How Students Can Make Money With WordPress Blogs?

Nowadays huge sectors of aspiring bloggers, especially the students have expanded widely who perceive online publishing as an earning source. So what are the interesting strategies that one goes about drawing in few bucks from their WordPress blogs? In today’s phase, you need to be extra creative in earning bucks on WP site, by offering the visitors something really worthy and unique. We’ve helped the students with few ethical tips of generating revenue with their WordPress blogs.


how students can make money with wordpress blogs
how students can make money with wordpress blogs

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How Students Can Make Money With WordPress Blogs?

1. Go for WP Blog Setup Service

If you’re keen to make money with the use of WordPress blogging, then the perfect option will be blog setting up service. To acquire more number of clients you can craft a blog setup service page on your blog. You can even draw some leads or traffic towards that page, by including guest blogging, banners on your website for your service, or by paying advertisements. Also social media functions quite well. If audience is keen in your offer, they will certainly contact you, and pay you too. Given an example, if you would suggest that they make use of Bluehost WordPress hosting, as they offer priced hosting competitively which the new bloggers can pay for, in addition with their associate commission pays more of $65 for each signup that is successful.

2. Select a niche market

When you are intending to make money from your blogs, you require searching for a beneficial niche. For example, selling hair care products can be a gainful niche. Somebody might be looking for ‘hair care product’ search term, thus coming across your blog post. Even a proper domain name for your blog would be ‘’

It can also be quite critical of choosing an appropriate ‘buyer keyword.’ For example, you can add ‘eczema remedy’ so that the readers who are searching for solutions can find it soon from your site. So you should make your blog very informative and nicely designed that will provide you chance for monetizing your traffic.

3. Plan to write your blog in a tone suitable to your blog topic

Before you begin working on a blog, you should know what you need to say and how you want to convey it, which stands as an essential part. Your audiences will return back to your blog if the topic or the subject you’re writing about, and the style in which you’re portraying attracts them. You should keep it friendly so that you can invite interaction through your blog comments from various other bloggers and viewers.

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4. Propose premium ‘member only’ content for a fee

You can offer few ‘premium’ contents on membership basis only. When you see a demand for the type of stuffs you’ve been writing, you should charge a one-off or frequent membership fee.  For this you need to offer them something really valuable. If your viewers are paying you money to read your blogs, you should take it as a compliment. Few nice ideas for premium content could involve- audio/video recordings of your interviews with professionals; chat sessions with your paying members; multi-part tutorials to display people how to gain something tough yet rewarding; etc.

5. Cover classified directory on your WordPress blog

Along with adding an easy plugin such as Classifieds from WPMU Dev, you can arrange a list of directory on your WordPress website, and charge the audiences to advertise over there. For example, if you’ve written a blog on cars, you can charge the people to give ads on vehicles for sale purpose, or services from mechanic. If your blogs draw respectable amount of targeted traffic, it’s a great opportunity that general people will give you money for renting of space on your website.

6. Create a paid access blogging network

This is the biggest monetization process that needs the maximum level of recognition and blog traffic to be more flourishing. While running an elevated traffic blog along with well-known brand identity, you can quickly profit from by changing your WP website to multitask network, and also you can charge the audience for organizing their own blogs on your possession.

7. Set out for new blog website

You can go for new blog website, for example, You can replace your real domain name for ‘yourblogname’. Well you can take the step by clicking on Cpanel login; then type your username and password which you select when you bring the ‘web hosting’ provider. You should stay on your BLOG FILE. Then you should scroll downwards to ‘Software/Services.’ Lastly, you can click on the ‘Simple Scripts.’

8. Develop WordPress Blog themes

You can surely make money by developing attractive WordPress blog themes. You should be aware of what you are actually designing for your target audience, and also know for whom you’re creating your themes. High quality and fascinating blog themes for WP websites can help you sell them every day, but you should keep your price reasonable so that your users can afford them.

