10 Best Web Development Tools for Web Designer

Many web developers keep themselves updated with the latest collections of web development tools that are available. Every developer tries to look for interesting tools that they find essential in executing their job. We want to bring to your notice some of the popular and helpful tools that you most probably may find in the toolbox of every designer. Web development tools not only execute your development process securely, but also enhance your productivity and save your time. They offer you with functional features as they are easy to use during web development process.

10 Best Web Development Tools for Web Designer

Let us take a quick look on the 10 best must-use web development tools that are necessary for the web developers to use in their works.
  1. Awesomplete
It is a customized, ultra lightweight and easy auto-complete widget along with zero dependence, constructed with modish standards available for modern browsers. Being a JavaScript plugin, Awesomplete has 4 vital configurations that includes list of suggestions, minimum characters to be types by the users, maximum number of suggestions to be exhibited, and autoFirst item. It even includes some helpful extended properties that let you to fully modify the way Awesomplete executes.
  1. Apache Couch DB
This tool is a database which fully holds the website. You can quickly store your data along with JSON documents. You can simply approach your documents and do inquiry of your indexes along with your web browser through HTTP. Index, combine, and also alter your documents with the JavaScript.
  1. Datedropper
Datedropper tool is basically a jQuery plugin which offers swift and simple method to administer the dates for the input fields. The download version 1.2 includes 4645 downloads. It works with coding that covers 3 steps. First step is head, second step is body, and third step is end. This tool can be easily customizable for the users.
  1. HTML5maker.com
With the help of HTML5Maker, you can use it for crafting rich multimedia content which is helpful for SEO. You can utilize it as a banner marker. You can even recognize the best animations or presentation, sans having any design skills or being a programmer. With free and premium version of this tool, you’ll get cool features.
  1. DealFuel
Web developers find the DealFuel tool pretty interesting as it includes significant and particular deals for this category. Being a web developer you can easily find out software, icon bundles, WordPress themes and tutorials which will assist you in your work process. You can quickly mark the finest deals and promotions.
  1. jQuery.scrollSpeed
It is a lightweight jQuery tool for changing the scrolling speed in the latest web browsers that gives support to horizontal or vertical scrolling direction, involving user-definable easing. After easily installing this extension, you can reference scrollSpeed () way and amend the step as well as speed parameters for crafting the scrolling effect. The step parameter defaults towards 100 units, whereas speed defaults towards 800milliseconds.
  1. FoundationPress
Zurb’s FoundationPress is considered as a WordPress starter theme that is based on Foundation 5. FoundationPress functions as a handy and small toolbox which comprises the necessities required to develop any design. It is intended to be a starting point, rather than final product.
  1. CSS Ruler
CSS Ruler tool includes three kinds of CSS lengths that include font relative that is relative to the font-size; viewport percentage that is relative to the viewport size; and absolute that is a physical measurement. You can quickly update the given values: html {font-size: px; }, body { font-size : px; }, .example { width: ; } or else resize the browser to view how the lengths vary.
  1. Wideo.co
The reason behind using Wideo.co tool is because it is one of the excellent and instinctive online video tools which you can utilize to craft brilliant animations. When you complete making your video, you can simply share it on the social media networks or insert it on any site you want.
  1. MUI
It is a lightweight CSS, HTML, and JS structure for websites which follow the material design guidelines of Google. From the ground itself MUI is created and designed to be developer friendly, small and fast. It only involves the vital components you require to develop a website thus following the guide. Its features include customizable, small footprint, no modern browsers, and no dependencies, email friendly, future-focused, asynchronous, and manages DOM mutations.
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Best Websites to Learn Computer Languages Online (HTML CSS JavaScript and PHP)

Computer languages are the base for every Blogger and webmaster without having its knowledge we cant do or create any single page for our Blog or website so I have decided to share few Best Websites for beginners to Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript or PHP Online because without having knowledge about this basic computer language may be we have to face so many problems as you have seen all the websites and Blog are designed with this type of different language and these are the basic languages to know and learn for every webmaster and Blogger. Before I was also completely unfamiliar regarding this type of knowledge but day by day I was learning all these language online and try to use all the tags and codes to understand properly. So, today you will be notified with best websites where you can learn basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP easily.

learn online java css html



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Best Websites to Learn Computer Languages Online (HTML CSS JavaScript and PHP)

Learning the above languages will help you to create your custom website layout and templates, Widget Generators, Blog or Website Gadgets/Widgets etc. Check the below list and start learning.




