Is your boss spying on you? Some things to keep in mind

The CEO of a Christian publishing company earlier in the year had a meeting where he expressed his anger over rumors being spread about the company by someone from the inside and while the culprit was not found, he fired 25 employees. The meeting was taped secretly by an employee and revealed that the computer activity of the employees had been monitored to figure out who was behind this scheme. He claimed to be fine with the other activities of the employees except their badmouthing the company.

 Is your boss spying on you

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Is your boss spying on you? Some things to keep in mind

It has now become very common for employers to be monitoring their employee’scomputers and phones while employees remain oblivious to this, using their breaks to check in on personal emails, going through Facebook photo albums and perhaps even looking at job listings elsewhere. Thus, before doing anything too drastic on your work computer, it would be wise to think twice as to whether your activities are being monitored or not. Michael Robinson, a computer forensic expert and Ashkan Soltani, a security researcher provide some points to help understand whether or not you are being watched. Firstly, check your computer usage agreement and your employee handbook for any mention of your computer activity being monitored. If it’s mentioned in there, they have the right to do so. But at the same time they need to not take advantage of this right.

Monitoring done at the Firewall is difficult for the user to figure out. This method will simply tell the employer the websites that are being logged in to. However to check more granular activity, monitoring software’s would have to be installed into the computer itself.

A number of employees believe that websites offering https security would allow their communications to be encrypted ensuring security. While this can be possible if the monitoring is being conducted upstream, there are a number of methods which exist which can allow the company to see through this encryption as they are in control of the network.

Monitoring software’s installed into the computer will gather screenshots and keystrokes. Thus any website that you log in to; its sessions can be reconstructed. While such programs don’t show up as applications, they do show up as a running process.

A number of these programs which are used for the purposes of spying are tagged at malicious by a number of malware and anti-virus programs. Thus, companies which offer these software’s have made white lists which allows the IT departments to make sure that anti-virus programs do not recognize these processes as malicious. Since these lists are public, if you Google a process which seems strange to you and is considered to be spyware, it will lead you to the website of the vendor of that spyware. Some of these programs however are much better than others as they are able to hide themselves better than others from view.

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Employers are unlikely to be spending a great deal of time capturing everything their employees do. Monitoring what their employees are up to is probably what most of their times goes by in. this is more likely to occur when a boss feels that sensitive information of the company is going out or if he is worried about the behavior of a specific employee.  While there are a number of methods through which your employer can spy on you, a lot of which are not detectable, it is wise to not make use of the work computer for anything too sensitive and to leave such information to be searched up on your home computer.

Thus, while there may be a number of ways in whichaccounts of employees are being monitored, it is the responsibility of the employee to know whether or not this is something he has agreed to as part of his contract. If not, and if you see that you are being monitored, it is absolutely alright to take up the topic with your superiors.

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How to remove virus from mobile

How to remove virus from mobile
How to remove virus from mobile

Viruses on mobile are a malicious software, which targets mobile phones and causing them to collapse and lose confidential information so therefore we have to know How to remove virus from mobile. During recent years, the use of mobile phones has been increased. Having a mobile phone is a global phenomenon. It is also a social tool. People are using mobiles in maintaining their social networks. However there are also negative impacts of mobiles such as cyber bullying.

Mobile phones have become staples of the society. Mobile applications and texting services have made our lives easier. But, there are some bad effects of mobile phones also. Mobile phones also carry harmful bacteria, which will result in contagious infections.

Mobile phones are also composed of circuit boards and semiconductors, which emits harmful toxins. These types of pollutants can cause contamination of water bodies and other food related source.

Virus threat can be a serious problem for your mobile phones. If your mobile is affected by viruses, malware, and Trojans then this can further lead to identity threat. Viruses can enter in the mobile through SMS, email attachment, audio and video sharing through Bluetooth or internet. A mobile phone virus is similar to viruses of computers. It is being spread by MMS, Bluetooth transfer, and internet downloads. Even inside the small photo on your mobile there can be a small virus, which can infect the mobile. If you use your mobile or smart phone to send and receive emails, then chances are that you might have downloaded a virus along with the email attachment.

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Symptoms of Virus infection on mobiles: –

  • The mobile may restart frequently.
  • You may not be able any applications on your mobile.
  • The speed of the mobile phone slows down.
  • Battery depletion rate increases.
  • Installed antivirus is likely to disabled.
  • An unusual error message may occur.
  • You are not able to use your phone.
  • Your sensitive information is leaking.

