up fast enough or ones that are simply not organized properly. If they leave because of poor design, they’ll never come back. Make website navigation a primary concern if you are setting out to design a new website.

There are certain principles that are useful when you really want to get the navigation right. Start, firstly, with the icons. Use them to effectively let people navigate around the site and easily move through the content you’ve spent time and effort on. Make them as visually appealing as possible to grab attention.

They create a logical sequence of icons and links that will lead anyone through the site easily. Try to make all the design as clear and intuitive as possible. Nothing fancy, just very simple and easy to use.

All the effort you put into the navigation should allow for the use of a call to action button that will set the visitor and turn them into customers. Have clear and very large call to action buttons that can be used on the site.

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3. Color & contrast

Often, the color and contrast on a site is just not done properly. Color combinations that may seem fine to the owner of the business may actually affect the site badly and ruin the results for everyone visiting. Aesthetics are important and you may need a professional designer to get the color combinations done right.

There is another important issue at play here. If the text you’ve written as part of the seo campaign is not contrasted to the background, the reader won’t be able to use the content at all and this is a genuine issue for most new sites that go online.

Creating a visual interest from the visitors could arguably be just as important. The flow and the hierarchy of the page is all very tightly interlinked to the way the design stands out and the color combinations that are used.

A free color contrast tool online can really help you with this and make sure your site meets the high standards expected on the internet now. A good way to get the color scheme right is to look at the way your direct competitors have used colors are mimic that.


Author Bio:

Sunny Popali is an everyday learner and editor, working at Good Monster an SEO agency in Syracuse. He is passionate about helping online businesses to achieve their goals with cost-effective SEO & Digital Marketing services. He believes that you should keep conversion rates in mind.

Cloud Computing Benefits and Advantages for Business

Cloud computing helps our online business and gives so many benefits. It allows you to set what is more essential to give flexibility to connect your business from anywhere and anytime. With most Internet-enabled business environment work today (e.g., mobile, tablets) devices, it makes easier access to your data from anywhere. There are so many advantages and benefits of using Cloud computing for your business to move and operate your business from cloud.

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Cloud Computing Benefits and Advantages  for Business

Let me give you some best reasons why you should move to Cloud hosting.

Save Cost

When you move to cloud computing, it may help you to reduce your IT cost; you can manage and maintain your IT system with low cost rather than expending upon expensive system for your business.  You can reduce IT costs by using resources provide by cloud computing services provider.

Balance and Scalability

Your company can expand or scale down its operation and storage needs quickly to suit situation what you need, allow flexibility as your needs change for your business. Instead of buying and installing expensive updates, your cloud computing service provider can easily handle this for you.

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Continuity in and Smoothness in Business

Data and system protection is one of the very important parts of planning business continuity. Whether If you are experiencing a natural disaster or power outage or any other crisis. If your data is stored in the cloud it ensures that your data is in a safe and secure place and you are totally supported and well protected.

Support & Efficiency

Collaboration in the cloud environment to communicate your business and provides the ability to easily share the traditional way. If you’re working on a project in the different places, you can use cloud computing employees, contractors and third party access to the same files. Also, a model of cloud computing is made easy for you to share your record; you can choose your advisers.
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It allows their customers more flexibility in their work ie. You can access you data from anywhere means from home or office from anywhere with an internet connection mean if you need to be connect with you data you can easily manage it.

Automatic Updates

This service may not be free of cost but not much expensive to unable to handle, you can easily access to automatic updates as per your requirement of your business and your system will be updated regularly with latest updates and technology because these system has uptodate software version.

Bottom Lines

I have mentioned all the thing which I knew, may there are more advantages and benefits of Cloud computing. Feel free to share with our audience by replying in comments and share your feedback for our article.