The top and the best website where you can easily learn the above mentioned languages in very short time by keep practicing. Its support HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Php, ASP.NET, XML etc. All the tutorials you can find by visiting the above link to learn about these languages with realtime HTML editor with live preview.



Another Best platform for learning and gain knowledge for the computer languages to create custom webpages. Simply Visit the above site and learn the most useful codes and lauguages.





A website to teach you HTML and CSS with Online Video Courses to well understand every single code.




This one is also great place to learn about the computer languages i.e. HTML CSS and JavaScript.


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Bottom Lines:-

I have just written very small description for every website because all the website have almost same purpose so learning HTML JavaScript CSS and other computer languages are very necessary for the Blogger in his career because sometimes we have to create something new and for creation we must know tactics and knowledge so keep practicing and learn the knowledge. Any further assistance you can ask by replying in the article. Subscribe Our RSS Feeds to Get next update directly in your inbox. Regards

Five Free and Best HTML Editors

Experts knows everything about the computer languages but for newbie its very difficult to find every error inside HTML webpage because I am also newbie not an expert or has power to work on HTML and take advantage of best HTML Editors tools. As we are Blogger and webmaster and its our need to have a good HTML editors installed in PC. So today I am going to share five best and free html editors for all experts and newbie from which if our HTML page has error or we have forget to close any tag these tool will help us catch and detect HTML errors not only this but during working on HTML webpages you can see also preview of our work in default browser.

best free html editors


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Top Five Free and Best HTML Editors Tools

You will find below five free html editors tools and I can say the best of all time as I have mentioned small summary above.

CofeeCup Free HTML Editor


CofeeCup Free Html Editor

A free and best HTML editor tools from CofeeCup which has buitlin FTP management System means you can easily upload your webpages just in one mouse click and all functions related to HTML CSS3 Tables Form you will find in this tool.

(Few features are not in free version you have to buy premium version) Visit its official Website.



Notepad++ Free HTML Editor (image)


Notepad++ free html editor
This is completely free tool for editing HTML files I am personally use this tool for creating HTML webpages or any type of working on webpages. Very small size tool with lot of functions you can alo see preview during working on webpages.
Download this tool from its official website





Amaya Free Open Source ProjectA web editor tool and an open source project software by W3C. Before it has not so many features about webpage building but now it has been most usable tool for the website building open Source Projects and so much.
You can easily download this project source program from its official site.




HTML kit


html kit free html editor
A fully customizable software for editing HTML webpages. In this program you can easily create edit and preview HTML webpages and other type of files. Completely free software for all type of windows platform means Windows 95 to Windows 7 also supporting multitype of scripting languages.
Click here to download it from its official site.



Komodo Edit


free html Editor komodoFree, Fast and Smart Open Source code Editor which runs support in almost every type of operating systems such as Windows Linux Mac. You can use it for working on PHP, HTML JavaScript CSS3 Python Ruby with syntax highlighter coding system and having so many other functions
Download this tool from its official website.



Bottom Lines

Hope all above useful tools will help your to do their concerned work. For any further assistance you can ask by replying in this post. Don’t forget to follow our social media community and Subscribe us via email for get every update in your inbox.

(important Note: images are taken from their official site & Google.com)

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Hosting of HTML, JavaScript and CSS files Method-1

It has been asked from me time and again through email, phone calls and by commenting in such post from my visitors about hosting of HTML, JavaScript and CSS file. In this post I will guide you complete tutorial about how can we upload HTML, CSS and JavaScript file on Google Drive. As I have seen all the blogger are creating nowadays widget generators and due to copying/stealing of Generator such bloggers try to hide and escape our script and style sheet from being copied. So in this tutorial I will guide you about where can we host HTML, CSS and JavaScript files easily. in few days I will post another method for so subscribe us and don’t miss for that one.

how to host javascript file

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How and Where to Host HTML, CSS and JavaScript File (Video Tutorial).

Here I will highly recommend you for this method to use Google Drive. Its very easy to use and safe for uploading and hosting of CSS, JavaScript and HTML files.

First of all what this video

I think you have understand how can we upload or host JavaScript Files on Google Drive.

Benefits of Hosting Files on Google Drive.

