9 Tips To Reduce Blog Loading time

Today I am gonna discuss with you a most essential SEO factor which surely can help you to increase blog  ranking and boost blog traffic. Blog load time is most important SEO factor and every bloggers and webmasters should care their blog’s loading time and most of always try to reduce it. Because readers don’t like those sites which take too much time to load and than finally readers go to another website for searching the information. If your blog load faster than obviously many major search engine consider your blog as a good ranking especially Google. Reduce blog load time better helps for search engine and also your visitors/readers.

tips to reduce blog loading time
tips to reduce blog loading time

How to Optimize and Speedup Your WordPress Blog or Website

9 Tips To Reduce Blog Loading time

Below are some most important tips about how to reduce blog or wordpress loading time. Which you should consider and use it for better ranking.

How To Check Blog Or Website Loading Speed?

I have some best tool which you can check blog time speed and can improve performance.

Go to PageSpeed Insights and check blog load time.

1. Don’t Use Unnecessary JavaScript Coding:

Avoid using unnecessary JavaScript coding in blog it makes page load time slow Because it is so much heavy coding and can effect blog load time by a great margin. Most of newbie bloggers and webmasters use unnecessary widgets in their blog sidebar which is really harmful.

2. Choose Your Blog Template Wisely:

Select a clean and SEO friendly theme it is an amazing choice for blog. Before choosing a blog theme make sure that JavaScript usage not too much and don’t choose such type of blog theme which is already over designed.

3. Minimum Number Of Post On Blog Home Page:

Don’t show too much posts on blog homepage because it may possibility effect and helps to raise loading time. Always try to show 5 to 8 posts on homepage for better SEO ranking. If your website load faster than definitely readers will stay and glad. So avoid to show too much posts.

4. Avoid Too Much Optimize Images In A Single Post:

Relevant images in a single post is obviously play vital role for improve SEO ranking. But make sure 3 to 4 images is enough in a single post. Avoid too much use images per post because every image has use separate memory capacity.

Add Auto Image ALT Tag Generator for Blogspot Blogger

5. Use Resize Images:

Don’t forget to resize blog images with any resize image editor. Always Use JPG images because JPG images uses less size memory as compare to other images formats. To resize images use Photoscap or Photoshop.

6. Avoid To Display Too Many Ads On Blog:

I have seen most of newbie bloggers join many CPC networks program and implement all ads inside their blog which ads banner coded with JavaScript which full of use heavy size memory and can slow blog loading speed which is bad impact for SEO ranking. So please don’t use to many ads.

7. Avoid To Display Popup Ads:

There are dozens of blog sites which are exists in Google search engine who are display popup ads in their blog to increase earning. But as I recommended, It is a bad way to increase revenue. I have seen many time that such blogs or websites are not loaded, But it is hang by popup advertising campaign. So totally avoid to display it.

8. Avoid To Use Unnecessary External Links:

In case you are using stats counters widget to check blog traffic and also use website welcome widget in blog site. You may use Google analytic tools instead of stats counters widget and you have to remove unnecessary website welcome widget into blog.

9. Avoid to Using Unnecessary Social Media Buttons:

Social media buttons is most important which helps blog to increase traffic. Social media sites also help us to connect with world. But you may remove unnecessary social media buttons.

Final Words:

Now you can apply 9 tips to improve your blog ranking and also improve blog loading speed. Please write comments below with feedback 🙂

Guest Post By Adil Khanani Founder of Career Job Pk Managing his website alone from his living room. SEO Consultant and Certified Web Developer. You can follow him on Google+ & Facebook.

Blogger Basics (Tutorial) How to Create Blog on Blogspot

Due to Lot of changes day by day in Blogger.com interface and its features, it comes in my mind I should update this article for providing exact and updated information about how to create blog on blogger.com (blogspot) with new interface and tell you about its best features to get well experience and most out.

how to create blog on blogger

Blogger Basics

Launched in 1999, Blogger, Google Service, is a great way to create your own blog to start. Blogger completely free with free hosting.