Content Marketing Strategies of 2015

How do you know you have content that is good enough for your readers? Did you know that everything you write is certainly part of drive your audience to your site or blog? Let’s look at what it takes to successfully implement business strategies to grow your business in 2015. In this article I will share my personal experience what I have learned in my blogging career in 2015 for content writing and its strategies in this current running year as we know every new month we receive a news for changing algorithms of top search engines because of some bad techniques used by some peoples. So lets look what I am going to share with you for content marketing techniques in 2015.


Content Marketing Strategies of 2015

Contents is King and its still works for marketing and hope you will find my following techniques valuable for your blogging career.

Social Media Traffic – is it enough ?

With the growing trend of social media, marketers and blogger use it as a tool to generate traffic. But how to get better results? Measuring the amount of likes and comments is not enough, but hearing anything of value from the content, or simply click and forget? Like millions of accounts we believe that every day. What do you think about most of its content seems? Also, what people know is just extraordinary if you do not care to read when flooding many pieces of information? Social media is good way to generate traffic, but is not as effective in 2015 when it comes to content marketing. With this example, it is likely that more effective way than the social media is required. This activity could include something more such as meetings, and training and development, live events etc. This is effective in increasing the value of your blog writing.

Content Need to be Well Developed

Content Marketers has more focus on industry trends, portfolios of the company, or on your competitors that what are they doing. Instead of business as usual the company offers to consumers, think of how business customers can use to make them. Distribution content that suits your needs and desires of your questions. In the form of a company, ask why they should believe you?. This does not mean they see their competition is doing, but instead of any kind, to run their own tests and find what works best for your business.
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You Need Attractive Website to Attract Your Visitors

And you have heard from many peoples says that the attractive and beautiful website attracts large visitors and customers. Yes, but in the past because this time Internet has a billions of live articles for a single topic. Do you think that people have to wait a beautiful website to open and then find a piece of information? And if they did, do you think you can be an opportunity to return? Imagine how frustrating it can be when you are visiting five different Web sites for certain information to find something else to waste time. For example, consider that if Google takes a few minutes to show results? If any one need any information will not see anything else.. A beautiful website had a positive impact, but should not be reason to stay your visitors. If your business is something that bias is important, you have to make it lighter in loading as well. Besides if your contents or story is rich its really matters that you site should have attractive look. As I have mentioned Contents is Kind, because they’re still the best way to increase interaction and engagement with your visitors.
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Bottom Lines

Hope you have already read all the contents written above, it will not give you 100% results, but of course help you to make your business better. Looking to hear from your if we are right or wrong, or how they were supposed to be beneficial.

Google v/s Bing: how SEO differ for both?

Google and Bing: The Background: For many years now, Google has been the most popular search engine for people across the world. Bing is also one of the most used search engines after Google and is considered to be a prospective rival. Though the popularity of Google is so much that the noun has become synonymous with the verb ‘search’, there is still hope left for Bing. The reason behind the competition is mainly because of the way the search mechanism works for both the search engines. Since the algorithm is different, the techniques used for search engine optimization also vary for Google and Bing.

Google v/s Bing: how SEO differ for both?


Well, the first thing we consider while differentiating between Google and Bing is demographics. Bing is not popular everywhere in the world but its user base is mainly from the USA. Also, Bing users are usually Microsoft customers that used Internet Explorer as their browser with default search engine as Bing. Many search engine experts estimate that Bing will very soon be able to bypass Google because of its better monetizing capacities.

Traffic Sources

There are different ways by which search engine get traffic to their home page. Google of course is a household name and gets a lot of direct traffic that comes from simply typing the website name into the browser address bar. Bing on the other hand, gets as much as 21% traffic from MSN. Google traffic comes from many more sources and websites compared to Bing and it does not have dependency on any particular website for its traffic.

The Algorithms

Bing search results are influenced by the fact whether the page is linked to MSN pages or not. If not, it would not show high on Bing’s SERPs, even if it is more relevant to the search phrase. Google has worked hard to gain its image of a know-it-all website. Google users expect to find all sorts of information on this website and trust it too. They like the intelligent Google search engine and are not exactly looking for reference to other sites while using Google.

