Best Shopping Apps You Need on Your Phone

As reported by Flurry, shopping apps over-shadowed apps in other categories previous year. And this year, the growth seems to only increase further! However this should come off as no surprise given how the combination of e-commerce and mobile has become a boon for most people. With increase in mobile users and e-commerce portals, people now prefer to shop on the go. Instead of spending most of their weekends hunting for their favourite products in malls, they prefer to spend it alone or with their family and friends to relax and revive their energy.  If you too love to shop through your mobiles, here are 3 shopping apps which will give you the best shopping experience:

Best Shopping Apps You Need on Your Phone


With a new heart-touching tagline “ab har wish hogi poori”, Flipkart aims at pulling the heart strings of people and bring them to their portal by building an emotional connect. It is one of the most downloaded shopping apps in India and it gives you just so many reasons to shop from its store. It holds a massive collection of products spread across a wide range of categories to fulfill every need of yours. You can search for products as per your requirements using various filters such as brand, price, size, colour, etc. You can even customize your viewing by choosing list, grid or full screen viewing. You will even receive personalized alerts for exclusive offers, order status, price drop on your favourite products, new launches and notifications for products which you liked but went out of stock. Although Flipkart keeps running great offers, you can save better using flipkart coupons via where you won’t just get access to tempting discounts but also the benefit of cash back.


Known as India’s favourite online store, Snapdeal is a megastore offering you a large selection of products from categories such as apparels, electronics, mobiles, tablets, home décor, toys, kids, sports, computer and many more! The app is extremely easy and quick to navigate thereby saving your precious time and giving you a hassle free experience. Snapdeal tries its best to provide products at the lowest prices possible giving you the best deals in town. They also have an easy 7 day return policy which you can use in case you don’t find the product satisfactory. Snapdeal app holds exclusive app offers making you feel like a special customer. In case you like a product which you think will look good on someone else you know, you can share that product link instantly over whatsapp and Hangout! Additionally you can go through product reviews before deciding whether or not to purchase a product. makes shopping from Snapdeal even more enticing for you by offering snapdeal coupons to have the joy of making double savings.


If you are someone who detests browsing through lakhs and millions of products since they just add up to your confusion and like unique products, “Koovs” is your answer. With big designers on their board, Koovs does its best at bringing products inspired by runaway as well as global street trends. With over 100 brands listed on their website and launch of 150 new products every week, never run out of options to give your wardrobe a cool makeover! They offer products for both Men and Women fashion across categories like clothing, shoes, jewellery, bags, sunglasses, makeup and other accessories. You can even shop here by taking cues from the latest trends donned by top models and your favourite Bollywood celebrities. Stand apart from the crowd when you wear collections shopped from Koovs.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Rumours and Sayings

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a concept phone. Phablet and smartphone lovers are eagerly waiting for it. Whether a rumour or fact, this is the most awaited phones for the year 2015. Although nothing has been confirmed as of now, here is a list of some exciting features the Note 5 is expected to come integrated with:

1. It may woo the smartphone lovers with a screen measuring anywhere between 5.7 to 6.0 inches. Talks are on for a new YOUM flexible screen too. Special Gorilla glass will be corned to ensure apt protection of screen. Some of the other features of the screen include dust proof, water proof, and scratch resistant quality.

2. Note 5 is believed to come equipped with a metallic (aluminum) body. This ensures a chic appearance and strength.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Rumours and Sayings
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Rumours and Sayings

3. It is expected to have a 4-5GB RAM.

4. This time, the Note may be the lightest in the Series.

5. The phone may have a 21 MP primary camera combined with dual tone LED FLASH and Auto focus. It may even possess a 5-6MP secondary camera for more effect.

6. Facility for full HD video recording will also be available.

7. Note 5 may be available in two memory variants; 32GB and 64GB. This will be expandable up to 128GB .

8. Some superior new age features such as Finger Print Scanner, HBR scanner, and Retina Scanner may also be included in the phone.

9. 3D image recording facility may also be one of the features of this phone.

10. Talks are on for integration of octa core processor.

11. The successor of Android L will be included in the phone.

12. Wireless charging is another fabulous feature of this phone.

13. The  battery power of 4000mAh will ensure longer talktime and standby time.

14. Note 5 will be available in different colour variants.

15. Snapdragon 810 chipset is also expected to be present.

16. Rumour has it that a new model of Gear will be launched along with it.

Specification for Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

Connectivity – The phone will support the following:

·         2G

·         3G

·         4G

·         LTE

·         Wi-Fi

·         BLUETOOTH 4.0

CPU – The phone comes integrated with Exynos 7 processor combined with 3Ghz processing speed and Adreno 420 GPU.