Therefore, you students should make the best use of the above tips in order to gain good money with your WordPress blogs.

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How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once

Without a doubt, we have come across an instance where we have had to convert a PDF document into an editable format, such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice formats. Because we don’t have to worry that the formatting will be disheveled, PDF format is excellent for sharing or sending files, on the other hand, it can be problematic if we want to extract data from it.

When we have thousands of PDF files that we need  to convert, things can get even more complicated. Converting one file by one could take hours of time that no one has.

how to extract data from multiple pdf files

A solution to this is  using PDF conversion batch tools.  We are going to show you how you can use the batch tools inside Able2Extract PDF Converter 9, an established and popular PDF converter. Batch conversion enables converting multiple PDF documents at once. All you have to do is to specify which files need to be converted, the desired format and then click Convert. After this, the process will begin and you can take on other work tasks. Once the conversion is finished, the software will let you know. This is an excellent tool for office managers and administrators who need to convert dozens of PDFs daily.

To start the batch conversion in Able2Extract, click on the batch icon in the main menu.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img1

Add the files that you need converted. The files don’t have to be from the same folder, you can select them from multiple folders.

After adding the files, you need to specify the exact folder where you want all the converted files to be located. After the task is finished, this is the folder where you will be able to find all the converted files:

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img2

Lastly and most importantly, you need to specify the conversion output format. Able2Extract PDF converter offers multiple conversion formats. Besides being able to create PDF, users can convert them into Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, OpenOffice Calc, OpenOffice Impress and Text.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img3

If you need to convert multiple files simultaneously into different formats, you can do that by opening the software multiple times.

The final step requires you to enter a special code to start the conversion process.  The process will now begin and all you have to do is, sit back and wait for everything to be converted.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img4

All of the converted files will be waiting for you inside the previously indicated folder. However, keep in mind that while batch conversion is great in saving time, you should try not to use it when you only need a couple of documents converted.  The reason being  that the batch conversion feature doesn’t allow customization per individual documents. That is a characteristic of all automatic software and tools; they are great when it comes to reducing workload and giving us more time to do other things, but the customization is done on a mass level for multiple files at once. The best situation is to use automatic conversion when you have multiple files which are similar and have the same structure. In that case, all of the documents will be converted in the same way.

How to earn online money in Pakistan?

There are so many options to earn money online in Pakistan but the difficult thing is how many of them are scams or legitimate. In this article, I am going to tell you the most easy and legitimate option to earn online money in Pakistan and that is Neobux. With this online money making system you can earn maximum 200 $ per month without any investment. Means without spending any single penny, you can start making money online by following the instruction shared below.


how to make money online in pakistan
how to make money online in pakistan

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How to earn online money in Pakistan?

First of all sign up on Neobux it’s very easy to create account on it after creating the account you have to view the some advertisement remember there only four permanent ads so you have to click four times on ads daily any how !   Rest of the ads you have to search them it’s totally up to you. If you missed a click on those four ads next day as penalty you will not get you referrals payment so be vigilant about this.
As many click to do per day you will get more money for them.

How Neobux converts you click in dollars?

You will earn 0.001 $ when you click an ads like this when you click four time you will get 0.004$ certainly this is very low amount, if we calculate this for a month means you see 30 ads and you get 0.03 $ which is very low amount and the monthly income will be 0.09$. There is two best ways to increase the income make more and more referrals for this you are dependent on others.

What are the referrals?

Referrals are the user that works for us there are two types of referrals.