Monetization and Site Credibility

However, if you are looking for paid ads, Bing and Yahoo do the job better. Users using these search engines are more prone to clicking on advertisements and hence if you are looking for such campaigns, Bing might suit you well. Google is more open when it comes to searches, and includes sites like forums and blogs more easily than Bing. Bing also avoids article websites or the popularly known ‘content farms’ but gives importance to some low quality websites at the same time. Google is more intelligent and identifies the relevancy a lot better than Bing that is more concerned about word-to-word match.

Bing also keeps an eye on pirated content and other objectionable content compared to Google. So while optimizing for Bing, don’t worry about content farms, forums or any websites that do not have content which is officially supposed to be there. Rather work on the verbatim and be friendlier to Microsoft in terms of Links.
These are few general observations about the differences between optimization for Google and Bing. However, since the search algorithms keep updating themselves every now and then, an optimization expert has to be on his toes to keep up with the changing trends and update his strategies accordingly.

About the author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves to writing about health, technology, SEO and kratom effects. These days she is busy to write an article on how to get a girlfriend.

Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Freelancing Career

You must be working in one of the well-known companies in your city for a long time, and must be bored of the nine to seven job timing on daily basis. Well you may be planning to begin your own business now, but worried about how to execute it and also ditch out the monotonous schedule of nine to seven. You may even thinking of working as a freelancer to the clients you wish to join. It is considered to be a rewarding thing to become a freelancer, but at the same time it is very challenging for your career.

Before heading towards the freelance career, you should pay attention to few important tips so as to evade coming across any hurdles. We’ve helped you in listing the top 10 things that you must be aware of before beginning your

Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Starting Your Freelancing Career

1. Learn to price your work appropriately

Freelancers should never underrate their works and this is the mistake they quite often do. Not only this signifies that they are paid less, but it lowers the value of their work they do. You should ensure that if you’ve chosen to work for any client, they should be paying you the right price at the right time. You don’t need to disclose your hourly or daily rates, but be precise to quote your price for the work they’re assigning you, and further negotiate well with your client.

2. Produce your niche

While pitching for works, you require putting forward as many reasons as possible in front of your clients for convincing them why they would select you among others. You’ve to tell them about your work experiences, your proficiencies, your availability for completing their work, your commitment towards meeting their deadlines, your quality of work, your price quote, and also sharing your latest works with them.

3. Listen to the briefs cautiously

You need to listen to the requirements of your clients, and meet them perfectly. If you finish their assignments on time and deliver them, they’ll be grateful to you as well as contact you in future too. You should put that extra effort in sending them back their work after completion as requested by them and also make sure that your client is happy with your performance.

4. Build trust via communication

It is very essential to maintain a good communication with your clients. In the initial stage, you should begin with how they wish to communicate – is it through emails, chats, texting or through phone. You should be available to them so that they can contact you through any medium for solving their problems. You should also provide them the option to arrange usual weekly meeting where you can sit face-to-face and discuss about their big project.

5. Should you select on every job that you’re being offered

You should be wise enough to select the right freelance job for you that suits your skills and experiences. Try to say no if the work is vast and taking too much of your time. You should decide to say yes to that particular freelance work that benefits you in learning experience as well as increasing your income. If you’re constructing your own business plan, you should be having a clear idea regarding your goals of achieving it, without wasting your energy much.

6. Time management skills

When you are going into freelancing line, you need to manage your time perfectly, along with wrapping your other routine works too. So fix your work schedule in the day time, and avoid working late nights, that may hamper your health. It is a vital quality to keep in mind of how much time to allot towards your tasks.   

7. Your financial situation

In the freelancing field, the income you receive fully would depend on the work completed by you, and the price range varies quite often. So you need to talk with your client firstly on how much payment they’re ready to give you for their work to be done on time.

