Best Website to Get Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Worlds No.1 Social Media platform where we are spending almost more than 70% of our internet using time. For Facebook addicted, I have decided to give you some very useful links to get awesome Facebook Timeline Cover photos to impress your friends and family. All the link are provided below to download and set new timeline cover photos which are already setup as per width and height of timeline cover to make beautify and give attractive look to your Facebook profile and pages. You don’t have to resize or any modification in this cover just download and setup on your profile.

download facebook cover photos



Best Website to Get Awesome Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

My Cover Point

First of all I have mentioned MyCoverPoint because I like it very much, always I am getting cover for my pages and Facebook profile from this website because it has so many beautiful and category wise collection of cover photos for Facebook.


Facebook Cover Photos

There you will find the complete directory of best Photos for your Facebook timeline and also a tool for create your custom photo to manage and resize it as per cover width and height.

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The Site Canvas

The Site Canvas is also great website to create your own Facebook timeline cover photo with its builtin tool. Just select your img file and setup as per tool shown on the website.


Facebook Covers

As per my covers points, here you will find thousand of attractive covers for your Facebook timeline, Just download and setup on your profile.


Cover Junction

At the bottom its time to give you the link with thousand of awesome photos for your Facebook timeline covers category wise i.e. Nature, Movies, Actress, Music, Graffiti etc. to amaze your friends.


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Bottom Lines:-

Still there is bundle of other website who offers free Facebook cover photos to create beautiful Facebook timeline. If you have any other information please share with us by replying in this post. Regards.

Now Share Your Facebook Post in Blogs by Post Embedding

The fastest endlessly growing and the number one social media network over the internet means this topic has been chosen for Facebook and has introduces a new way to share and extend your voice and thoughts which you have already shared on Facebook. Before we always seen embedding codes for videos, computer languages etc. but now you can easily share your every Facebook status and posts on your Blog by embed that status in your Blog or website. Means if have shared videos, photos or any status update you can easily embed it anywhere as you want. Check the guide to embed any Facebook post inside your Blog or website.

embed facebook post


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How to Embed Facebook Post

For embedding any Facebook post you have to set the privacy on public and share any photo , video or any update on Facebook and click on the dropdown arrow in upper right corner of the post for embedding facebook status post as per screenshot showing below.

embed facebook posts

And copy the code from the top text area box.

how to embed facebook post

Now paste this Embedded Facebook Post code inside your Blog or website post in HTML.

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It will be look like this

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Bottom Lines

Hope above tutorial will help you to share your voice widely through websites and Blog. For further information you can ask by replying in this post. Don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends. Like our Social Media Pages and RSS Subscription to get next update directly in your inbox or you wall.. Regard

How to Remove Facebook Spam Applications and Posts

After so many days I have again choose topic for Facebook, Hope you have liked my previous article for New Facebook Chat Stickers and this time I am going to share a trick for prevent being spamming from such Facebook spam applications which share auto spam posts on your Facebook wall. Sometime or may be every day you find something new posts on your Facebook wall and being sick to delete it everyday but you know that next day it will appear again on your Facebook wall. So, for removing any facebook application or any other facebook application check this trick to get rid from Facebook spam posts and spam applications.

prevent facebook spam apps

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Why Facebook Spam Applications and Posts?

If you want to avoid and prevent Facebook spam always you have to focus on your activities by managing your privacy settings because all these spamming bugs are getting more views, fans and likes for their pages and for that all your awareness is good anti-spam for Facebook activities as you know every time millions of users are online on Facebook in same time, some of the user of Facebook they are totally new and may be they are not aware from that Facebook spamming applications and posts and start liking such a bogus posts in result it will auto share same posts on their all friends wall and this method increase the visibility of that bogus and spam post on every Facebook user’s wall. Check below the complete guide for removing Facebook spam application.


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How to Remove Facebook Spam Application?

Its time to talk about the above trick for removing any application from Facebook. Following method is for security purpose for prevent and avoid spamming by such Facebook application. So Facebook Application Developers please don’t mind.

For removing application from Facebook go to Facebook Account Setting

Go to App section from left side

Now select the spamming application which share spamming posts on your wall on your behalf and click on the “x” cross button

New popup will appear there is a check box for previous posts check that box and click on the remove button.


Finally you have removed that application from Facebook.


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Bottom Lines

All I have mentioned above for avoid Facebook spam posts and spam application but its necessary to be always active and aware from all Facebook activities because spammers are always busy to create something new for sharing their bogus and spam posts  by making such new methods. Always try to check privacy setting before like and use and Facebook application. Feel free to ask any related question to above post also don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends. Regards…

New Facebook Chat Stickers

new facebook chat stickersMay be Facebook has detected that the lovers of Facebook wants more chat emoticons in the chat box to share our feeling as we have seen there is bundles of site who offer such a very beautiful and new chat emoticons in chat and I have also shared before two different pots for Facebook Smiley Emoticons V1 & V2 and find that more visitors I have received on my that posts for Facebook. So in the result I can say Facebook lovers need more chat smiley emoticons and stickers for that Facebook has now introduced new Chat Emoticons Stickers from them we don’t have to search any site for Chat Code Generators just in a single click you will send new Chat stickers for share your feelings.


new facebook chat stickers

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How to Use and Add New Facebook Chat Stickers

Before in the chat box there are small emoticons. But in same windows have you seen there is new chat emoticons check below screen shot.

It is not enough there is also so many other emoticons but you have seen just two tabs.

How to add more Stickers in Facebook Chat check below screen shot. There is button in right top corner Sticker Store, click on that.

