PDF Recovery – Sharp And Efficient Solution To Repair PDF Files

The most preferred method of saving and sharing documents is undoubtedly PDF files. They have been an element of public attraction due to various advance features. The most striking features of PDF file is that it prevents unauthorized users from modifying or editing the documents and it can be viewed through different platforms like Unix, Linux, Mac and Windows.
However, the PDF files get corrupted due to a number of physical and logical reasons. Some of the reasons for the corruption of PDF files are described in the next section. However, if a PDF file gets corrupted then opting for a PDF Recovery tool is a smart move.

Reasons For The Corruption Of PDF Files

PDF files can get corrupted due to a variety of physical as well as logical reasons. Some common reasons for the corruption of PDF files are listed below:

  • Corruption at the time of downloading: If a user tries to download a PDF file and in meanwhile there is any interruption or failure in the internet connection, the PDF files whose download is in progress gets corrupted.
  • Corruption at the time of sharing or transfer: If the internet connection is lost in the process of transferring PDF files, the receiver gets a damaged PDF file.
  • Corruption due to Virus infection: If the local machine is infected from virus then it can damage the PDF files stored in the system.
  • Corruption resulting from hard drive failure: If the hard drive containing PDF files gets damaged then definitely the PDF files gets corrupted.
  • Corruption in file at the time of creating or saving them: Power outage at the time of creating or saving the PDF files makes them corrupt.
  • Corruption due to incompatible program: If any incompatible program other than Abode Acrobat is used for creating PDF files there is a high chance of the corruption of PDF files.

Tips To Avoid PDF Corruption

  • At the time of transferring or downloading PDF files, internet connection must be checked.
  • The local machine should be updated with some reliable anti-virus programs frequently.
  • The hardware and software of the local machine needs to be maintained well.
  • There should not be any interruption in the power supply at the time of creating or saving PDF files.
  • At the time of creating a PDF file the user need to be careful as maximum corruption occurs at the time of creation.

Recovery Of Corrupt PDF Files

The above steps will help you to avoid corruption in the PDF files but if your PDF files are already corrupt then they requires to be recovered using some applications. A large number of tools are available in the online market that ensures for the recovery of PDF files.
One such solution is PDF Recovery. The tool is a brilliant and powerful method to recover data from a corrupt PDF file and save it into a new portable document. Some key features of the tool include:

  • Recovers minor as well as severely corrupt PDF files.
  • Recovers and extracts text, images, graphics, hyperlinks etc from PDF file.
  • Original formatting of PDF file is not altered by the tool.
  • Saves the resultant PDF file at a new location.
  • Compatible with different format and versions of PDF documents.

The basic steps that needs to be followed for the recovery of PDF files using PDF Recovery tool is described below:
Download and launch PDF Recovery tool. A welcome Window will appear as shown below.

Click on Load PDF to add PDF files to the tool.

On loading a PDF file, the tool immediately scans the file and a message will be displayed on completition of scanning. Click on OK to proceed further.

The software will display entire PDF database which it has recovered. Click on Save PDF in order to save the resultant file to the local machine.

Provide the destination path to save the healthy file.

A pop up message will be displayed notifying the export of PDF file is success. Click on OK to complete the process.


  • In order to recover PDF files via PDF Recovery Adobe Acrobat 11.0 or any below version should be present in the local machine of the user.
  • The demo version of the tool will export PDF file with watermark.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once

Without a doubt, we have come across an instance where we have had to convert a PDF document into an editable format, such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice formats. Because we don’t have to worry that the formatting will be disheveled, PDF format is excellent for sharing or sending files, on the other hand, it can be problematic if we want to extract data from it.

When we have thousands of PDF files that we need  to convert, things can get even more complicated. Converting one file by one could take hours of time that no one has.

how to extract data from multiple pdf files

A solution to this is  using PDF conversion batch tools.  We are going to show you how you can use the batch tools inside Able2Extract PDF Converter 9, an established and popular PDF converter. Batch conversion enables converting multiple PDF documents at once. All you have to do is to specify which files need to be converted, the desired format and then click Convert. After this, the process will begin and you can take on other work tasks. Once the conversion is finished, the software will let you know. This is an excellent tool for office managers and administrators who need to convert dozens of PDFs daily.

To start the batch conversion in Able2Extract, click on the batch icon in the main menu.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img1

Add the files that you need converted. The files don’t have to be from the same folder, you can select them from multiple folders.

