How to Create Bootable USB Drive

Sometimes we are facing problem for  installation of windows in the shape of we can’t find Windows CD in CD Case or our Optical drive CD/DVD Rom is not in condition to help us in that situation from which we can’t reinstall windows at that time. This is problem is not just with but so many time I have also faced same problem so today I have decided to share a trick about installing windows from USB Drive and for this first of all we have to Make USB Drive Bootable.

make bootable usb

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How to make Bootable USB for Installing Windows

On the internet you will find so many Programs and Softwares for this purpose which I am going to share but I am personally recommend you Rufus because this is very small tool for the very great work there are so many features of this small tool you can find on this official website.

create bootable USB

Select ISO file as image show above and click on the start button and wait till it complete its work.

Click Here to Download Rufus from its Official Site

And you have all done start using bootable USB drive.

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How to Install Unidentified Device Drivers (TUTORIAL)

This is the major problem after installing windows in PC, when you finished installing windows you seen your video drivers or sound driver or other else drivers are not installed by Windows and you have to install it manually. But after lot of searching for undefined device drivers, you can’t find drivers. Nowadays, I have seen a CD named Universal Drivers and challenge for providing all unknown device drivers but I have seen it failed to do its job. I am not blaming on that CD that won’t work, its working but not for everyone. So today it’s just come in my mind that I must share this useful information with my visitors, how can we install unknown unidentified Device Drivers?

Install Unknown Drivers

This trick will let you search device drivers easily in few steps. But for this trick you must have an active internet connection. If you don’t have you must have to use from somewhere else to find and download drivers. So let’s start how to find unknown device drivers. Check following given steps

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How To Find Unknown Device Drivers

Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware Tab
Now Click on Device Manager, a new window will appear with the name of Device Manger check if there is any unknown hardware in Others Device
Right click and Go to Properties 

install unidentified device drivers

Now go to Details Tab and Set Popup in Hardware Ids

It will show you complete detail of your hardware and Vendor ID.


As you seen in above image.
Now second step for how to identify its drivers by its Device or Vender ID.
Simply go to

Find Unknown Device Drivers

Now you have to put you Device ID or Vendor ID in this website for identifying Device

Find Driver Dev or Vendor ID

It will show you result of you device and you must confirm that is it matching with your hardware or not.

Now copy the search result and simply Google it and you will find its drivers easily.

Any further assistance reply in comments I will try to help you more about it.
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How to paste data without formatting in Word

Its my first post regarding Microsoft Office. I am writing this post because once I also need this so may some one also want to copy paste data without formatting in MS Word. As such if yon want to copy a paragraph or any word which is bold or highlighted or any other formatting and you want to it paste as simple text without formatting.

Here are these steps


Further there is also another tip to remove formatting and set it on default writing CTRL + SPACEBAR

How to Use Hard Disk as Ram (Improve Your PC Performace)

Improve Your PC Performance :

Today we are going to learn to Can we use our free hard disk space as Virtual Ram. We all have almost the issue of slower system or running of heavy program our system turn into over load.

use hard disk as ram

So lets Start :-

Right Click on My Computer > Properties

increase system performance

> Advanced > Setting (Performance)

> Advanced > Change

Now here here you can change as per memory available. It will help your pc to improve performance.


Top Internet Tips & Tricks.

Type Internet Address Without http:// or WWW

When typing an online address you are doing not ought to kind http:// or www Within the address. for instance, if you needed to go to computer Hope you’ll simply kind and press enter. to create things even faster, if you are visiting a .com address you’ll kind google and so press Ctrl + Enter to kind out the complete address.

Move Faster / Quick between fields.

If you are filling out a web kind, e-mail, or alternative text field you’ll be able to quickly move between every of the fields by pressing the key or Shift + Tab to maneuver back a field. as an example, if you are filling out your name and therefore the next field is your e-mail address you’ll be able to press the key to modify to the e-mail field.
This tip conjointly applies to the buttons, if you press tab and therefore the internet developer has designed properly the button ought to be chosen and can permit you to press the key or enter to push the button.
If you have got a drop-down box that lists each country or each state you’ll be able to click that box and so press the letter of the state or country you are looking for. as an example, may be a drop-down box of States within the u. s. you may press u on the keyboard to quickly scroll to Mormon State.

