Best Tips to Improve Your Computer Performance

The continuously use of computer can effect a regular decrease of the speed and general performance of your computer. The occurrence can be rather exasperating, especially at the time of doing important activities.

There are numerous causative issues.

The top five reasons and their suggested solutions are given below.

improve computer performance
best tip to improve computer performance

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1- Needless Programs and Softwares

Every so often there are numerous programs that take so much loading while set-up. Although few are system programs that are necessary to operate and set up, otherwise a number of needless programs are just overloading the RAM. For instance i tune helper, printer setting and program updaters.

The initial solution contains; download a cleaner to delete the needless programs. Remember that the C cleaner is a helpful cleaner.

Use the windows defaulting procedure for set-up the program organization. On the other hand, make certain you to follow the correct method or confer with a computer expert. You can also do call to the tech support numeral for help in such situation.


2- Crap ware

Crap wares also known as bloat ware, and are needless programs that are primarily loaded via the computer producer.

They contain Help menus Ads added services and generation existing by the computer producer submission samples.

The resolution is to unset-up the programs. And be careful from deleting helpful programs. They are consisting of audio, video, manage and network submissions. For being to the secure side, term the producer’s tech support numbers for help.


3- RAM Speed

Inadequate RAM will considerably slow down the speed of computer, particularly while continuing the adding on submission and store media. A RAM improve is rather inexpensive and very helpful. The suggested average amount should be approximately 4 GB; anything cheaper should be improved.  This although necessitates contribution from a practiced computer technician.

As declared, the only clarification is to execute promote. There are several online apparatus that weigh you computer’s RAM necessities then the suggested provision. Note that this is rather a lower but valuable change.


4 – Viruses and Infections

Viruses and infections take up mainly computer speed and gap throughout the running in the backdrop. They are generally looking for the several ways to increase and contact the internet. Others simply copy the vacant file to your hard drive, most important to overcapacity. Whereas the operating programs may seem only some and light, the virus normally execute backdrop actions. Getting relieves from viruses and infections extensively upgrade computer speed and performance. Follow the method that given below.

Uninstall old and unrecorded antivirus submissions. Install suggested and highly regarded antivirus having short memory indentation.

Execute a regular full examine, as well as examines on detachable media. Make certain that the program is recorded and recurrently improved. This ensures that you are advanced with the most recent infections and viruses.


5-Impermanent Folders

There are a range of auto-save provisions in windows. Such provisions consist of records and pages from the internet, i-e; word dispensation records and program set ups. They are secured on the hard disk and assume worthwhile gap surreptitiously.

Just way out is to set up cleaners, rather the guide cleaning can be weighty and risky for amateur. The curriculums are present for a charge of track. Focus on the upright bio data with the least publicity. The overvalued and over-publicized ranges tend to be rather useless or false associations to automatic recovery program.

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Download and Install Windows 8.1 Preview

Microsoft has recently informed for the windows 8 for latest version in the shape of windows 8.1. After getting great result for windows 8 Microsoft is now going to launch new version of Windows 8 and that is Windows 8.1 and also called ‘Windows Blue” which has build to serve more faster for for Windows Mobiles and PCs. Just my previous topics I have shared before how to install Windows 8 From USB flash drive for saving our time by without visiting markets or stores to buy such DVDs but this one not any trick or tips but its just an information I want to share and quote here for windows 8 lover you want to see the new look of Windows 8.1.


download windows 8.1 preview


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How to Download and Install Windows 8.1 Preview

As I have heard the news for its official release will be in October 2013 so if you want taste it, Microsoft has also prerelease Windows 8.1 Preview to download and install which is to be found on the its official site with complete installation guide.

Simply Visit here and Download the iso File

As I have previously guided you to make bootable usb for windows 8 but here you have write a Disk Drive by using Windows Disk Image Burner with you current operating system to convert iso file into bootable Disk.


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Two Lines About Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue)

This is the new version of Windows 8 computer operating system. Previously Microsoft launches and introduce new version of the Microsoft as Service Packs.