It’s true that  technology has been growing quickly but, it is also followed by some negative effects. Today, having a cell is not a tough task. With the help of mobiles we are always connected to our friends and family. There are more positive sites on mobile phones as comparing to the negative sides.

Once viruses are on the cell phone they can steal the personal information known as identity theft, make expensive calls, and run down the battery really quick.

We at Click4Support provides extensive technical support to clients. We provide antivirus software support to clean viruses from mobile phones, windows 8, windows 7, Mac, Apple, Microsoft, and others. Now, there is no need to download antivirus software, just dial antivirus support phone number Support: 1-888-884-0006.

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What Click4Support provides: –

  • Antivirus software support
  • Best antivirus support
  • Antivirus software
  • E-mail support
  • Technical support
  • Internet security
  • Services for McAfee, Norton security essential

Everyone wants to invest in best antivirus security so that, which will help to work on a virus free software.

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Google’s Latest Update: GoodBye to Privacy Control Feature in Mobiles

Google often surprises its users with some incredible updates. However, all the time the updates aren’t delightful and sometimes it does leaves the users shell-shocked with astonishing roll outs. The update which is discussed here falls under the second category.

It may not appease most Android users as Google has removed the privacy control feature from its devices. This could be a serious blog to most users as this feature was highly celebrated by most Android lovers since the release of Android 4.3. But, most shockingly it has been removed in the 4.4.2 update recently.


Google’s Latest Update
Google’s Latest Update


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Google says it was experimental:

In most astonishing reply, Google Inc. replied to the uproar from different parts of the world that the entire set up was experimental and accidentally set up on the Android 4.3 devices. So this could mean that users of Android 4.4.2 has can access certain apps only after providing access to the mobiles.


What happened with Android 4.3?

It all started with Android 4.3 mobile devices as App Ops, a privacy component installed in the software protected users from the new and hazardous applications. So, blocking sensitive data was possible with the installation of this application in the device and it was wholeheartedly welcomed by most Android lovers.


Why Google refrained from adding this security app to 4.4.2 version?

Well, Google fears that this component installed in the device can break the app policies to a great extent and it is completely against this. Though the experiment worked well, the program still had the ability to disrupt the function of applications.

Also, Google always concentrates on finding out simple and easy remedies compared to something tough. Also, violating app rules is intolerable from Google POV. Anyway, Android apps developers are working on improving the privacy concerns and soon they may come up with special updates to protect Android users from data theft.

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Is this news good or bad for Android users?

It is a tough question to answer. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) in a release recently has revealed that the security feature of the robust model may take a beating as a result of App Ops withdrawal from the Android update 4.4.2. According to EEF, Google wants to enhance the security level of devices compared to privacy concerns of customers.

In short, when it comes to overall protection or privacy, Google would bat for protection and not privacy. But, this could be a blow to users as the security loopholes in the Android devices being exposed wildly, removing such a special feature could bring down the user experience of the devices.

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Google’s Advice to users on this:

A spokesperson from Google has suggested users to choose between the privacy concern and protection of devices from intruders. However, he also revealed that this explanation won’t justify the removal of the update feature as well.

As having the privacy app component in the latest version can lead to hazardous security risks, he advised users have to stick to the overall protection of the devices rather privacy controls.



Is privacy not a cause of concern for Google?

With privacy threats looming out of nowhere has causing serious concerns among the users, it becomes important for top-notch platforms to come up with rock-solid privacy control features to negotiate the threats imposed by various intruders in the mobile market place.


Whatever it is, Google will certainly come up with some fantastic updates for its users to confront the growing privacy backslides as this platform is proved to be the top shipped OS across the globe.


With more than 80% of OS shipped belong to Android, it becomes necessary to come up with strong security measures, in addition to privacy controls to help customers relish complete mobile experience.


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I’m Zoya Bennet, part of Contus mobility team and author of this article. I’m an aspiring blogger hooked to write articles on Professional android application development topics. I consistently offer technology-based solutions not only for Android but also for iOS, and Windows as well.