Blogger is for:

To share your thoughts, photos, and more with friends and the world.
Easy to deploy text, images and videos and the Internet or from your mobile phone.
Unlimited resilience to customize your blog with themes, tools, and more. There is also some site which provides online blogging courses from which you will learn complete blogging, how do I blog and start make money from your blog with traffic and the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How to Create Blog on Blogger (Blogspot) New Interface

Step 1: Sign Up for a Google Account

You will need a Google account to build your own blog on Blogger. If you already have one, you do not need to create a new account, simply follow these steps.

Step 2: Go to Blogger.com then Sign In

how to create blogspot blog
How to create blog on blogger new interface

Just Simply Add Your Blog Title in the Title Field i.e. An Island for Blogging Tips and Tricks

and Insert Your blog URL address in the second field i.e. my-personal-photo .blogspot.com

In last select any theme from the templates section and click on the Create Blog Button.

finally you have created your free blog on blogger and thereafter its take you to Blogger dashboard. check the following screenshot

Blogger Dashboard New Interface
Blogger Dashboard New Interface

Enable Meta Description for  Blogger Blog

This is the major issue which is mostly avoided by newbie and they still don’t know what is it. but after lot of changes in Search Engines algorithm and SEO factors this information must be shared with all blogspot user to enable meta description for your blogspot blog and every post.

enable meta tags description in blogspot
How to enable meta tags description in blogspot

Note : After making enable this feature you can add meta description to your every blogger post from post settings.

How to Write Post in Blogger.com

Some newcomers still unaware how to create post in blogger because I have found and notified some blogger are creating pages instead of blog post. Check the above screenshots there is an orange button of New Post click on it and you will see the following page where you have to write your article or any post for your blog.

Create Post in Blogger
How to Create Post in Blogger new interface

As i have mentioned above about meta description, after enabling this feature as stated above, there will be another option in Post setting tab of Search Description where you have to describe search engines what you have written means a small description for search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. about Your written post.

Creating Writing Tips for Blogging

Add Blog Description

You can easily add or change your Blog title and add brief description for your blog. Check this screenshot

Change Blog Title and Description in Blogger
How to Change Blog Title and Description in Blogger

Fix Duplicate Meta Description in Blogger

How To Create Page on Blogger

Check the Following Screenshot for creating pages on Blogger Blog.

create pages in Blogger
How to create pages in Blogger

Check Traffic Stats in Blogger Dashboard

For checking blog traffic you don’t have to use third-party tool or any other stats website, Just use your Blogger Dashboard and check all out stats of your blog. Go to Stats tab and check traffic sources, traffic per post, audiences location easily from single click.

How to Check Blogspot Traffic Stats
How to Check Blogspot Traffic Stats

Best Analytic Tools for Website and Blogs

Bottom Lines for Creating Blog on Blogger.com

Hope you have well understood all the above guide, tips and tricks for creating your new blog through blogger.com for any further query, you can ask by replying through comment form.

The Future of Ghost Against WordPress

ghost best blogging platform
ghost best blogging platform

Probably no open source blogging software has gained a great deal of fanfare than Ghost, the latest blogging service that many have regarded as a likely major rival to WordPress. it is a free application that enables you to compose and publish your blog, providing you with the varied tools making it simple and even enjoyable to undertake. It is very simple, classy, and specifically created so that anybody will not spend much time creating a blog  and even have more time in blogging. Because of the tremendous popularity of WordPress and its outstanding online presence, it is anticipated how can Ghost meet or exceed bloggers’ expectations and pose a considerable challenge to WordPress. Ghost introduces itself as an exclusive blogging platform.  The concept was formulated by John O’Nolan, an ex – WordPress developer who is convinced  WordPress has grown outside of its original purpose as a blogging service becoming a full blown content management system. Ghost was created to be a platform exclusively for blogging  without other use other than intended. Because Ghost is solely devoted  to blogging, it promises to carve a niche and stay as an open source blogging platform that is accessible to all. Ghost is still in its beginnings however the main distinctions with WordPress are its exclusive dedication for blogging,  An attractive and stat-driven dashboard along with a separate screen blog entry, that enables users to check out the updates and posts in real-time without needing to click refresh or preview.