After adding the files, you need to specify the exact folder where you want all the converted files to be located. After the task is finished, this is the folder where you will be able to find all the converted files:

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img2

Lastly and most importantly, you need to specify the conversion output format. Able2Extract PDF converter offers multiple conversion formats. Besides being able to create PDF, users can convert them into Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, OpenOffice Calc, OpenOffice Impress and Text.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img3

If you need to convert multiple files simultaneously into different formats, you can do that by opening the software multiple times.

The final step requires you to enter a special code to start the conversion process.  The process will now begin and all you have to do is, sit back and wait for everything to be converted.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img4

All of the converted files will be waiting for you inside the previously indicated folder. However, keep in mind that while batch conversion is great in saving time, you should try not to use it when you only need a couple of documents converted.  The reason being  that the batch conversion feature doesn’t allow customization per individual documents. That is a characteristic of all automatic software and tools; they are great when it comes to reducing workload and giving us more time to do other things, but the customization is done on a mass level for multiple files at once. The best situation is to use automatic conversion when you have multiple files which are similar and have the same structure. In that case, all of the documents will be converted in the same way.

Is your boss spying on you? Some things to keep in mind

The CEO of a Christian publishing company earlier in the year had a meeting where he expressed his anger over rumors being spread about the company by someone from the inside and while the culprit was not found, he fired 25 employees. The meeting was taped secretly by an employee and revealed that the computer activity of the employees had been monitored to figure out who was behind this scheme. He claimed to be fine with the other activities of the employees except their badmouthing the company.

 Is your boss spying on you

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Is your boss spying on you? Some things to keep in mind

It has now become very common for employers to be monitoring their employee’scomputers and phones while employees remain oblivious to this, using their breaks to check in on personal emails, going through Facebook photo albums and perhaps even looking at job listings elsewhere. Thus, before doing anything too drastic on your work computer, it would be wise to think twice as to whether your activities are being monitored or not. Michael Robinson, a computer forensic expert and Ashkan Soltani, a security researcher provide some points to help understand whether or not you are being watched. Firstly, check your computer usage agreement and your employee handbook for any mention of your computer activity being monitored. If it’s mentioned in there, they have the right to do so. But at the same time they need to not take advantage of this right.

Monitoring done at the Firewall is difficult for the user to figure out. This method will simply tell the employer the websites that are being logged in to. However to check more granular activity, monitoring software’s would have to be installed into the computer itself.

A number of employees believe that websites offering https security would allow their communications to be encrypted ensuring security. While this can be possible if the monitoring is being conducted upstream, there are a number of methods which exist which can allow the company to see through this encryption as they are in control of the network.

Monitoring software’s installed into the computer will gather screenshots and keystrokes. Thus any website that you log in to; its sessions can be reconstructed. While such programs don’t show up as applications, they do show up as a running process.

A number of these programs which are used for the purposes of spying are tagged at malicious by a number of malware and anti-virus programs. Thus, companies which offer these software’s have made white lists which allows the IT departments to make sure that anti-virus programs do not recognize these processes as malicious. Since these lists are public, if you Google a process which seems strange to you and is considered to be spyware, it will lead you to the website of the vendor of that spyware. Some of these programs however are much better than others as they are able to hide themselves better than others from view.

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Employers are unlikely to be spending a great deal of time capturing everything their employees do. Monitoring what their employees are up to is probably what most of their times goes by in. this is more likely to occur when a boss feels that sensitive information of the company is going out or if he is worried about the behavior of a specific employee.  While there are a number of methods through which your employer can spy on you, a lot of which are not detectable, it is wise to not make use of the work computer for anything too sensitive and to leave such information to be searched up on your home computer.

Thus, while there may be a number of ways in whichaccounts of employees are being monitored, it is the responsibility of the employee to know whether or not this is something he has agreed to as part of his contract. If not, and if you see that you are being monitored, it is absolutely alright to take up the topic with your superiors.

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Brooke fill in as Parental expert and writer has earned her an exhibited accumulating of readers who are needing for the most recent news and audit about Parental control updates. Her work turns around the most recent in Employee monitoring software like Theonespy

How to convert Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File

You often would find yourself in the scenario wherein you have any JPEG image, which needs some editing, so what can you do in this? Well, is it possible to do the editing part in it, of course you can do the needful by simply converting the scanned JPEG file into the editable word file.  Perhaps for those who have not tried this before, would find it difficult to do this, however, for the ones who have been doing these things too often can find things very much simple. Well, don’t, worry, just check the following steps, which would help you in converting the scanned JPEG file into the editable word file, let’s check them as under:

conver jpg into editable word file
convert jpg into editable word file

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How to convert Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File

Check the following given to change your scanned JPG document file into Editable Word File.