8. Your network

You should broaden your network when you’re considering freelancing works. For becoming a successful freelancer, you should add other freelance clients and professionals so that they would notice your work graph, and this would lead to your specialized work growth.

9. A Marketing Strategy

You should create your own marketing plan in order to tell everyone regarding your new freelance business through distinct routes. You can use tools such as internet, word of mouth, and other marketing tools such as posters, business cards, flyers, ads, etc. While using these routes, you can gradually maximize your freelancing by bringing a stable flow of client work.   

10. Never rely on a small number of clients

If you’re having regular clients approaching you, then it is superb, and also showing your commitment towards them is always worthy. But you need not depend on a small number of clients. You should enlarge your opportunities, develop your portfolio, adding new contacts, and also pitching your own work.
Therefore, go through the above tips carefully, and then decide on getting into the freelance career, and become accustomed to it.
About the Author –

Sophia is a content developer with excellent English writing & communication skills. She works with legal UK service as a lead writers and share tips to the beginners.

Advanced Guide to Perfect On-Page Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always ultimate for any business growth. Having perfect On-Page for the website is the first phase of optimizing and promoting our business. There are lot of webmasters who are already discussed this topic, but here I’m going to share some ultimate advanced guide for making perfect On-Page optimization for any website.


Keywords and its relationships

It’s about no matter what kind of product or services you choose, all are just rely on discovering great relationship between words and phrases. Organizing content in the website has the great influence over how search engines determine topics of On-page.

When we focus on keywords phrases, search engines are hunting for other phrases and concepts that related to one another. So our first step is that expanding our keyword research in the right direction. We have to include rich content like:

·         Synonyms and Close Variants to the phrase: Includes synonyms, plurals, abbreviations and phrases that mean the same.

·         Primary related keywords: Phrase and words that relate to the primary category of your product.

·         Secondary related keywords: Phrase and words that relate to the primary keywords.

A very good keywrod phrase means that has to predict what type of entities and phrases that has to be present on the page. For example, a page about “Tajmahal” should predict other phrases like “wonders in the world”, “Graveyard”, “Love identity”. Combining these related phrase may strengthen your keyword presence.

Distance, Position and Frequency

Every page have to be organized well, this will has a great influence over the concepts that related to each other.

Here the three primary things you have to consider while placing your keywords

·         Position: Keywords have to placed most wanted ares like title, descriptions, H tags, and high up in the main body of content may have higher weightage.

·         Frequency: search engines can easily determine whether you uses any important phrases by calculating how much it appear in normal distribution.

·         Distance: Words and Phrases that relevant to each other are easily often found close together.

Best way to organise the content is to employ primary and secondary keywords with support of your focused keyword.

Each related phrases acts like a primary topic and each and every phrase becomes its own subsections.

Few Alternative Tools for Entity and Keyword Research

Here the few alternative tools for keyword researching

Alchemy API

Great tools that delivers concept targeting, extraction of entity and linked data analysis. It also gives the overview about how modern search engines views your WebPages.

Social Mention

It’s very easy to use, enter your keyword phrase and then check the top keywords that relate your primary phrase across the different social platforms.

Google Trends

It is one of the powerful tools; you can download up to 50 related keywords for every search query.

SEO Review Tools

This tools returns the related keywords of primary and secondary search terms, also it provides synonyms & country based targeting options for users.

Semantic Markup and Entities

Google easily identify and extract the list of entities from your webpage, without any effort from your side. The entities are places, Peoples and things have some distinct properties and relationships with of each other.

Shankar (Entity, person) stands 5’3” (property, height) and directed I(entity, movie)

Even though Google can easily find your entity of you page, but you should mark up your content with schema for the specific support entities like business information, products and reviews. Adding schema markup code in the website will helps to reach out more exact audiences.  For every entity there are different semantic code are available, choose the best one.