> Direct Referrals
> Rental Referrals

Direct referrals: are those who you invite to join for example I am going to invite you, when I invite you, you will be in my list of referrals for ever and whenever he clicks 50% revenue will be transferred into my accounts for example there is 70 click from your friend and 45% money of that clicks will be mine. This revenue is only for thirty days .One rental referral is only for 0.02$ only for 30 days after 30 days if you want you can purchase another referral. If you rental referral is not active means users are not clicking the you can change the rental referral only pay 0.07$

How to rent the referrals:

You need minimum 2 $ to rent the referrals so first of all transfer 2 dollars then do many clicks and send the referral click to your friends and ask them to subscribe for Neobux therefore your revenue increase. After submitting 2$ you only need to rent the 10 referrals this is very important remember there is many people online on Neobux all the time so Sunday is reserved for referral rent also daily two hours you need to do referral rent on Neobux with these two hours you can’t do referral rent in these two hours you must do referral rent any time also you do monitoring these referrals to check out that which referral is good and active and which is not if any referral is not responding well mean in the four days there is no any click these recycle it paying 0.07$. Doing this new user will come in your list to replace the old user when 30 days completes then rent the referral for 150 days more you get 20% extra. Like this you manage the referrals and reach minimum 250 referrals. When you have 250 referrals than you monthly income it more than 200$

Now your next step is to purchase Golden member ship only spend 90$ from you income and increase your monthly income twice in the months it means 400$

How to get payment?

From Neobux you can withdraw minimum 2$. Basically Neobux is support both online PayPal and Alertpay but unfortunately Neobux is not working in Pakistan that why we use Alertpay in the Pakistan. According to Alertpay policy we can withdraw minimum 20$ also Alert pay shortly issuing the Debit Card in Pakistan.

There is only three ways for receiving money from Alertpay.

> Through cheque.
> Through back wire
> Through Credit Card

Payment reached within 2 to 4 days in Pakistan into your bank account so you can take it using your ATM card.

How to convert Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File

You often would find yourself in the scenario wherein you have any JPEG image, which needs some editing, so what can you do in this? Well, is it possible to do the editing part in it, of course you can do the needful by simply converting the scanned JPEG file into the editable word file.  Perhaps for those who have not tried this before, would find it difficult to do this, however, for the ones who have been doing these things too often can find things very much simple. Well, don’t, worry, just check the following steps, which would help you in converting the scanned JPEG file into the editable word file, let’s check them as under:

conver jpg into editable word file
convert jpg into editable word file

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How to convert Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File

Check the following given to change your scanned JPG document file into Editable Word File.

Step one

In the very first step, you are supposed to check whether you have the OCR software or not. Well, for those who do not know this, let me tell you, OCR is nothing but optical character recognition software, which converts any JPEG file into editable format, which further allow you to make any required changes in it. This simply means you can find the document or image soon in the editable format, which can further help you in making the required changes once for all. Once you download the software, you need to install it over your machine along with choosing the right language option as well.

Step two

The moment you finish doing the first step, you are supposed to now open the scanned image or shift the same into the software converting into the editable option by simply choosing the same program. The moment you do so, you would find the software recognizing the text and the characters found in the same seen in the form of PDF scanned documents, which carry out multiple page files, the images and other stuff that you have captured using the digital cameras. If you rely over the free online service, you have so many languages support, choose the right one as per your choice to do the needful. You can also download directly from

Step three

With this step, you would not find the real conversion of the said image into the editable document. The software supports to a different formats, which include JPEG, JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, etc, which can be chosen to convert the same into editable Word other PDF formats. Very soon you would end up seeing the conversion taking place of the image into editable format. In order to start using the software program, you are not supposed to register yourself. You are just required to click at the online tool followed by browsing the file, which will further help you in converting into the editable word format. Once you complete this step, you simply end up getting the changes in it.

Wrapping up

So, you can now find out how simple it is to convert the scanned JPEG file into editable word format. All you are supposed to do is to follow these three steps and carry out the same without any hassle of issue.

Rakesh is an internet marketer. He loves to writing about technology, digital media and software’s. These days he is busy to writing an article on Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File Converter.

How to Monitor My Children’s Internet Browsing

The Internet can be a minefield for children. This is why you must educate your kids about the dangers of the World Wide Web and about inappropriate materials they shouldn’t see online. You may also want to consider installing programs that can block your child’s attempts to visit websites that you don’t think is appropriate for them.