RAM – It is expected that Note 5 will come with around 4 GB and 5GB RAM.

Memory – The phone may come with 32 GB Internal memory 128GB which is expandable.

Display – The screen measuring 5.7-5.9 inch will be a Capactive Touch Screen combined with unique Gorilla glass. YOUM flexible display may also be integrated to this phone.

Camera – The phone comes with a primary 22MP camera and a 5-8 MP secondary camera combined with superb features such as LED Flash Autofocus.

Operating System – The phone will be embedded with Android L.

Sensors – Note 5 will come with the following sensors:

·         Barometer

·         Accelerometer

·         Gyro sensors

·         Infrared sensors

The Price

For those expecting a hi-end performance oriented smartphone at affordable price will be disappointed. According to rumours, the phone may cost you around $1200 (approximately 65,000 INR) all over the world.

The Launch

Nothing is confirmed about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release or Launch Date. However, talks are in about its worldwide launch in September 2015.

Apple’s iPhone 6 rumors and expected features

Are you planning to spend money on a new smartphone? Just wait for a few months and get your hands on upcoming iPhone device. Rumors about the iPhone 6 are going on, and based on them, here is list of expected features in this upcoming smartphone.

Apple’s iPhone 6 rumors and expected features 


Many smartphones offer quite lucrative features, but when it’s about build quality, Apple tops the chart always. But, since Apple’s rivals are taking the build quality part seriously, so to remain on top, Apple must bring more quality in the outer part of upcoming iPhone 6. As per the rumors, Apple iPhone 6 is likely to have smaller dimensions than the devices by its rivals, launching around its time. Wider bezels and 4.7-inches screen size is expected in iPhone 6.


As per the rumors, Apple will be surprising in the display part by delivering 1704×960 pixel resolution in iPhone 6. This much screen resolution will help company please both the users and app developers.


Apple iPhone devices are known for delivering superb performance, and hence incredible gaming experience. The iPhone 6 is likely to beat its predecessor in this part, thanks to 20nm A8 chipset that Apple is likely to use in this smartphone. G for Games’ report suggests that Apple has given the order of production to TSMC, so as to not face any problem in production volume. If the experts are to be believed, this A8 chipset will help Apple beat its rivals on performance chart, once again.


Apple’s iPhones are quite famous among photography enthusiasts as well. If you are such person, then the recent report of China Post may take your smile. The report says that 8-megapixel iSight sensor is what Apple will be using in iPhone 6.

As per Apple’s recent patent, a new mechanism called VCM OIS actuator module, would be used by company in camera of iPhone 6. Lytro-like capabilities in the camera are suggested by some other patent, filed recently, as well. With this technology, Apple will be looking forward to leave all camera-popular devices behind. If this happens, Apple will surely be enjoying the highest sales volume, and of course, highest profit ever.


Just like the other specs, nothing is confirmed about the memory so far. But yes, we have got rumors about this as well. If we take majority of rumors as something ‘right’, then expect iPhone 6 to come in 32GB and 64GB models. Yes, no 16GB variant, sorry guys. A few rumors suggest possibility of iPhone 6 128GB model too. Now that’s insane, no?


Anywhere between 1,700mAh and 2,000mAh could be the rating of battery of iPhone 6, with the possibility of happening former is the most.

Release Date and Price

While there are some rumors of launch of this smartphone in next month, majority of rumors suggest the September 19 as the launch date of this new tech beast by Apple.

Sorry, nothing about the price is known so far. Chances are high that the launch price of iPhone 6 will be lower than that of its predecessor’s.


You must have enjoyed going through these rumored specs, but don’t forget that they are rumors after all. Who knows you may see a totally different iPhone 6 than what it’s being rumored? So, better is to just read these features, and not to take them as any sure thing.

Author Bio: Abhilash Thakur is the founder of iPhone 6 Update who has a keep eye on news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad

How to remove virus from mobile

How to remove virus from mobile
How to remove virus from mobile

Viruses on mobile are a malicious software, which targets mobile phones and causing them to collapse and lose confidential information so therefore we have to know How to remove virus from mobile. During recent years, the use of mobile phones has been increased. Having a mobile phone is a global phenomenon. It is also a social tool. People are using mobiles in maintaining their social networks. However there are also negative impacts of mobiles such as cyber bullying.