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The Future of Ghost Against WordPress

Keeping that in mind, Ghost anticipates a variety of third-party designed templates and extensions to hit the industry much the same with WordPress and, oddly enough, the native software does not  feature an HTML manager or comments system. No commenting system is the most mind-catching distinction, Considering the fact that writing comments is among the features that has propelled WordPress to Online popularity and one of many important components necessary for being competitive int he world of blogging.


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The issue on hand is, will Ghost be able to take on WordPress or not.  Ghost is really a fine platform for blogging for anyone who desires to start  an exclusive personal blog. With backers like Microsoft and a well known Kickstarter marketing campaign, there is certainly a good amount of interest generated for Ghost. Its outstanding usability may help the application become endeared to bloggers looking for simplicity and a program that works for them. Having said that, Ghost will have a hard time rivaling WordPress until it’s ready to change its just blogging position which, obviously, will defeat its stated purpose in the first place.  Here are the reasons.

The Online World has already been obsessed about WordPress, which powers countless websites that owners have devoted plenty of money in. Few would like to change from programs the already enjoy and are familiar with. As Ghost grows more popular, end users will ask for enhanced functionality. That’s precisely what transpired with WordPress. In order to monetize a blog, as plug-ins are needed and the software should be an ad manager and blogging platform at the same time. Even though Ghost does not technically support plugins for online business, blog site monetization as well as other CMS-related functionalities, third-party web developers will make use of the open source platform to create their own methodologies for obtaining the said plugins.


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Without a doubt if Ghost  turns into a dominant new player in the world of  blogging, it’s going to either be restricted and therefore many users will be turned off or it’s going to become much like WordPress, something that it’s attempting not to become.  In the long run, Ghost will need to make it in a limited sector or it will be forced to adapt itself to the demand of users.


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The AUTHOR is a professional blogger and website developer. He is also a contributing writer to www.essayjedi.com

8 Effective Ways to Blog for Your Business

A lot of people use blogging as a marketing strategy to promote their business and to make their products more visible. Blogs are expected to drive traffic to the website and increase the conversion of visitors to buyers. However, business blogging isn’t as simple as it may initially seem. If you want your online writing efforts to be productive, listen to what experts in the field are saying.


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Ways to Blog for Your Business
Effective Ways to Blog for Your Business

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8 Effective Ways to Blog for Your Business

1-Determine your target readers and the information you want to share. Structure your blog to engage people who will comprise your market. Meet your market where their needs and interests lie. Don’t blog about Justin Bieber or skinny jeans if you’re cultivating an audience of senior citizens whose main concern might be how well their retirement funds are doing.


2-Always use a catchy but relevant title. Your title is a life-and-death element of your blog. It’s the first thing that a visitor sees when he lands on your blog and it’s up to you to make sure it isn’t the last. Make sure your title is short, definitely less than 10 words. Invest genuine effort in making it interesting so it will provoke curiosity.


3- Provide reliable, relevant, and important information. Do the necessary research to come up with a blog that you’ll be proud of – one that people will look forward to reading. Make sure you’re clear about which of your statements are factual and which are intended to express your opinion. Avoid the pitfall of pushing for sales all the time; this will make your blogs read like a series of ads that no one would want to read.


4-Make your blogs fun and easy to read. Remember you’re not writing a scholarly article. Adopt a light tone and keep your vocabulary simple even when the topic you’re blogging on is important and serious. Format your blog with subheadings, bullets, and numbers so your readers can skim the text with ease and quickly find important points.

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5-Always edit your work. Schedule your writing and uploading so that you have time to review what you wrote. This editing should take place at least a day after you’ve finished the article so that you can look at it with fresh eyes. Otherwise you won’t catch the errors you made while you were pouring your thoughts into text. Read the blog aloud. This will help you identify grammatical errors and awkward sentences.


6-Your blog should rouse people into active response. Inject elements – photos, videos and other tools – so that people visiting your site will react and make comments. This way, an exchange will take place between you and your readers. Ask for comments, answer questions, and engage your readers!


7-Blog frequently and regularly. If you’re thinking this is quite a bit of work for you then you’re absolutely right. You should blog 2 to 3 times a week to make sure you sustain the interest of your readers. Frequency will increase your chances of getting new readers from among those who land on your site while surfing. Most of all, you’ll have a better shot at improving your blog post ranks.