But there’s always a chance that something bad can get past these safeguards, so your last line of defense may involve monitoring your child’s online activity. This step may already be too late to prevent your child’s first exposure to inappropriate materials, but knowing this may enable you to prevent such things from happening again.

how to Monitor My Children’s Internet Browsing

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How to Monitor My Children’s Internet Browsing

So how do you monitor your children’s Internet browsing? Here are the most effective ways:

Be At Their Side When They Are Online

This is a rather obvious way of making sure your children only visits safe websites and that they don’t communicate with strangers. You should do this if you have young children, but as they grow older they will want to go online on their own.

But when they’re starting out, at least they will welcome your presence because you can teach them what to do. Just make sure that you also teach then about things they shouldn’t do, such as give their real name and address to strangers online.

Check the Browser History

This should always be your first step. Your browser lets you see the browsing history. You just click on the tools section of the browser and find the history tab. That shows you the most recent websites visited, and it even includes the date and time when the site was visited.

Many older children learn to get around this by erasing the browser history before they log out. But if you find the history erased, that tells you one thing: your child is hiding something from you!

Install Monitoring Software

This is one way to make sure you know what your children are seeing online. These programs have different features, but they operate by using one or more of these basic methods:

They show the browser history. So even if your child clears the browser history, you will still know the websites they have visited.

They record search terms used and conversations. These programs record more than just the websites visited. The see the terms your child uses on Google, so you can see if the inappropriate website they visit was intentional or not. For example, if your child types in “cancer” then a website may show pictures of breast examinations.

They take screen snapshots. You now have a visual record of what your children actually saw on their screens.

They inspect the people your children are communicating with. These programs can detect if the person chatting with your children is not who they claim to be, or if they are a stranger or an adult.

You may get the results in real-time. Some programs can send you an email or a text message when the program detects explicit messages, words or images. They may also notify you if they notice that your child is involved in cyber bullying, or if they’ve been contacted by adults online.

Some of these apps may not be free, but then again it’s up to you to determine how much you are willing to spend to keep your children safe from Internet hazards. Gecko Computer Monitoring Software has a free trial.

How to create attractive social media profiles

There are two forms of attractiveness when it comes to social media profiles. There is attractive for friends or attractive for clients. This is only meant in broad terms that apply to most social media networks. Friends are people you know from online and offline and are relevant to private/personal social media profiles. Clients are potential customers or potential viewers/investors/associates/interested parties. They apply mostly to commercial social media profiles, or social media profiles set up to further/advertise a business.

how to create attractive social media profiles
how to create attractive social media profiles

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How to create attractive social media profiles

Now that the technical definitions are out-of-the-way, below you will find tips on how to create attractive social media profiles for both personal profiles and business/commercial profiles.

Friends – Great pictures of you

This may seem obvious, but great pictures of you are going to make your profile more attractive. One assumes that people are looking at your profile to see all about you in the first place, or that they have at least a passing interest in you. Give them pictures of you that are good. Do not fill your pictures areas with pictures of family, pets and miscellaneous. Give people pictures of you and try to make them about something instead of seven hundred “selfies” of you with your camera phone.

Friends – The occasional picture of you looking hot

If you have a hot picture or two, then slip one in. Your friends of the opposite sex will want to see, as well as the partners of your current friends. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the fact that sometimes you look cute or hot.

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Clients – Professional pictures to show your legitimacy

Obviously, you should not populate your profile with pictures of your staff drinking in music tents. Go for more professional pictures on your profile, and take a step further into a conservative professional ethos. In other words, make your pictures professional and then plus ten percent more.

Clients – Pictures of your products that will interest your target audience

One assumes that people are looking at your social media profiles because they have an interest in your business, services, website or products. If that is the case, then give them pictures of your products or pictures of the results of your service.