As I have already posted regarding this topic topic in two different posts (check above in the related posts). But something I should mention here about the benefits and why we should use Google Drive for hosting File and CSS JavaScript or HTML.

  • 1- Google Drive provides us upto 5GB Space free and maximum bandwidth. If case of storage full you can easily upgrade your account and get another space.
  • 2- Google Drive allow us to upload all type of file such as spreadsheet and presentation Videos with the embedding option (I will post about it later).
  • 3- Google Drive has also designed an option of privacy for its server. You can easily make any file or folder Public, Private or Shared with Just Specified Peoples.
  • 4- You can share your file on Google Plus, or wherever you want easily.


How to Host CSS file on Google Drive (Step by Step Tutorial).

As I have shown above you complete tutorial in my video, about the same topic here is manual guide.

1-First of copy any CSS or JavaScript and paste in Notepad

how to host html files

2-And save it with the name of yourcssfilename.css means with extension of CSS “.css”

how to  host css files


3-Now go to Google drive and create a public folder.

where to host css files

host javascript html css files google drive

4-Then upload CSS file which you have made from the Style in Public folder.

Tutorial for Hosting CSS JavaScript HTML

5-Now here is the main thing which I am trying to share as I have highlighted above the id of each uploaded file on the googledrive now what you have to do for sharing this CSS file by embedding follow the giving below tips.

And embed the link as per give blow code

<link href=”URL-of-uploaded-file-of-google-drive” rel=”stylesheet”/>


How to Host JavaScript file on Google Drive

Nothing different follow all the above steps from 1-5 in the CSS hosting Section just and copy create the host link as per above steps.

<script scr=”URL-of-uploaded-file-of-google-drive” type=”text/javascript”></script>

And you have all done.

And same pupose for hosting HTML file.

Other recommendations:-

Hope all you have understand about how and where to host HTML, CSS and JavaScript File easily. For any further assistance you can ask by replying in this post as soon as possible you will get reply.

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Jump to Content Anywhere Inside a Page

This guide is mostly for beginners who have seen such articles with huge contents and multiple heading but when you click on the list of Headings automatically you will be jumped to desired heading’s data. After posting such beautiful widgets for Blogger I have decided now I should change the topic, so now in this Post I will tell you how we can easily jump any topic in the list to its paragraph. For example you can click below sample, you will understand what I am going to guide you.

Jump to Content Anywhere Inside a Page


Click on any of the Following Examples

Image for Example-1


This is the first example now click below on Back to Top Button


Image for Example-2


This is the first example now click below on Back to Top Button


Image for Example-3


This is the first example now click below on Back to Top Button


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Hope you have understood for what I have create this post now below I will guide how you can you do this for you own contents.

How to Create Jump to Other Contents in Same Page

What you have to do its very simple, for creating Jump to other contents anywhere in a page you have to assign a unique ID for content whatever it is image or text. You just name it. But this all work you have to do in EDIT HTML.

For Example
Above I have made three examples and all are jump to three different destinations.
I have made above Example-1 and its sending me to Image for Example-1 what is behind it
Image for Example-1 = <p id=”imagex1”>Image for Exaple-1</p>
Example-1 = <a href=”#imagex1”>Example-1</a>
When you click on the Example-1 it will jump you as per id which we assigned and take you to Image for Example-1


Now back to Top
For back to top you the to assign id for the Topics mean where is your list
For example
Above we have Example-1 what we have to do with Example-1, we have to assign a unique id for back to top inside any of the top word we will use here Example-1
Above we have just use Example-1 for Jump to Image for Example-1 now we will use same Example-1 for back to Top
Example-1 = <div id=”backtotop”><a href=”#imagex1”>Example-1</a><div>
back to Top = <a href=”#backtotop”>Back To Top</a>

Hope You have understand the above tricks now we will discuss about another method about Jump to Image

How you insert destination for jump as Image you have to use the following method
Image = <div id=’imag'<img src=’http://img2.blogblog.com/img/b36-rounded.png’></img></div>
If you want the image as button back to top the use the following code
Image = <div id=’imag’><a href=”#backtotop”><img src=’http://img2.blogblog.com/img/b36-rounded.png’></img></a></div>

Hope you have understand my this above tutorial for any further assistance you can ask by replying in this post. For more subscribe our daily updates of follow our social media networks