8-Maximize the use of all possible venues to promote and share your blog. Use social media, your website, your newsletters, and your email signature to share links. Remind your readers in any way you can that your blog is out there and provide ways for them to click through and find articles they might have missed.


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Being a successful blogger involves technique and skill, plus one very important requirement: the blogger has to be invested in the site. You can make your blogs come alive by sharing yourself, your sense of humor, and the value you place on your readers. By going beyond SEO and advertising, you’ll draw people to your blog and great things will start to happen.



Author Bio:

Yvonne Hart is a tech blogger from Australia. Her knowledge about consumer technology is backed up by 8 years working as a marketing professional in an I.T. distribution company. She now works as a consultant for http://www.comparebroadband.com.au.

How to Integrate Google Analytics With Blogger

All you know about Google Analytics and also know that this is the best site for getting complete and proper statistics for any website or Blog. Hope you have checked my new directory where I have started new series for Blogging from beginning. Well, we were talking about Google Analytics, by the way this very easy to integrate in other websites or Blogs but in this article I will show you easy trick for Blogger.com user for how can we integrate Blogger.com/Blogspot.com Blog within few seconds.

 blogger integration with google analytics


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What is Google Analytics?

Are you trying to get the statistics and analysis for your website/blog, or  you want to find how many visitors, visits your Blog today, want to check how much unique visits, total page views, traffic by country, bounce rate, real time online visitors, and so much things related to Blog also if you have online business you can easily analysis your online business traffic control with Google Analytics, you can get easily by Google Analytics, I will try to write a complete article for Google Analytics because all of this will help us to do better SEO for our Blog and Rank our website in search Engines now just for the topic I have to write this lines. Follow the given below step to integrate Blogger with Google Analytics.



How to Integrate Google Analytics With Blogger

For other sites and Blog, you have to insert HTML code inside the HTML for Google Analytics. But for the Blogger setting there is option where you just have to insert your unique ID of Google Analytics in the field of Blogger.com under the settings. Check below the complete guide for setting up the Blogger.com with Google Analytics.

Go to Google Analytics Login by Gmail Account

Now click on the Admin Button in top Right Side then Click on the New Account check screenshot below

google analytics for blogger

Now fill all the fields as per your Blogger Blog.

Click on the I agree button for accepting terms and conditions

google analytics integration

Now you will see the page where you get the tracking ID of your Blog from Google Analytics copy that Id

google analytics tracking ID

And paste the same in the setting of Blogger

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Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Setting >> Others >> there will be a field of Analytics Web Property ID and Paste that ID in here save setting of Blogger.

Now to go back to Google Analytics and Apply Your  setting.

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All you have done just check the after one hour you will get the complete statistics of your Blogger Blog in the  Google Analytics.

For any further assistance you can ask by Replying in this Post. Regards.. 🙂

Top 5 Best and Free Blogging Platforms

Free Best Blogging PlatformsI have not directly purchase a domain and started blogging, I have also begin my blogging career from a blogger.com which is a free blogger platform, where we can start blogging with a sub-domain service. On the internet you will find so many different type of blogging platform and today I have decided to share what I have find on different blogging platform and which are most useful and popular on blogging stage. Always we find best quality whatev er we want so here is also all about blogger platform quality.




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Top 5 Best and Free Blogging Platforms

As I have mentioned above and also posted in my previous article about Tips for Become Successful Blogging Career, if we have chosen our more time for blogging so we must have a good but best platform for our career so here below you will find top 10 Best, Free and Popular Blogging Platforms from where you can start your blogging career free.



1- WordPress

WordPress a Free Blogging

I have started with WordPress because I have never seen the best blogging platform like WordPress, it is very easy to use, easy to manage everything, you can find easily bundles means thousand of free and useful Plugins for your wordpress blog and also with one click installation. You can find every Problogger has blog on the WordPress. Completely SEO friendly. You can use it without any single penny also you can upgrade your account by purchase you custom domain and get advantages from more features.



2- Blogger.com

Blogger free Blogger Platform

A Free Blogging Service provided by Google also having great features, I have started my blogging career from this service. But this one is little bit different from wordpress as here is nothing like free or premium means all features are fully opened for free users and for custom domain holders. You can easily changed your blogger template or install any type of widget in blogger.com.