Author Bio:

Amy Jasmine is passionate blogger and a web enthusiast; she is also working as a trainer offering SEO Training in Chennai from Zuan Education Institute. She loves to share her ideas and experience to the youngsters by blogging and teaching.

Free, Easy & Best Online Internet Marketing Tips

When you search any topic like the above mentioned topic, through internet search engines, you can find lots of different valuable tips and techniques regarding internet Marketing, I need some of your precious time so that I can tell you what information I have! And I would like to share my personal experience about internet marketing, that how to achieve the goal of internet marketing? You also need proper devotion and focus along with creativity, this world is now a Global village because of internet connectivity people are connected to each other through different social websites, and no doubt Facebook has brought a revolution in this field, now a days social website are used for the business promotions product promotion, human publicity is increased day by day even children are users of social websites,

best tips for internet marketing
best tips for internet marketing

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What are the Free &(easy) Best Online Internet Marketing Tips?

These tips are completely free of cost, I don’t want to sell my personal Online Internet Marketing experience, which is a lesson learnt for me! Here I feel very much pleased to share information regarding what are the Free & (easy) Best Online Internet Marketing Tips.

Creation of Social Media Groups/Pages.

You can promote your products through Social Media/websites, Social website groups and web pages, as you know social media platform is absolutely free of cost for the promotion of your products among millions of people. Create web pages or social website Groups and invite your friends to join and request them to promote with their own friends for more engagement and exposure.

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It is also came in my experience of online internet marketing, you have to write E-Books in the form of detailed narrative for your products which you or your company want to sell through online business. In case you don’t have articles writing skills, don’t worry! there is also some other Tips like social website Freelancers, Elance, Odesk where you can find many ghost writers very cheap prices, who can write E-Books as per your requirement.

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Video Marketing

Hope you are aware regarding online Video Marketing, if not? Let me write few informative lines here for video marketing. Create a video clip for your product in all respects and publish and promote it with YouTube where every time millions of users remain online.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging/posting is also best and easy mode for internet marketing to promote your business with most popular niche-blog. It is not easy to get authorization for guest blogging on other blogs but sometimes it will be very easy by spending few denominations.

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Final Words.

For any questions regarding the above publication, feel free to comment. Hope the above tactics for internet marketing will help you to achieve your goal.

The Top 4 Apple iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers

If you are a blogger using word press as you blogging app on a regular basis, you may find it quite a burden when you want post updates.  This is because for the most part, it entails more than just writing content and clicking the button for publishing. You need to upload images, create titles and the necessary posts need to be shared over social media. WordPress blog users find it necessary to have apps that make their work easier if they are supposed to carry out their blogging tasks over a short period of time. In this article, we will look at the top four Apple iOS apps for bloggers who use WordPress.

Apple iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers
Top Apple iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers

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The Top 4 Apple iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers


WordPress helps you be able to manage the content no your blog easily and the best thing about this app is that it is absolutely free. The WordPress Apple iOS app allows you to easily get hold of the revolutionary CMS-WordPress. As a blogger, it presents you with a spanking new user interface, shortcuts that are very handy and allows you to get to the HTML code image uploads. It also offers you with lots and lots of cool and incredible features.


Feedly is a most recent RSS feed reader app, which attributes an attractive and likeable magazine style design. If you are a constant blogger, it is to a certain extent very important to always keep up with the updates of the latest news and ongoing market trends that are happening throughout the world or the place that favors you most. The feedly app for WordPress presents you as a blogger with a suitable and stress-freeway to be always up with updates. It does this by displaying with your preferred news and blogs all at the once. In addition you can also add tags, classify or even share your feeds with everyone that you want.

Pocket: SaveArticles andVideostoViewLater

One of the thing about news feeds and social streams is that they contain a large extent of information that as a blogger, it is just about impossible to read all that information all in a go. That is where the pocket Apple iOS app comes in to assist you. The pocket app can be used to bookmark and save all the fascinating articles that interest you so that you can view them later at your free time. Pocket in addition permits you as a blogger to share, assemble or tag the articles of your choice.