Mobile phones have become staples of the society. Mobile applications and texting services have made our lives easier. But, there are some bad effects of mobile phones also. Mobile phones also carry harmful bacteria, which will result in contagious infections.

Mobile phones are also composed of circuit boards and semiconductors, which emits harmful toxins. These types of pollutants can cause contamination of water bodies and other food related source.

Virus threat can be a serious problem for your mobile phones. If your mobile is affected by viruses, malware, and Trojans then this can further lead to identity threat. Viruses can enter in the mobile through SMS, email attachment, audio and video sharing through Bluetooth or internet. A mobile phone virus is similar to viruses of computers. It is being spread by MMS, Bluetooth transfer, and internet downloads. Even inside the small photo on your mobile there can be a small virus, which can infect the mobile. If you use your mobile or smart phone to send and receive emails, then chances are that you might have downloaded a virus along with the email attachment.

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Symptoms of Virus infection on mobiles: –

  • The mobile may restart frequently.
  • You may not be able any applications on your mobile.
  • The speed of the mobile phone slows down.
  • Battery depletion rate increases.
  • Installed antivirus is likely to disabled.
  • An unusual error message may occur.
  • You are not able to use your phone.
  • Your sensitive information is leaking.

It’s true that  technology has been growing quickly but, it is also followed by some negative effects. Today, having a cell is not a tough task. With the help of mobiles we are always connected to our friends and family. There are more positive sites on mobile phones as comparing to the negative sides.

Once viruses are on the cell phone they can steal the personal information known as identity theft, make expensive calls, and run down the battery really quick.

We at Click4Support provides extensive technical support to clients. We provide antivirus software support to clean viruses from mobile phones, windows 8, windows 7, Mac, Apple, Microsoft, and others. Now, there is no need to download antivirus software, just dial antivirus support phone number Support: 1-888-884-0006.

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What Click4Support provides: –

  • Antivirus software support
  • Best antivirus support
  • Antivirus software
  • E-mail support
  • Technical support
  • Internet security
  • Services for McAfee, Norton security essential

Everyone wants to invest in best antivirus security so that, which will help to work on a virus free software.

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Smartphones Usage How It Is Increasing Consistently (Infographic)

Smartphone usage and how it is increasing consistently. Check the infographic


how smartphone usage increasing consistently
how smartphone usage increasing consistently

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides UGG Australia coupon) and TipsTricksIsland . —————–

Following is the embading codes for above infographic.

Google’s Latest Update: GoodBye to Privacy Control Feature in Mobiles

Google often surprises its users with some incredible updates. However, all the time the updates aren’t delightful and sometimes it does leaves the users shell-shocked with astonishing roll outs. The update which is discussed here falls under the second category.

It may not appease most Android users as Google has removed the privacy control feature from its devices. This could be a serious blog to most users as this feature was highly celebrated by most Android lovers since the release of Android 4.3. But, most shockingly it has been removed in the 4.4.2 update recently.


Google’s Latest Update
Google’s Latest Update


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Google says it was experimental:

In most astonishing reply, Google Inc. replied to the uproar from different parts of the world that the entire set up was experimental and accidentally set up on the Android 4.3 devices. So this could mean that users of Android 4.4.2 has can access certain apps only after providing access to the mobiles.


What happened with Android 4.3?

It all started with Android 4.3 mobile devices as App Ops, a privacy component installed in the software protected users from the new and hazardous applications. So, blocking sensitive data was possible with the installation of this application in the device and it was wholeheartedly welcomed by most Android lovers.


Why Google refrained from adding this security app to 4.4.2 version?

Well, Google fears that this component installed in the device can break the app policies to a great extent and it is completely against this. Though the experiment worked well, the program still had the ability to disrupt the function of applications.

Also, Google always concentrates on finding out simple and easy remedies compared to something tough. Also, violating app rules is intolerable from Google POV. Anyway, Android apps developers are working on improving the privacy concerns and soon they may come up with special updates to protect Android users from data theft.

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Is this news good or bad for Android users?

It is a tough question to answer. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) in a release recently has revealed that the security feature of the robust model may take a beating as a result of App Ops withdrawal from the Android update 4.4.2. According to EEF, Google wants to enhance the security level of devices compared to privacy concerns of customers.

In short, when it comes to overall protection or privacy, Google would bat for protection and not privacy. But, this could be a blow to users as the security loopholes in the Android devices being exposed wildly, removing such a special feature could bring down the user experience of the devices.