3- Joomla

Joomla free Blogging Platform

Free blogging platform and open source content management system service with new features and completely customizable with thousand of extensions. You can create a free blog for 30 days and after 30 days you have to buy premium account service from joomla.org


4- Tumblr

tumblr free Blogging Platform

I have seen so many personal blog on Tumblr. This is also very great blogging platform for beginner because in few seconds you will signup and start posting on the blog. Tumblr is very easy to use for newbie also I have find so many business companies has created blog on the Tumblr for promoting their product and stay connected with world. This is completely free like wordpress and blogger.



5- Blog.comBlog.com free Blogging Platform


In bottom lines, I am gonna share Blog.com customizable and great free blogging platform for starting your blogging career and completely free service providers. But here I have find some rules and regulation for blogging otherwise your account and blog will be deleted. You have to blogging inside the Blog.com terms and conditions. Very easy to use and have great sub-domain service like yourblogname.blog.com.


Best Practice to Promote Your Blog/Website


Bottom Lines

All above service I have check personally which are very best in their work I am not showing and talking about competition of any platform with another providers. This is just for better acknowledgment for favor of information. For any further assistance you can ask by replying in this post and also don’t foget to follow our social media.

Make Your Own Add to Blogger Button

Another very useful Blogger trick, in which I will share with you how you can make your own Add to Blogger button for installing any widget to Blogspot Blog because it may be need for any Blogger who sharing most useful Social Media Bookmarking widgets with their coming visitors. I am sharing because I have seen some new Bloggers don’t know how to install widget but what I am sharing it will quickly install widget to Blog.

Create Add to Blogger Button

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How to Create Add to Blogger Button.

Step 1 – First of all you must you choose a picture for your Widget which will be shown on the installation page. See this image below

and title for here

You have selected an image for your widget which will shown on Page Element.
Go to this given below link
Add to Blogger Button Generator
There you will find a form as shown in below image

Just insert widget content as per shown in picture and click anywhere and copy another code which has generated has past it in the HTML Post editor in Blogger. You will find there is button of Add to Blogger in you post as per image shown below

And Enjoy..

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any further information you can ask by commenting also follow us to be connected on the following networks

How to Backup Blogger’s Blog.


This is another stair for blogging tutorial, in my previous few posts we have discussed deeply about Blogger, a site where can we make free blog or website with subdomain, also after that you can transfer it on custom domain. You have such features there in blogger and step by step I have pointed out you few of them. Blogger has not any FTP server or Cpanel. What happened with one of my friend, he has made a blogger blog with such copyright material so in 2 or 3 months his blog was deleted by Blogger accidentally without any intimation or information! Further, there is also some other violation reason for which sometimes your blog might be deleted. For avoiding from losing data of your blog I will tell you here you to make backup your blogger’s blog. If you have backup of your blogger’s blog you can recover all you data, images whatever was in the blog. So, here we will discuss about creating backup of your blog to recover your blog data if it would be remove.

How You Can Download Blog’s Template

Sometime after changing your blog layout or setting you find you had a mistake in changing setting, to avoid it happening again, first of all you must download your template because in case your setting is not accomplish as you desired then you can reinstall you older template again. I will tell you here how you can download or backup your blogger template. follow give below steps :-

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template >
There will a button in right upper corner “Backup/Restore” Click it
You will see a new window like below image


Now for backup and download your current template Click on “Download Full Template”. In few seconds it will download your blogger template with all installed widgets or any other scripts.
In same window I have highlighted another thing it is for uploading you template.

How to Create Backup Blogger’s Blog

In the above Para I we were discussing about blogger template now we come back on the topic about how can we download complete data of Bloggers blog. Follows my next few step to backup your blog data.

In Blogger Dashboard go to Setting > Others


There will be three buttons in blog tool

1. Import Blog 2 .Export Blog 3.Delete Blog Simply click on export blog to creating complete backup of your blogs data including images widgets scripts like Facebook, twitter etc. This process will take few second as per your blog data.

Now you have backup of your blog if accidentally you blog deleted you can recover you data by re-upload your data. Here I must suggest you that once a week or twice in a month you must do backup of your blog.