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The Blogpress Apple iOS app is very incredible and is just the right app to manage a variety of blogging platforms. Some of these blogging platforms include WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr just to name a few. This blog editor management platform comes with a comment management system that is in-built; it assists blogging operations that are basic, videos and also images uploading.

This is the list of the top four Apple iOS Apps that are designed for bloggers, they provide a lot of assist for you as a blogger and you should not hesitate to download. The amazing thing is that they are absolutely free.

Author Bio: Abhilash Thakur is the founder of iOS 8 Updates who has a keep eye on news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

When we talk about Affiliate marketing, this question arise in many minds that how bloggers are making money through affiliate marketing. Yes it is true, not very tough but not as easy as people saying. Affiliate marketing is the process/practice to promote the products or any service of others companies and sale between your visitors and followers. In the result you will get paid commission as per terms of that company. Right below I will share some best affiliate networks and method to start your new affiliate marketing business and make some extra money from home.

make money with affiliate marketing
make money with affiliate marketing

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How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

What I have experience regarding this matter, it is more important for me to share with my visitors. If you afford, start your own blog and blogging but you can also start it free through many free blogging platforms, blogging same as I do from 2011 with tipstricksisland.com. It will become your affiliate business and blogging platform so you can get double benefits from it. As we have already discussed Making money from blogging in our previous articles.

1-It’s time to start your affiliate marketing business go to following mentioned top affiliate networks and select products or services you want to promote through your blogging platform. Every website gave you proper banner ad which you can setup in your blog’s sidebar, top or in footer with an affiliation link.

2- Just write an inspirational complete review for any product or service and link your article with banner ad, whenever visitors click on that banner they will read your review and go for purchase that product. In a result you will be paid commission as per company policy.

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Best Affiliate Networks.

Here come the best affiliate networks where you can get products for review and for affiliate marketing to refer within your visitors and friends to get commission on every sale.

Others networks you can search through search engines. One more thing I have to mention here that always choose any product or service which must be related to your blog means if you are going to blog for fashion your entire affiliated product must be related to fashion.

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Final Words

A small review for affiliate marketing has been written and published above. Hope it will be better understandable for all my visitors to start their new affiliate marking business. For any further enquiry and question please use comment section. Enjoy.

Best Websites to Get Free Image Stock for Your Blog / Website

Nowadays, internet become the best platform to start your own online business by creating e-commerce website, stores, blogs etc. but there are some necessary things you must know before start your business. One of them is high quality unique images/photos for better presentation. But always be careful about copyright infringement because if you take any photo from other site without permission or any credit link (link to the original source) means you have breached the terms of top search engines i.e. Google, Bing, yahoo etc. because there are hundreds of online software to check plagiarism over the internet, in case the original owner find you it will embrace him and he may report for copyright violation and it will affect your ranking.

get free royal image stock
get free royal image stock

Most Recent Publications:-

Best Websites to Get Free Image Stock for Your Blog / Website

In this article I am going to share few best sources and websites to get free royal image stock to use for your new online business for better presentation and to avoid any breach of copyright. Please check the following lists of Free Image Stock Websites.


You can download thousands of Free Images for use in your blog website. There are more than 350000 images stocked in Freeimages galleries.


This company was started in 1998 so there is no any doubt in its collection of photos. You can also use get free photos from OpenPhoto.net your website presentation.


Stock Vault is also another popular site to get free images. When you visit this site you will there is 46000 free images and also download more than 10000 times. If you want free images you must visit this site.


There is also huge collection of free royal image stock complete free of cost and no one can claim any photo.

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+ Bonus





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Final Bottom Lines

These above links are totally free of cost to download royal images for your website. For any further assistance or enquiry, contact us or leave the comment below. Regards.