Step one

In the very first step, you are supposed to check whether you have the OCR software or not. Well, for those who do not know this, let me tell you, OCR is nothing but optical character recognition software, which converts any JPEG file into editable format, which further allow you to make any required changes in it. This simply means you can find the document or image soon in the editable format, which can further help you in making the required changes once for all. Once you download the software, you need to install it over your machine along with choosing the right language option as well.

Step two

The moment you finish doing the first step, you are supposed to now open the scanned image or shift the same into the software converting into the editable option by simply choosing the same program. The moment you do so, you would find the software recognizing the text and the characters found in the same seen in the form of PDF scanned documents, which carry out multiple page files, the images and other stuff that you have captured using the digital cameras. If you rely over the free online service, you have so many languages support, choose the right one as per your choice to do the needful. You can also download directly from download.com

Step three

With this step, you would not find the real conversion of the said image into the editable document. The software supports to a different formats, which include JPEG, JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, etc, which can be chosen to convert the same into editable Word other PDF formats. Very soon you would end up seeing the conversion taking place of the image into editable format. In order to start using the software program, you are not supposed to register yourself. You are just required to click at the online tool followed by browsing the file, which will further help you in converting into the editable word format. Once you complete this step, you simply end up getting the changes in it.

Wrapping up

So, you can now find out how simple it is to convert the scanned JPEG file into editable word format. All you are supposed to do is to follow these three steps and carry out the same without any hassle of issue.

Rakesh is an internet marketer. He loves to writing about technology, digital media and software’s. These days he is busy to writing an article on Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File Converter.

How to Monitor My Children’s Internet Browsing

The Internet can be a minefield for children. This is why you must educate your kids about the dangers of the World Wide Web and about inappropriate materials they shouldn’t see online. You may also want to consider installing programs that can block your child’s attempts to visit websites that you don’t think is appropriate for them.

But there’s always a chance that something bad can get past these safeguards, so your last line of defense may involve monitoring your child’s online activity. This step may already be too late to prevent your child’s first exposure to inappropriate materials, but knowing this may enable you to prevent such things from happening again.

how to Monitor My Children’s Internet Browsing

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How to Monitor My Children’s Internet Browsing

So how do you monitor your children’s Internet browsing? Here are the most effective ways:

Be At Their Side When They Are Online

This is a rather obvious way of making sure your children only visits safe websites and that they don’t communicate with strangers. You should do this if you have young children, but as they grow older they will want to go online on their own.

But when they’re starting out, at least they will welcome your presence because you can teach them what to do. Just make sure that you also teach then about things they shouldn’t do, such as give their real name and address to strangers online.

Check the Browser History

This should always be your first step. Your browser lets you see the browsing history. You just click on the tools section of the browser and find the history tab. That shows you the most recent websites visited, and it even includes the date and time when the site was visited.

Many older children learn to get around this by erasing the browser history before they log out. But if you find the history erased, that tells you one thing: your child is hiding something from you!

Install Monitoring Software

This is one way to make sure you know what your children are seeing online. These programs have different features, but they operate by using one or more of these basic methods:

They show the browser history. So even if your child clears the browser history, you will still know the websites they have visited.

They record search terms used and conversations. These programs record more than just the websites visited. The see the terms your child uses on Google, so you can see if the inappropriate website they visit was intentional or not. For example, if your child types in “cancer” then a website may show pictures of breast examinations.

They take screen snapshots. You now have a visual record of what your children actually saw on their screens.

They inspect the people your children are communicating with. These programs can detect if the person chatting with your children is not who they claim to be, or if they are a stranger or an adult.

You may get the results in real-time. Some programs can send you an email or a text message when the program detects explicit messages, words or images. They may also notify you if they notice that your child is involved in cyber bullying, or if they’ve been contacted by adults online.

Some of these apps may not be free, but then again it’s up to you to determine how much you are willing to spend to keep your children safe from Internet hazards. Gecko Computer Monitoring Software has a free trial.