Avoid Robots to Crawl Archive in Blogger

In my previous post I have inform you about such useful SEO tips like How to Reduce Loading Time of Blog and Optimize Image for getting more traffic, also this time my topic is all about SEO. In this post we will learn to optimize Archive links in Blogger. 

optimize archive pages

What is Archive Links and How its affect SEO

Archive links is distribute and sort out your Blog’s Post into by Year, by months or by week whatever you have setup. These links basically distribute your previous posts with its times of publishing with another URL. Besides, when you post an article it will make its own address now you have 2 roads for one destination. As I have already mentioned in my post about duplicate meta Desciption that duplicate contents or 2 links for destination are creating disturbance for search engine spiders to crawl your contents because this will be as duplicate contents.

How to Avoid Robots to Crawl Archive and No Index

There no any lot of work, just in few step you can setup to stop search engines robots to crawl achieved, first of all you have to replace a code in the HTML Part of you Blog which will solve the major issue. Follow given below steps :-

Before any chaning in Your template you must Backup You template first.

Go to Blogger Dash Board > Templete > HTML >

Check on Expand Widget Templates
On thing I must mention here for before working in HTML you must backup your template.

Now find this code

And replace it with this one

Save you work. This changing of code will tell search engine spiders to that the link in archive should not be crawled.

Moreover, there is also a builtin tool in Blogger which is also having same function means that will inform robots to don’t crawl archive pages and other needless links.

Follow give below steps.
Blogger Dashboard > Setting > Search preference
In there you will find Custom Robots Header Tags
If it is disable make it enable and change its setting as per image shown below

avoid spider crawl archive pages

Save your work. Now you have stop Search Engine Robots to stop crawling Archive Pages of Your Blog.

Tips to Reduce Loading Time of Blog

Loading time of blog is basically Speed in which your blogs page is open and it is very important at this time in the SEO. So here we will discuss about few tips on how you can and decrease the load time of your blog and this will absolutely all concerned with the ranking of your blog.

Reduce Blog Loading Time

To check the status of your blog loading time you can use some tools which are online available. But most of those tools all are not working well however also there are some tools that are created by a skilled and professional companies and those will work perfectly to Loading Time. I will suggest you about one of the best tool which is created by Google and for which we can say best of all. Because it will help us to get the exact and accurate time loading of your blog. It will also provide you such ideas for how to improve your blog time using Google tools.

Check Your Blogs Loading Speed

Google’s Speed Checker

check blog loading speed

Go on above link and check your blog time by submitting your Blogs URL and click on Analyze. Which few seconds it will show you complete overview of blog loading time. Now how you can find that blog loading time is OK or NOT. It will show you points of your out of 100, whatever your blogs points but it must be more than 90 out of 100 points. If it is less than 90 points it means you have to itch your head and think about your blog loading time.

How to Reduce Blog’s Loading Time

Now I will tell you few major tips from which of course you can improve loading speed of your blog to be in less time and also you have to take these steps keep in mind for always.

Avoid JavaScript

Please stay away from using unnecessary use of JavaScript because it has lot of functions to affect your blogs loading time so try to avoid useless JavaScript as much as possible.

Try to Use 1 or 2 Images per article

Avoid using unnecessary images in article except tutorial project. Images are playing very good role in article but more than 2 or 3 images per post also reduce you blogs speed.

Optimize Images

Like you are writing a tutorial on a specific topic and you have to add more than 5 images as per you steps of tutorial, so try to resize you images and it will become more beneficial for you because after resizing it has now small size it will be better to load quickly and second it will be your and there is no copyright on that image.

Nos. of Post on Home Page.

As I have seen such blog, theirs home pages are full of posts it means more than 25 to 30 or may be more posts are on Home Page. Let me tell you that this the main page of your blog and if your main page has loading problem how visitors stay on website. So try to reduce such post and it not more than 10. It will help Home page to load quickly.

Remove Extra Widgets

Such blogger are using some widgets just like state counter, headlines, translator etc. these are also effecting on your blogs loading time. So try to remove needless widget and also avoid to use.

After using my above tips for how to reduce loading time of your blog, you will get result soon if you have any other questions feel free to ask me.