Friends – A bio that details your likes and dislikes

It makes for interesting reading sometimes. It may be nice to know if you like the Sopranos or not. It is also handy if you happen to like more obscure things such as the old British TV show, “Steptoe and Son.” If there is another person in your acquaintance that likes the same thing, then your profile becomes all the more attractive and interesting to that person.

Friends – Posts on things you find very interesting

This should be what happens anyway. You should post about things you find interesting, as there is a chance other people will find it very interesting too. It is common for friends and acquaintances to have similar interests.

Clients – Images and videos of your products in action

Show your range of weed whackers in action, and videos of your most recent cars in action. Videos of your service being performed are often very effective in attracting and interesting potential clients.

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Clients – images and videos of your products excelling and/or under pressure

Do not just tell people that your range of watches is water-resistant. Drop ten of them in a public swimming pool, fish them out, and show them still working. Do not tell people your ladders are the strongest; you should hit them with cars and watch the cars bounce off them.

Friends – Pictures and videos with your friends in them

When people look at photos, the first person they look for is themselves. All you have to do is add videos and images with your friends in and all of a sudden your profile becomes more interesting.

Friends – Pictures of your pets

Pets are cute and interesting. It may be viciously cliché to have your pets on your social media profiles, but the fact is they make your profile look more attractive and interesting.

Clients – Publicity photos and PR photos

You know the sort of thing this entails. It is a picture of a smiling deliveryman handing a package to a thrilled housewife. It is a sexy receptionist greeting a visitor to the business. This sort of thing is expected, and even though it is not original, it is still a good thing to have on your social media profiles.

Clients – Posts that exist to interest

This means posts that were not put up there just because you wanted something to post. It is better to allow your profile to lie dormant rather than put up content that doesn’t thrill your target audience. It is very easy to lose people on social media because they have no real incentive to visit your commercially motivated website. They may have incentive to visit the profiles of people they know and see often, but there is no direct reason for them to repeatedly visit your social media profile. That is why you cannot risk scaring people away with dull or uninteresting social media posts.

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Best Keyword Research Tools in 2014 for Bloggers

As discussed earlier so many times about new changing in search engines algorithms due to spammers and black hat techniques, always we have to focus all SEO tactics for creating all blog post more search engines friendly. That is why my this topic is about keywords research because after hummingbird update in Google, people have lost all the organic traffic due to low quality keywords, therefore, it is very necessary to research related keywords and optimize your blog post for well rank in search engines.

best keyword research tools 2014
best keyword research tools 2014

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Best Keyword Research Tools 2014

In this post I and going to share some best tools in 2014 to research keywords for bloggers. These tools suggest you good keywords for your post to well rank in major search engines to drive huge organic traffic.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is new creative name of Google adwords Keyword tool and it assists in keyword research. Keyword research is a progressive strategy for a successful post and it also help to the review of global traffic for any particular region or phrase.


Ubersuggest is a Google keyword planner tool, helps to get many ideas and provide search engine suggestions that can be helpful for your post.


SEMrush is best SEO software which is used for keyword research and also have strong keyword database. The famous SEO’s also recommended this best software.

Bing keyword research:

Bing keyword research tool belongs to Bing webmaster tools. To access of this service you have to sign up and then it will provide you ideas concern with

Seo books:

SEO book is connected to firefox and it’s a free service. You have to sign up to access their services and get add-on in firefox.

World tracker:

World tracker helps to get free suggestions and provide some extra information like daily search volume etc.


Wordstream is a free keyword research tool which provides new ideas that can be helpful for your new posts.


Word post is also a free keyword research tool that provides suggestions and searches related to selected phrase.


Suggester is a free keyword research tool and provides free suggestions and best ideas which can be very useful for post.

Long tail pro:

It is a best keyword research tool which provides you suggestion as well further details about total monthly searches, keyword competition, compute CPC and many more.


For further assistance for any above external link or related to the topic Keyword research tools you can ask here. Regards.