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AND Then Bottom Lines

The above link will take you its official page where you download the prerelease copy of windows 8.1 Preview. You can not uninstall this version to get back the older version of your operating system otherwise you have to reinstall your operating in case of uninstall. Hope you will find this news helpful and valuable for your. Regards

Control Your Mouse Using Keyboard in Windows XP & 7

Not a big trick but it comes into the mind in case of our computer mouse not working for us that is why decided again to insert a trick for computer to inform my visitors when we lose control of mouse over the computer what we should do and how we gain control again over mouse using our keyboard. If you explore the operating system you will there are bundles of accessibility options to make its usage easier and save our time by applying that wonderful methods and one of them I want to discuss here and hope that is very helpful to work for you as alternate of your mouse device.


control mouse using keyboard



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How to Control Your Mouse Using Keyboard in Windows 7

Check the trick for using the mouse pointer through keyboard in windows 7. the complete and step by step tutorial to guide you how can you enable his accessibility option in windows 7 for use and access mouse pointer via keyboard.

You have to go for Ease Access center from Control panel in Windows seven and click on the “Make the mouse easier to use”

use mouse from keyboard 7

Another window and screen will appear inform of you

Now you find there option to setup keyboard for using mouse.

Now check on “Turn On Mouse Key” and setup the speed and acceleration as you want.

mouse using keyboard setting

The Number Pad of your keyboard is now your mouse pad

Num Pad 4 = Left

Num Pad 6 = Right

Num Pad 8 = Up

Num Pad 2 = Down

Num Pad 5 = Left Mouse Click

Num Pad + = Double Click

Num Pad – = Right Click

Check below the same trick for using mouse from keyboard in Windows XP


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How to Control Your Mouse Using Keyboard in Windows XP

I think the discussion for the windows 7 is almost finished now I am going to start same for windows XP. The same you may also apply in windows xp. Check the give below guide to enable mouse features in keyboard and control mouse using keyboard.

Simply go to Control Panel and Click on the Accessibility Options.

mouse using through keyboard

Now go to Mouse Tab and Check on Use Mouse Key then click on the setting button for configuration as per your requirement then click on the Ok Button and Again OK.

xp control mouse using keyboard

Controllers are same which I have mentioned above for Windows7 you can use as Number Pad as your mouse.


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Bottom Lines

You must setting for controlling the mouse curser from keyboard because mouse acceleration and speed is different then you use it from keyboard so after applying the above method your must setup proper setting. For any further assistance you can ask by replying in this Post. Regards.

How to Install Windows 8 From USB Flash Drive

The latest launch of Microsoft in their series of computer operating system Mircrosoft Windows 8 which become every new day most popular. Bundles of topics your may find over the internet for its features and tips for Windows 8 because it has Lot of great features you have never seen before such as touch screen system, Home Screen, easy to access every app in just a single click without exploring such a folders or menus with new layout system, more and easy to accessible. It means you don’t have to spend more time and done your every work before the time. So what is topic today? In this guide we will learn how to install windows 8 through USB flash drive without using your CD/DVD Rom with the some useful tools.install windows 8 from usb


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How to Install Windows 8 from USB Flash Drive

There are also few useful benefits of installation the windows 8 from USB drive such as if we install windows 8 from USB drive it will take less time in installation because CD/DVD Room and USB data reading time has lot of difference, if your CD has any scratch it will disturb while installing, so ready for quickly and speediest install of windows 8 through USB drive and forget about the CD or DVD .


The simple way to install it via USB Flash Drive check the following detailed guide to make it true without using your CD/DVD Room.