Best Tested Android Security Apps

When we talk and discuss about the new and latest technology the very leading topic come in our mind is Android and Smartphones and due to its wide trade and usage, so many android users are facing such type security issues. For that I have decided to share some security apps and tools for android and smartphones which are totally free. The main reasons of having one of these security apps in your android phones because of different security issues just like Malware, remote lock, safe browsing encryption etc. As per latest report of AV-Test, its come in my know that every new day the different Malware removal tools apps detecting thousands of new virus, Trojan horses and worms, therefore its very necessary to secure your Android Smartphone from being a Jailbreaking or Rooting and protect it by installing one the tested and Best Android Security Apps.


best android security apps
best android security apps

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Why Android Security is Important?

There are lot of risks to be unprotected and unsecured as I have mentioned in my above para that every new day so many harming apps, virus, Trojans means Malware have been detected by the android security provision companies i.e. Remote Lock, Geographic Location, Call Blocker, spammy messages, no password protection, downloading piates apps etc.


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Best Free & Tested Android Security Apps for Malware

There are many apps has been designed having some additional features to proper secure android phone with great performance and tested and without any side effect means that will not impact on mobile battery or any kind of slowness just use your phone in normal speed. So check below the complete list of tested security apps for android mobile phones.


Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus

Avast mobile security will keep away your phone from viruses as well it will provide you the information in case of lose your phone. By choosing an option of cell phone locator feature, you will get the information of your android. At the same time it gives you immense new features like app locking, ad detector, password check, and many more.


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Avira Free Android Security

This one also not a new name, after provision of such a great protection and security to pc computers, also they have a build a great security app for android user to safe and protect its from viruses, antitheft, remote lock etc. you can find the best reviews from its user from the download link on Google Play.


ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

Enjoy your time safely on Social Media website, internet browsing/surfing or download anything without any worry or doubt means this app give you complete internet security for your android smartphone.


Trend Mobile Security

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

IKARUS Mobile Security


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All the above mentioned apps are totally tested and having good performance for security protection for you android. If you need any further inquiry don’t hesitate to ask by replying in this post.

How to Protect Your Children Against Cyber Bullying

Nowadays, cyber bullying is a rampant problem that affects not only the adults but most particularly the children. This problem occurs with the rise of modern technology such as the internet that provides easy access and channel for kids of different ages to intimidate or bully their own classmates, friends and even other children whom they barely know. Aside from the internet, cyber bullying also takes place through mobile phones as it allows circulation of gossip or false accusation that can be hurtful as well as of embarrassing photos and videos that can truly degrade the morale of the one being bullied.  SMS, instant messaging, email, chat rooms and social media are being used in the offense.

Protect Your Children Against Cyber Bullying
Protect Your Children Against Cyber Bullying


So, as parent or guardian of these minor children, you should have known your responsibility to know what they have been going through by taking time talking and encouraging them to tell if there’s by any way they feel being bullied.  Ignoring and not giving time to resolve the problem can even make it more worst and may lead to further serious complications.

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Here are some tips on how to protect your children against cyber bullying:

1-Do not encourage your child to respond to someone who is throwing hurtful words or being so aggressive online as this can only make the case worse.

2-Contact Internet Service Provider if someone posts something embarrassing about your child online including personal information. The provider will most likely have the information deleted.

3-Do not hesitate to report any cyber-bullying concern to your kid’s school and if it turned out to be so serious and putting risk on the safety of your child, seek assistance from local police.

4-Talk to your child the importance of keeping the privacy about personal information when communicating others online. Discourage them not to give e-mail address to someone whom they barely know.

5-Teach children about spam management and let them remove any messages from the unknown sender.

6-Have your anti-virus software always up to date. See for further info.

7-Best to install netspysoftware on your child’s devices. Using this software can help monitor what’s happening or what’s going on with your kids online.

8-Explain to your child that as parent, it’s your outmost responsibility to check on his / her interaction with other kids when needed.

9-Let them understand about the importance of telling their parents if ever they are threaten and are one of the victims of cyber bullying.


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Here are some key points in protecting your children online:

1-Implement blocking of inappropriate content

2-Heighten your privacy and online security

3-Set-up computer to only approved email addresses and websites

4-Monitor the sites where your children go online

5-Install and use

6-Explore internet together with your children through child-friendly sites and use safe zones.

7-Discuss sites that are suited for your children to explore as well as to sites that are not suited for them. And if they happen to be on the site let them leave immediately closing the browser or by clicking the back button.