How to Stop Country Specific URL redirection in Blogger

Another Question asked by me today about country URL redirection in Blogger (blogspot) blogs. There is a big list behind, where  we have already shared Social Media Gadgets and tips and tricks for blogger. In this tutorial we will guide you a simple trick to prevent auto country URL redirection i.e, etc to its main URL that is This URL redirection happened when you receive any visitors from India, UK, France etc. your blog auto redirect main URL of your to the country code Top level domain (ccTLD) as defined below.

redirect country specific url in blogger
how to redirect country specific url in blogger

Create Your Own Free Blog on Blogger : Blogger Basics (Tutorial) How to Create Blog on Blogspot

What is blogger country specific URL redirection?

The blogger country specific URL redirection is actually such type of redirection that is concern with geo-location of the visitor. For example, it’s a but if a visitor come from India searches then there would be shown instead of and same will happen with other country visitors. The ccTLD stands for country code top-level domain and this domain is kept for respective countries like: .fr ,, etc.

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How to stop redirecting the URLs?

You can also see the .com version of URL using /ncr. For example normal URL without /ncr will be shown as: and the URL with /ncr will be shown as: Now the question arise is it legal to stop redirection? and of course the answer is positive. This is declared by Google that there is nothing wrong in stop it and it allows to view the .com part of any blogspot using url/ncr.

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How to Stop Country Specific URL redirection in Blogger?

It is very easy to disable and stop country URL redirection. You have to add following codes as per instructions guided you in following lines.

Go To Blogger Dashboard > Template >

Edit HTML and search for closing head tag i.e. </head>

Paste the following given code above / before the closing head tag </head>.

Save you template and you have done.

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Bottom Lines

I wish that you have read my article carefully and gained important information given above. If there is something that is out of your sense or difficult to understand so you can ask me whatever making you frustrated.

How to Optimize and Speedup Your WordPress Blog or Website

If you go through for the blogging platforms, WordPress is the best and popular platform to start your new blogging career as currently 18 – 20 % website means more than ten millions webmaster are using WordPress for their Business, Blogging, and e-commerce websites. Because there are lot of things which makes it more valuable and that are easy to install and its use, content management system (CMS), external plugins installation, easy to optimize for search engines with third party plugins and more but besides also some bad comments for its performance that’s why my today’s topic is about the more important thing which is also comes in search engine optimization and that is how to increase WordPress blog loading speed.

how to optimize wordpress speed
how to speed up wordpress blog

How to Optimize and Speedup Your WordPress Blog or Website

After few lines about its functions now we are going to our topic, in this post I will tell you some best tips, tricks and guides for better optimization and best ways to increase loading speed of your WordPress blog/website.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the best way to make it more easier for content management. But here my topic is speeding up your WordPress blog so if you have installed such plugins which are not in use or may they harm your WordPress blog speed you must uninstall and check the alternate method to solve same problem. Therefore, there is some external plugins such as P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) to check your installed WordPress plugins show the complete details about the installed plugin which plugins are creating disturbance and slowing your blog.

Responsive and Mobile Theme

You will find everywhere on the internet about new technology and mobile devices and every new week we find new mobile device launched by some popular companies. It is also observed and come in knowledge that there are more internet users of mobile than desktop and computer device. So, it’s very necessary that you blog or website is must mobile optimized and have a Responsive theme.

Web Hosting

If you search Google for cheep hosting, you will find thousands of hosting providers which are providing unlimited hosting with very cheap prices but in blog speedup case you will not find your hosting package is going well for your blog so its very necessary before purchase hosting you check and find review for the best hosting providers.

Minify and Combine JavaScript and CSS

After the updates in computer languages and new versions, there is different tools are being introduced to minify and combine JavaScript and CSS sheets by compressing for reducing blog loading timing. You can easily minify and Combine JavaScript and Combine CSS with the by installing external WordPress plugins.