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Tool and Softwares needed for the Installation of Windows 8 from USB

  1.  Download the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool from the Microsoft.
  2. The Copy of .iso file purchase and download it from Microsoft.
  3. USB Flash Drive Minimum 16 GB Space


Download your windows copy then install the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool app in your computer. Run the app it will ask you for choose iso file.

install windows 8 through usb

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Now select your downloaded copy of Windows 8 by the browsing your pc from the browse button and then click on the Next Button. The next screen will be create backup f window 7 now select the USB Drive.

windows 8 usb


It will take you the third step to select your media file to Burn iso file. Now select USB drive from the dropdown menu.

 windows 8 usb installation guide


The last step to begin the copying iso file into usb. Just click on the begin copying button to create Windows 8 Installation USB.

install windows 8 usb



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Bottom Lines

Ask any thing for any further assistance for the above guide for installation of Windows 8 from USB flash drive by using the below comment section. Hope it will help you to save your precious time. Waiting for your feedbacks. Regards.

Repair Windows XP without CD

Sometimes we are facing problem of windows XP in the shape of Fatal Error, pc restart sometime, or showing system files crushes, and make mood off. These all things happening because of file infection, virus, registry corruption or such other basics problems. Then what you are thinking is where is my Windows XP Bootable, I have to reinstall windows bla bla. But what I am going to share it will help you to repair you computer without using windows xp bootable CD.

Repair Windows XP without CD

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How to Repair Windows XP Without Bootable CD.

Now I am going to share the subjected trick for repairing you windows xp without CD but if you are using Laptop you must plug your system with Power source. And follow the give below instructions. (this process just works in Windows XP Only)

  1. Click on Start Menu and then RUN
  2. In Run type “webfldrs.msi” (without quotes) and click on the Run button or Press enter
  3. You will see a new window will appear as per picture shown below
    repair windows xp
  4. Now click on the Reinstall Mode and it will start process. Then it will ask for restart your system and Restart Your Sytem.
  5. You have all done

Now your system is free from Viruses and Corrupt Registry.

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Difference between Windows 8 & Widows 7

Widows 8, everybody talking about it, it the completely new version of Microsoft Operating System with additional desktop interface and also having new style to use it with touch screen means mostly it is for Touch Screen Laptop, All in one PC or touch tables.

Windows 8 and 7 difference

When it was released all peoples doesn’t have computers with touch screen so after its official launch or may be before at the time of its trial, it was observed that all tech companies has started make Laptops PC and computer having Touch screen support.

Difference between Windows 8 & Widows 7

Windows 7 was also the huge success for Microsoft, but what I have find it is not more difference then Windows Vista but we can say Redmond was not quite yet and hang its hat.

The windows 8 was also the big challenge for Microsoft i.e. how it become more successful on windows 7 and trial for windows will in Tablets like iPad.

I will tell you few differentiate between Windows 8 and windows 7

Windows 8 Touch System.

Windows 8 Touch

The main and most difference in windows 8 touch, as windows 7 is also support touch system but it was not get any rank and not become ideal because of simple interface but now this generation wants better than the best. After making much improvement in windows 8, it was the first touch support desktop. You can use windows 8 with your figures whether close windows with touch select menu with your fingers without any matter.

The New Start Screen

Windows 8 Start Screen

Woow, what I most like in windows 8 is, its Start Screen, it is not different than Start menu in other version of Microsoft Windows but in New Start Screen is an edge which is made for touch system. In means the tile which you are seeing in Start Screen these instead of menus and also much quicker to lunch any application.

Better Multiple Monitor Support.

Better Multiple Monitor Support

Huh, may be Microsoft have ability to read our minds. Because most of us using multiples desktop on our system and Microsoft had make their dream true. You can setup multiple desktop with difference wallpapers and different setting on each desktop.

Windows 8 Charms Bar

Windows 8 Charms Bar

It is also a new and beautiful which you have never seen in previous operating systems. When you arrive you mouse pointer in left side of screen a Charms Bar will appear with Quick access of Search Share Start Screen and Settings Function for volume adjustment brightness control and also PC Sleep or Shutting Down PC.

Windows 8 Search & Social

We discussed about charm bar in which Search & Social, with search you can search over internet whatever you are searching using bigger search engines and also with same search you can search any file or app in your smart screen of windows 8. With Social, you can browse social updates from Facebook, Twitter.

There is also few other difference in windows 8, and I will try to discover more and then share with you.