Useful tips for Full Potential Internet Search.

Make sure to induce the foremost out of each search result. If you are not finding what you wish strive close the text in quotes. as an example, if you were checking out ‘computer facilitate’ this really searches for pages that contain each pc and facilitate and not essentially pages that have pc and help next to every different. If you explore for “computer facilitate” with the quotes round the search question this can solely come pages that truly have pc and help next to every different.
Many new pc users additionally do not understand that in each search box you’ll press enter rather than having to maneuver the button over to the Search button.

Shortcut for Your Internet Browsers.

There are so many shortcut keys which we can  use in Internet browsers. Right Below there are a few of my top suggested and the most useful internet browser shortcuts keys.
– Alt + D : Almost in every Internet browser move your cursor on the address bar which can help you quickly write your address without touching or moving your mouse .
– For Zoom purpose of you page hold Ctrl button and press “+” and “-“..
– For Pages back and forward purpose hold Alt + “left Arrow” for Back and “Right Arrow” for move Forward.
– If Your page not loaded completely, press F5 for refersh or reload page again.
– If you want to browse internet in Full Screen and Can Press F11.
– For Check Your bookmarked Pages Press Ctrl + B
– For find/Search anything in web page press F3 or Ctrl+F..
More will be added Soon.

Google Penguin (info)

Google penguin is the code name for a Google algorithm updatethat was first announced in April 24, 2012. Theupdate aims toreduce the search engine rankings ofsites that violatethe webmaster guidelines of Google using black hattechniques SEO, suchas call coverage, stuffing, and participate in link schemes, the deliberate creation of duplicate content, andothers.

Penguin and Previous Updates

New Penguin, Google released a series of updates algorithm called Panda with first appeared in February 2011. Panda ranking measures aimed at websites that provide a poor user experience. To find such Web pages, the machine-learning algorithm used Navneet Panda, hence the name. The algorithm follows the logic that human quality raters Google determine the quality of the site.

SEO for Google Penguin

Black Box Social Media Releases how best to optimize your website in a report called “Google SEO Penguin exposed. The report is available on their official web site.

Make Money With Web Traffic

If you build a website, consider monetizing your website to earn money when viewers interact with the show on your site. For example, ads and banners related to your topic can be strategically placed your display so that they get some money when visitors click on this. By participating in various program providers on the Web, improving your content and make money with web traffic that your website receives.

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Online Business

Almost every internet user wants to make money online and it is great. I am also suggesting to all my friends that whole day you are using internet for what??

You should gain some thing from it. So today what I am sharing with you it is about Online Business.

ONLINE Business:-

If we have active internet connection and such hours in which we are 99% free then we can use hose hours to do something. There are more then thousands of ways to make money online / Online Business like Affliate Marketing, Writing Blog Posts, Advertising, Publishing on Website Third Party Ads,

How To Submit a Sitmap to Google [Tutorial]

After creating an XML Sitemap, you have to check for the search engines are seeing it or indexed your website. So Let Starts to submit an XML Sitemap to GOOGLE.

1.       First of All Generate an XML Sitemap. See Our Post Creat an XMLSitemap it is simple to generate or you can use an XML Sitemap Generator it will help you to generate it.

2.       Then loging to your Google Account account.


4.       Click on Add a Site button for add your site on Google.

5.       Now Click on your website for submitting Sitemap.

6.       Find Sitemap and then click on it.

7.       Red Button of ADD/TEST SITEMAP Click on it.

8.       Submit Your URL of Sitemap. Then click on submit button.

9.       Click on Refresh the Page .

10.   And You have done now GOOGLE will check your sitemap and will start indexing your site soon.

What is an XML Sitemap?

Sitemap is the way for site visitors to simply explore your site and also tell google about your site contents pages and for submitting your site contents, pages into GOOGLE.

It will help Google to know about your site pages including all URLS also those which may be not determinable. Here you can see how to Generate an XML Sitemap and find how to submit sitemap to google.