Another major issue, also happened with me just last night (at the time of writing this article). Enabling cache on your WordPress blog /website will give you better performance for loading speed. You can use the WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache to control cache issues easily.


To reducing WordPress Loading your blog must have WP HTTP compression tool. It will help you to reduce 60 – 80 % loading time and give the better result to your coming visitors.

Image Compression

It is the need of every article to have an image or images. Because as blogger, we share step by step tutorials and guides in which we have to add so many images that make blog page heavy in loading but if you compress your image before upload from or use the, it will compress all your blog image and reduce its sizes to improve the performance and loading speed of your WordPress blog.

Bottom Lines

At the end after applying and following the above tips tricks for reducing WordPress blog loading time, you must check you blog speed on google pagespeed tool and check the difference. For further inquiry, you can ask by replying in this article.

How to Increase the Number of Post Comments and Drive More Traffic

Both increasing the post comments on your blog and getting more traffic to your sites are massive issues, which is why this article deals with one in the hopes that it will stimulate the other. This article will show you how to get more comments on your blog.

increase blog comments and traffic
how to increase blog comments and traffic

Generate Traffic from other Blogs by Commenting

How will getting more comments help you drive more traffic?

There are a few reasons. For some reason Google has said before that it considers comments to be good in some ethereal way. We assume that it is because they act as mini updates and Google likes to know that pages are active and maintained.

However, if the updates consist of user comments, then where does the whole “high quality content” gubbins come in to play. The people who comment on blog posts range from the hyper intelligent to the gibbering idiot, so how can Google define if you are writing high quality content or writing about how President Obama is not American. Still, Google have said that comments are good, so maybe the benefits of mini updates and user engagement is overall more important or powerful than this quality quandary. So, here is how you drive more comments to your blog posts.

Have people use a Facebook comment section

Install a widget on your blog that is run by Facebook. People have to sign into their Facebook account in order to leave a comment. The widget will show the person’s Facebook profile picture on the comment section next to their comment. This helps to stop some people leaving purposefully nasty messages and helps to reduce spam. There is also a tick-box function that has their comment posted on their Facebook profile page. They actually have to un-tick the box in order stop it being posted, so most people will end up posting by default.

This is great because everybody monitoring their social media profile will see the comment and may also go onto the blog to have a read. They too may then comment and click “like” on the comment that the person left.

Pose a question at the end of the comment section

This is an old trick, but it still works to some extent. Just do not do that sleazy trick of writing a list on your blog post but then leaving out a key component so that people comment and mention why it was not included. This sort of trick only goes to prove to people that you have no idea what you are talking about on your blog and will have people resent your blog posts.

Get the ball rolling yourself

Add a comment on the comment section yourself. This may start people off and get them talking about your posts on your comment section. You yourself could make an interesting comment that starts the ball rolling and gets other people thinking about the blog post you just wrote.

Be controversial on your blog posts

It may sound like a sleazy trick, but being controversial will get you a lot of comments. People love to stick their nose in and take a moral high ground, even if their moral high ground isn’t that high or correct. If you hit a topic that has a lot of people opposed to it, then even a righteous cause will elicit results.

Engaging content may elicit more comments

In other words, if your content is engaging and of a high quality and makes people think or touches people in some way then it may elicit more comments. There are also times when you look at blog posts and it is good but you cannot think of a single thing you would say in response. The blog is just correct and useful and nothing more. It may be that you need to prompt comments in some way (without ruining the content of your blog post).

More people means more comments

Get more people to look at your blog and you increase your chances of getting more comments. Sure, it is possible to have thousands of viewers and no comments, but there are comment-hungry people out there and if they see a post with no comments they then feel they have to add one.

Your writing “voice” will speak to some people

Giving out facts in a banal manner or in a way that text books do will not engage some people. People need to hear your voice, which is your style, manner, attitude, emotion, etc, in order to elicit a response from them. Learn to use your voice, or find your voice, and apply it to how you write.

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