File Conversion Favorites Cometdocs Introduce Desktop App

Cometdocs is a well-known name when it comes to services that offer high-quality, free online file conversions and has been steadily evolving its services over the last five years. Starting as a file conversion site, Cometdocs now offers cloud storage and file transfer options as well. In the last year, the service has also released an API solution for developers interested in its conversion technology, an iOS app that allows iPhone and iPad users to access the service via mobile device, and last but certainly not least, a fantastic desktop app that makes the file conversion process easier than ever.

cometdocs various file conversion desktop application
cometdocs various file conversion desktop application

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File Conversion Favorites Cometdocs Introduce Desktop App

If you are someone who regularly needs to convert PDFs into more editable file formats and create PDFs out of various other file types, the Cometdocs Desktop App should be of great interest to you.

It is, mostly likely, the easiest, fastest and most effective way to convert files online for free.

Here’s what makes the app so interesting.

Numerous file types are offered

Are you constantly receiving PDFs that you need to convert into other file formats in order to manipulate and use the information trapped within the PDF? Cometdocs allows you to convert your PDFs to Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD file formats, image formats, text, and many more file types.

Do you want to convert files into PDF for easier archiving or sending? Cometdocs can convert just about any file type into a PDF as well.

Accuracy along with speed and convenience

What good is a fast conversion if it isn’t accurate? Cometdocs prides itself in very accurate conversions of the highest quality. This means that you won’t have to edit your file further once it’s converted before using it. So in addition to being fast, Cometdocs saves you the burden of having to make further edits to your converted file thanks to its very accurate conversion technology. Your converted files will perfectly reflect the formatting of the original document.

No need to convert via web browser

If you’ve ever used a free online file converter, then you know what the process usually entails. You’ll have to visit the website, upload your file, select your conversion option, enter your email address, and then wait a set amount of time before the converted file is sent to you. Then you’ll have to get the download link from your email and retrieve your file.

The Cometdocs Desktop App allows you to convert files without ever having to open your web browser or check your email client. The entire process is done from your desktop.

Conversion with a single click

Not only does the app make it possible for you to convert from your PC desktop with no need to open a browser, it literally boils the process down to just one click. Here’s how it works.

Find the file you want to convert and right-click on it. On the menu that appears, look for the orange Cometdocs logo. If you are converting a file into PDF, click on “Create PDF.” If you are converting a PDF into another file type, click on “Convert To” and select your conversion option.

convert documents file to various formats

convert files to other formats
convert various document files
document file conversion tool

And that’s it, you’re done! No need to wait for an email either, the converted file is downloaded to your computer and saved to the same location in which your original file is located as soon as the conversion is completed. It literally takes just one step.

Another great thing about this one-step desktop conversion app is that you can use it with your favorite cloud storage service. Simply open your Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage folder, and perform the same single-step conversion process. Your file will be converted and downloaded into the same folder, immediately synching your new file with your cloud service of choice.


covert pdf files with cometdocs to other documents
covert pdf files with cometdocs to other documents
convert documents and spreadsheet
convert documents and spreadsheet

To check out the app, register a free account with Cometdocs and then download the free desktop app from the following location: http://www.cometdocs.com/desktopApp

Monitoring Websites, Applications & Emails: Computer Monitoring Software

Today, the computer is the hub of activity; whether that’s in the home, at the office, or in a school. And in all of these places, there’s a number of situations that may require the monitoring of the computer, whether it’s just once machine or an entire office or classroom. It doesn’t take much explaining to realize why a classroom could need monitoring: kids are curious and mischievous, and we all know there’s a ton of websites online that we wouldn’t want our kids seeing.

Gecko Monitor Computer monitoring software

But why would you want to monitor your home computer, or an entire office? Well, the home computer could need to be monitored for the same reason as the classroom… you may want to keep an eye on what your kids are looking at. Or have you suspicions that they may be playing too many games when they should be doing homework. A similar situation might call for an office computer to be monitored: employees may be doing too much Facebooking, as soon as the bosses back is turned.

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Check How to Monitor Computer Activities.

With today’s advanced technology and software, it’s easy for the average computer to user to secretly monitor a computer. All it takes is a couple of minutes to download the software, followed by a couple of minutes to install. All of this is designed for the average person in mind; no technical jargon or complicated procedures. Just install and monitor.

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Once installed the computer monitoring software will run whenever the computer is turned on, but it will run completely secretly, hidden in the background. When you need to open the software, either to look at the results or change the settings, you’ll be able to do so with a secret key combination (something like control+alt+shift+Q) followed by your password. This will enable the software to come out of hidden mode and spring to life.