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Google’s Advice to users on this:

A spokesperson from Google has suggested users to choose between the privacy concern and protection of devices from intruders. However, he also revealed that this explanation won’t justify the removal of the update feature as well.

As having the privacy app component in the latest version can lead to hazardous security risks, he advised users have to stick to the overall protection of the devices rather privacy controls.



Is privacy not a cause of concern for Google?

With privacy threats looming out of nowhere has causing serious concerns among the users, it becomes important for top-notch platforms to come up with rock-solid privacy control features to negotiate the threats imposed by various intruders in the mobile market place.


Whatever it is, Google will certainly come up with some fantastic updates for its users to confront the growing privacy backslides as this platform is proved to be the top shipped OS across the globe.


With more than 80% of OS shipped belong to Android, it becomes necessary to come up with strong security measures, in addition to privacy controls to help customers relish complete mobile experience.


Author Bio:-
I’m Zoya Bennet, part of Contus mobility team and author of this article. I’m an aspiring blogger hooked to write articles on Professional android application development topics. I consistently offer technology-based solutions not only for Android but also for iOS, and Windows as well.

Best Tested Android Security Apps

When we talk and discuss about the new and latest technology the very leading topic come in our mind is Android and Smartphones and due to its wide trade and usage, so many android users are facing such type security issues. For that I have decided to share some security apps and tools for android and smartphones which are totally free. The main reasons of having one of these security apps in your android phones because of different security issues just like Malware, remote lock, safe browsing encryption etc. As per latest report of AV-Test, its come in my know that every new day the different Malware removal tools apps detecting thousands of new virus, Trojan horses and worms, therefore its very necessary to secure your Android Smartphone from being a Jailbreaking or Rooting and protect it by installing one the tested and Best Android Security Apps.


best android security apps
best android security apps

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Why Android Security is Important?

There are lot of risks to be unprotected and unsecured as I have mentioned in my above para that every new day so many harming apps, virus, Trojans means Malware have been detected by the android security provision companies i.e. Remote Lock, Geographic Location, Call Blocker, spammy messages, no password protection, downloading piates apps etc.


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Best Free & Tested Android Security Apps for Malware

There are many apps has been designed having some additional features to proper secure android phone with great performance and tested and without any side effect means that will not impact on mobile battery or any kind of slowness just use your phone in normal speed. So check below the complete list of tested security apps for android mobile phones.


Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Avast mobile security will keep away your phone from viruses as well it will provide you the information in case of lose your phone. By choosing an option of cell phone locator feature, you will get the information of your android. At the same time it gives you immense new features like app locking, ad detector, password check, and many more.


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Avira Free Android Security

This one also not a new name, after provision of such a great protection and security to pc computers, also they have a build a great security app for android user to safe and protect its from viruses, antitheft, remote lock etc. you can find the best reviews from its user from the download link on Google Play.


ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

Enjoy your time safely on Social Media website, internet browsing/surfing or download anything without any worry or doubt means this app give you complete internet security for your android smartphone.


Trend Mobile Security

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

IKARUS Mobile Security


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All the above mentioned apps are totally tested and having good performance for security protection for you android. If you need any further inquiry don’t hesitate to ask by replying in this post.

Mobile Spy To Ensure Safety Of Who You Love

With the all the latest and rapid advancements in the field of technology, there is a huge progress in terms of both positives and negatives. If people prefer to be aware of these and taking the positive path is definitely well and good. If not it is very important to protect your dear ones from this mislead. A lot of inventions are made to make each and everything possible. So, for parents it is going to be tough to know all the movements of their children.

The best solution to identify the activities of your loved one is cell phone monitoring software. Today there are several cell phone spying apps available to download. As a guardian or parent of your dear ones, you can track the activities done through mobile by them such as tracking the call, finding the to and fro text messages, internet browsing history, etc. This in turn means that you can find the activities of your loved ones and guide them if they are in any wrong side.

protect your loved one

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Protect your loved ones with cell phone spying

When mobile spying software was introduced, most people thought that it is not the right way to use it. But with the enthusiasm to know about the activities of others, they started testing and certified it as great spying software. There are several achievements of this software that several kidnapped children are saved by knowing the things happening with it. Though there are several spying softwares available online, it is very important to know the specifications and the compatibility factors of your mobile before purchasing. Some apps like mSpy are developed to work on all most widespread types of mobile devices.