You will see there is so many other chat stickers select any category and click on the free button.

After selecting any category that will be added as New Tab in the Stickers Tab in Chat Box.

Now you can also send Pictures in Chat Box Box or may you have own Stickers or Emoticons you can send by Adding Picture in the Chat Box. You Can add all the above screenshot categories in the  Chat Box by Adding them from Free Button.

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Bottom Lines.

Share your feeling via New Facebook Chat Stickers with your friends. For any further assistance you can ask by replying in this post or contact us.

How to Get Link of Facebook Status Updates

get link of facebook status updatesAfter so many days I am going to share about a trick for facebook lovers. Hope you will like this trick and share with your friends. In this tutorial I will guide you how can we get links for any Facebook status update which someone or we have updated on Facebook by sharing them into chat, pages, and somewhere else like bogs, website etc. so follow me and get this latest trick and send any links of Facebook status update of page or your own with your friends in chat or their timeline.



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How to Get Link of Facebook Status Updates

Here is the trick that I am trying to tell you for sharing links for status update.

Simply update any status on the Facebook

facebook status link

Here come you updated status on you timeline. Check blow screen shot

Now if you want to share Your this Status Update with your friend who have not seen or its very important to show someone simply right click on the date just below the name and right click on it and copy the link location.

get link of facebook status

Its time paste and you are already aware to how to paste any thing simply check below for pasting same in chat box or someone’s wall with Ctrl+V or by right click and then click on the paste button.

send facebook status link


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Bottom Lines

Hope you have understood the entire above trick for getting status updated link. For any further assistance you can ask by replying in this article.

New Facebook Smiley Chat Codes Generator V2

Another Facebook Smiley Emoticons Chat Code Generator, as not so far but yesterday I have shared version 1 for the same and promised for the V2. So its second day with same topic but with new Chat Emoticons with different smileys because in one day I have got thousands of visit for that Facebook Chat code Generator v1 then I decided to I have to made its version 2 quickly. As a result I have made its version 2.

Facebook Emoticons Chat Codes

Emoticons Chat Code Generator V2

Here is the Generator select any one of the emoticon and click on the generate button but remember for another emoticon 1st you have to click on the reset button then generate new one.

Hope you like my work. Waiting for your feedback. Don’t forget to follow our social media pages and ids also subscribe our daily updated and get free email alerts in your inbox.

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New Facebook Smiley Chat Codes Generator

While visiting status of my website I found that mostly my coming visitors are searching for Chat Codes for facebook, as before I have share a post for Chat Generator for New Facebook Fonts, we all know how much facebook is used by every person. So today I am going to share another New Facebook Smiles Chat Code Generator having 30 different smiles but it is not enough its just a trailer in few days I will share Facebook Smiley Chat Code Generator V2 but now you have check this.

Facebook Smiley Chat Codes Generator

Another related posts.

How to Use New Facebook Smiley Chat Codes Generator

Just click below any one of the chat icon and click on the generate button and copy code and paste into Facebook chat box.

Important note : for new code first click on the Reset Button then Generate New Code.

Keep visiting us. Still Smiley Chat Code Generator V2 is behind and more are coming on the way. Waiting for your feedback.

New Facebook Chat 2013 Code Generator [Upadated with New Codes]

The biggest Social Media Network, Facebook. Previously I have shared few Tricks for Facebook. Hope you have enjoyed all I have shared about Facebook tricks. But today I am going to share another trick with my friend because everyday people wants something new and we all have to find something new for our visitors. So today I have decided to share New Facebook Chat Codes Generator with you. This code generator will generate such codes instead of you text. You just have to paste those codes in you Facebook chat.

Facebook Chat Code Generator


Facebook Chat Code Generator.

Here I am sharing two links for Facebook chat codes in where you can generate two different types of Text Codes for Facebook chat.



How to Generate Chat Code for Facebook

Simply go to above mentioned links.
Then Type desired word.
And copy generated code as per image shown below

New Facebook Fonts Generator

And paste it in Facebook Chat Box..

Generate Facebook Chat Codes

You will find a new image Fonts instead of your chat text..

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Download Complete Facebook Photo Albums

After so many days I come again on Facebook Topic, before I have shared such useful funny tricks about Facebook, today I am going to share with you another tool for and I hope you will find it very useful and like it. So here I will tell you how we can download Complete Facebook Photo Album with just a single click of your own, your Facebook friend, Fan Pages and groups in which you are. So now it’s very easy to download Photos Album from Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups as well as you can download  videos from Facebook easily.

Download complete Facebook Album

Check Following Tricks

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How You Can Download Complete Facebook Photo Album

Now I am going to sharing that thing which I have mentioned above.

Download Facebook Album

This is the site where you can download your Facebook album easily means you can backup you photos in a single Zip Folder or PDF file.


  • You can download photos in which you tagged even which you have not uploaded.
  • Simply Backup Your Facebook Photos by download it with just a single click in Zip folder or PDF File.
  • Selected Downloads: You can also made selection to download selected photos from a album.
  • Last which one I know that is Download Facebook videos from your circle easily.

Download Facebook Album Easily

Following steps will guide you download Facebook albums easily >

Simply Go to PicknZip.Com

Click on The Login button as per image shown below

It will connect you with your Facebook account. Means you don’t have to made any account here.

Check This Screen Shot.

How to download facebook album

Here you seen so many tabs with Friends, Groups, Pages and below there is another button of Find My Photos and Videos.

Check This > Browsing internet in Full Speed.

So I don’t have to explain it more because all Facebook user know well about Facebook features stay connected with us to get more useful tricks .

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