Once inside the monitoring software you’ll be able to look through the reports and see what’s been going on while you’ve been away. You’ll be able to look through any websites visited, any applications used, any emails sent and received, anything typed (either into a word processor or website – including passwords), anything copied and pasted and any file activity. You’ll also be able to look through screenshots of all of the above, so you can get a visual idea of what’s been going on.

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Computer Monitoring Software will vary in functionality depending on the developer. Some for example, will be able to monitor the reports to you secretly via email, so you don’t have to log back into the monitored computer to read through them. Other developers may focus on employee or classroom monitoring in particular, where as regular software is typically designed with home monitoring in mind. Either way, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs.
Gecko Monitor is a Computer Monitoring Application with all of the features mentioned above and more. You can download a free trial from the Gecko websites over at http://www.geckomonitor.com

Simple Ways to improve your laptop’s speed

how to speedup your laptop
how to speedup your laptop

In today’s world of information and technology, desktops and laptops are essential for any business small or big. Most of us use PC’s and laptops for personal use. People with work from home also rely heavily on the laptop with a stable internet connection. In order to access internet, the laptop needs to run faster.

The performance of a laptop depends on a number of things like memory space, OS, hard disk space and how often you service your computer. A laptop can slow down if not maintained carefully. Therefore, computer optimization should be done on a regular basis.


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How to  improve the speed of your laptop?

Do you want to know how to  improve the speed of your laptop? Let us figure out sundry ways to speed up computer. Ways you can follow to improve the speed of your laptop without any need of spending money on a new memory stick or a memory upgrade.

  • Virus Free: To speed up computer, one needs to guarantee that it is free from any kind of harmful viruses. You can do this by updating malware protection on your laptop and scanning on a regular basis.
  • Defragmentation: Quite an easy and trouble-free procedure that puts all your critical information on your computer. This helps in saving your valuable time and makes it easy for you to access your data at any point of time. Let’s understand this defragmentation business a bit more. You store info on the hard drive of your laptop, it gets scattered and placed randomly. This kills a lot of time and halts the normal speed of the computer. Defrag comes to your rescue here. It helps to sort the info and systematize them. This lessens the processing time of data captured and helps in improving the speed of your laptop. So, the best thing to do is to defrag on a regular basis.
  • Remove Cache and Temp files: Every time one uses internet, lot of temporary files hoard themselves in your laptop. At the end of the day, they are junk files and are of no use. But they seriously impede the speed of the system. You are advised to erase such files frequently.

How do you intend to do all of the above?  Ever heard of computer cleaning software?

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How about a good PC optimizer that does all of this-something that fixes your registry and removes junk files?

Download Optimo Pro software, an easy-to-use software that helps find errors with your laptop’s performance within minutes. It comes with a windows registry cleaner that foils any attempts to system crash or freeze. It’s a one stop solution to all your browsing woes.

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Anna Asthesia is a self employed blogger. Her skills and hunger to read more and more about computer technology has made her come up with ideas that don’t strike a common man!.She loves to write article on registry cleaner and computer troubleshooting & how to find genuine tech support for Laptops, Computers & Smartphones. You can read her latest blogs on blog.optimopro.com.

How to convert a WebPage to PDF format With in seconds?

I hope that all of you may have heard about PDF Formats. PDF Means Portable Document Format which is not depend to any applications, software or even Operating System tools. Each PDF Files are enriched with text, images and graphics which can’t edited later. Whatever the platform, PDF files can be opened using Adobe Reader or with other alternatives. There will be no changes happen to the file format inside a PDF. PDF Opened on Windows system will be same as that of opened on a Linux Operating System.

convert webpage to pdf
how to convert webpage to PDF format

There might be variety of instance where the user needs to save a webpage. [For eg: Reading articles, Viewing Google Adsense or other online charts etc]. Usually all of us simply Right-click on the browser and save it on the desired designation. Is this the better way to read the file later? Probably NO. Because if there happens a missing of any file which you have saved, it shows some problems to access. Doing so needs to manage a lots of files. This problem can be easily overcome by saving the webpage to pdf format. Today there are several Online and offline websites proving the opportunity to save your webpage to pdf format. I know several extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox loaded with ton of advertisements doing the same function. Is there any need of such third party applications if the browser does the same? Here we shows how to convert a  WebPage to PDF format with in seconds.