How to choose a good mobile tracker

You should start searching about the available spying softwares and read the specifications of every application thoroughly. Based on your requirement and specifications, shortlist the best suited one. Also ensure that you are checking the compatibility between software and smart phone. If you don’t check the compatibility beforehand, you will surprise after purchasing and if it is not working.

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The official web addresses of the softwares can be noted and saved for future reference. After shortlisting the softwares, try using two or three softwares and start using them to check the functionality of the application. Only when you start using the products you will come to know how it is working and whether the recorded activities are true or not. Also make sure that the spying software is downloaded from a secure virus-free website. If not the virus of that software will damage the mobile phone completely.

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You will be able to track the calls, voice mails, messages, etc. to keep an eye on your loved ones activities. Protection of your loved one will be more worthy that anything else, so it is really a good investment to purchase the spying software for their bright career. Purchase the best mobile spying software and protect your dear ones from the bad situations.

Guest Post by Sonali Chauhan

Free Best Video Editing Software for Android Smartphones

Its so many days I have not shared any post about Android or Smartphones but this day I have choose a topic in which you will notified with few best and free video editing software for android and Smartphones. As we all aware that internet is full of thousands of applications which done similar jobs but always we find tools with having best quality in its work. The videos editing lovers will get the advantage of this article because I have listed below some of very useful and valuable tools for your android Smartphone with lot of best features to directly edit videos from your android, Smartphones and tablets.

 android video editing softwares




Free Best Video Editing Software for Android Smartphones

Check out the great apps with amazing video editing effects for your android smartphones and tables for the above mentioned purpose.



Movie Studio Video Maker :-Movie Studio Video Maker

One of the best video editing software for android phone having lot of great features such as split several videos into one, video effects (fade in, fade out, negative, gray tone) , video frames, you can change background music, you can create slideshow from images means this the must have android application for android phones.



Magisto Video Editor & Maker:-Magisto Video Editor Maker adnroid

Another must have android app for the video editing having so many great features. You can covert your videos into image by using this android app, edit movie and make them beautiful look with own background music and new attractive graphics in few seconds.



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HighlightCam Social :-HighlightCam Social for android

You can read all about the above app on its official page by click on the above link. Few lines I will add here about it. It has so many themes to beautify your video, edit your videos and share directly on best social media sites i.e. facebook, twitter, youtube as well as you can send same in MMS clips.



Viddy :-viddy video editor android

As per its simple name, the app is also very simple and easy to use but it has so many best features. Make you video beautify with builtin effects and create every day new personal movie and share between your family through social media platforms.


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VideoFX Music Video Maker :-VideoFX Music Video Maker

Want to experience like creative android user? You must have installed this app in your Smartphones for amazing video editing. The most recommended app for your android Smartphones with so many different effects to capture new type for videos such as cartoon, ghost, cinematic etc. For more check the above link to read extra about this useful app.


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Bottom Lines:-

All the above apps having almost same feature which will help you to make creative and attractive videos through your android Smartphones and tablets. Having any issue about the above mentioned apps? You can ask by replying in this post. Don’t forget to Join our Social media Profiles and RSS Subscription. Regards.

Back Up Whatsapp Conversation To PC

Now a days social networking is become very popular over the Internet. Whatsapp, Wechat, are also popular chat application in the youth’s groups. Whatsapp is a very delight messenger and have a lot of features like sending of videos, audio, images and texts to your friends. It gives more flexibility to users. the only problem that is occurred in that app is “Backup of conversations in the case of unintentional crisis” In that tutorial I will tell you that how to “Back up Whatsapp conversation to pc“. You can easily back up your audio video and texts conversation by following these step and simply backup Whatsapp conversation to PC:-

backup whatspp conversation

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How to Back Up Whatsapp Conversation To PC

Check below the instruction to backup the whatsapp conversation from mobile phone to PC.

Tools Need to take Whatsapp Conversation Back up to PC:-

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  • Move the backup conversation–  After opening the file manager Navigate to> data> data> com.whatsapp> database and (previous versions navigate to locate> data> data> com.whatsapp> database.
  • Copy wa.db and msgstore.db to your micro storage card
  • make any folder and extract the extracting tool that you have downloaded from above .
  • After extraction Run “!install pyCrypto.bat” in the pc.
  • Now insert the SD card on your computer and get msgstore.db and wa.db copied to a new folder and it will ask for overwriting then, replace existing files.
  • Open “whatsapp_xtract_android” which will produce  HTML file from database.
  • Open that new  file in any browser like (Google chrome) to read conversations.

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Performing the above steps will let you save your conversation with your relatives, And you can see them any time.

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