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Advantages of PDF Over other file Formats

  • No missing of related files
  • Light weight And portable
  • Platform independent.
  • Exist as a single File

How to convert a WebPage to PDF format With in seconds?

Convert Webpage to PDF in Google Chrome

Currently Google Chrome and Torch Browser supports this feature. In case of mozilla Firefox, you should need the support of an external plugin or application. In IE also no such feature.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing

  • Go to the page you want to convert to pdf format.

convert webpage to pdf
convert webpage to pdf

  • Now give the Print comment for that page. In Chrome the Keyboard shortcut is CTRL + P.
  • On the left hand side, you can see the Printing option.
  • Under destination, there is an option to change. Click on Change.
  • Now a Pop up appears to Select the destination.


save webpage into pdf format
save webpage into pdf format

  • Now Choose Save as PDF option.
  • Then Click Save.

Now a windows appears and ask you where to save the file. Choose the path and enjoy the PDF.

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Convert Webpage to PDF in Mozilla Firefox using plugin

As I mentioned earlier Mozilla have no such inbuilt feature to convert webpage to PDF. So here is the plugin page to download the extension. Some of the features of this extension:

  • Convert a selection of Bookmarks into a single pdf
  • Convert a webpage to Pdf
  • Convert all open tabs into a single pdf
  • Convert links on Scrapbook to PDF.
  • Convert External source links to PDF.
  • Convert links on bookmark folder to pdf.


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If you have any problem about topic webpage to PDF, please feel free to comment here. We will contact you with in 24 hours. if you like this tip, please share it.

How to Protect Your Children Against Cyber Bullying

Nowadays, cyber bullying is a rampant problem that affects not only the adults but most particularly the children. This problem occurs with the rise of modern technology such as the internet that provides easy access and channel for kids of different ages to intimidate or bully their own classmates, friends and even other children whom they barely know. Aside from the internet, cyber bullying also takes place through mobile phones as it allows circulation of gossip or false accusation that can be hurtful as well as of embarrassing photos and videos that can truly degrade the morale of the one being bullied.  SMS, instant messaging, email, chat rooms and social media are being used in the offense.

Protect Your Children Against Cyber Bullying
Protect Your Children Against Cyber Bullying


So, as parent or guardian of these minor children, you should have known your responsibility to know what they have been going through by taking time talking and encouraging them to tell if there’s by any way they feel being bullied.  Ignoring and not giving time to resolve the problem can even make it more worst and may lead to further serious complications.

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Here are some tips on how to protect your children against cyber bullying:

1-Do not encourage your child to respond to someone who is throwing hurtful words or being so aggressive online as this can only make the case worse.

2-Contact Internet Service Provider if someone posts something embarrassing about your child online including personal information. The provider will most likely have the information deleted.

3-Do not hesitate to report any cyber-bullying concern to your kid’s school and if it turned out to be so serious and putting risk on the safety of your child, seek assistance from local police.

4-Talk to your child the importance of keeping the privacy about personal information when communicating others online. Discourage them not to give e-mail address to someone whom they barely know.

5-Teach children about spam management and let them remove any messages from the unknown sender.

6-Have your anti-virus software always up to date. See netspysoftware.com for further info.

7-Best to install netspysoftware on your child’s devices. Using this software can help monitor what’s happening or what’s going on with your kids online.

8-Explain to your child that as parent, it’s your outmost responsibility to check on his / her interaction with other kids when needed.

9-Let them understand about the importance of telling their parents if ever they are threaten and are one of the victims of cyber bullying.


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Here are some key points in protecting your children online:

1-Implement blocking of inappropriate content

2-Heighten your privacy and online security

3-Set-up computer to only approved email addresses and websites

4-Monitor the sites where your children go online

5-Install and use netspysoftwarec.com

6-Explore internet together with your children through child-friendly sites and use safe zones.

7-Discuss sites that are suited for your children to explore as well as to sites that are not suited for them. And if they happen to be on the site let them leave immediately closing the browser or by clicking the back button.

8-Teach your kids to be cautious and abstain from displaying photos and videos especially if these might have the tendency to create problems in the future when unlikely people able see them, those who are not acquainted to them or not their friends.

9-Supervise the use of internet like placing the computer in visible place at home


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There are indeed many ways to keep your children safe from the cyber-bullying. Aside from parental guidance and open communication, it is important to keep track of your child’s online activities with the help of a spyware that help filter messages and monitor activities as well as protect your child’s safety.