8-Teach your kids to be cautious and abstain from displaying photos and videos especially if these might have the tendency to create problems in the future when unlikely people able see them, those who are not acquainted to them or not their friends.

9-Supervise the use of internet like placing the computer in visible place at home


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There are indeed many ways to keep your children safe from the cyber-bullying. Aside from parental guidance and open communication, it is important to keep track of your child’s online activities with the help of a spyware that help filter messages and monitor activities as well as protect your child’s safety.

Permanently Delete Files From Computer

Time and again I was asking from my friends about this topic that have you seen any software which can permanently delete files from computer and never be recovered. Because sometime we have very private or personal data which we have to hide from other and sometime we have sale our hard disk or computer and have to delete that files but always it comes in mind that after my deletion these file will again recovered. So for that solution and I am going to introduce a free software for permanent remove file from which cannot be recovered be recovered ever. Some people / computer user don’t know about file recovery system they think they have delete files from computer now it will never come back or recovered. Nowadays I have seen bundles of free software which can recovered deleted and formatted data in few minutest just like you have never deleted it.

Permanently Delete Files From Computer

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How to Permanently Delete Files from PC/Computer

I am not going to do any big work I am just going to introduce a program named Eraser. This is the software which can help you to delete permanently personal private files from pc or memory or harddrive and feel free thinking about the recovery of that files.
You Can Download This Software from its official Site its free ( Click Here )

How to Permanently Delete Files

Eraser 6.0.10 released!

Features of Eraser

As per describe by website it will working in Windows XP (S3), Windows Vista, Windows Seven and Eight Windows Server Pack. Work with any drive installed in computer. Easily can erase permanently files and folders.

Bottom Lines

As I have mentioned above never sale any USB or Hard Disk or PC without removing deleting or erasing your data permanently. Because as I have personally seen on the internet there is so many videos and photos that are looklike personal data I don’t know about it but please before selling anything like Hard Disk USB Flash Drive Memory Card please ensure that your data is permanently removed or not. Otherwise may your data can be recovered.

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How to Backup Blogger’s Blog.


This is another stair for blogging tutorial, in my previous few posts we have discussed deeply about Blogger, a site where can we make free blog or website with subdomain, also after that you can transfer it on custom domain. You have such features there in blogger and step by step I have pointed out you few of them. Blogger has not any FTP server or Cpanel. What happened with one of my friend, he has made a blogger blog with such copyright material so in 2 or 3 months his blog was deleted by Blogger accidentally without any intimation or information! Further, there is also some other violation reason for which sometimes your blog might be deleted. For avoiding from losing data of your blog I will tell you here you to make backup your blogger’s blog. If you have backup of your blogger’s blog you can recover all you data, images whatever was in the blog. So, here we will discuss about creating backup of your blog to recover your blog data if it would be remove.

How You Can Download Blog’s Template

Sometime after changing your blog layout or setting you find you had a mistake in changing setting, to avoid it happening again, first of all you must download your template because in case your setting is not accomplish as you desired then you can reinstall you older template again. I will tell you here how you can download or backup your blogger template. follow give below steps :-

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template >
There will a button in right upper corner “Backup/Restore” Click it
You will see a new window like below image


Now for backup and download your current template Click on “Download Full Template”. In few seconds it will download your blogger template with all installed widgets or any other scripts.
In same window I have highlighted another thing it is for uploading you template.

How to Create Backup Blogger’s Blog

In the above Para I we were discussing about blogger template now we come back on the topic about how can we download complete data of Bloggers blog. Follows my next few step to backup your blog data.

In Blogger Dashboard go to Setting > Others


There will be three buttons in blog tool

1. Import Blog 2 .Export Blog 3.Delete Blog Simply click on export blog to creating complete backup of your blogs data including images widgets scripts like Facebook, twitter etc. This process will take few second as per your blog data.

Now you have backup of your blog if accidentally you blog deleted you can recover you data by re-upload your data. Here I must suggest you that once a week or twice in a month you must do backup of your blog.

Protect Your Computer from Attacks

We’ve all heard about viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware not only listen, but few experience on your PC in the day to day, but only few of us know the difference between them. So I thought I would show the people and I know this post is for people who really want to get throughout the attacks on your PC. So you need to get through a course of Antivirus, but a basic knowledge of what to delete.

protect your computer

Virus Attacks

Virus is a self-copier program which attaches itself with an executable program and sometimes hidden behind with executable applications and When the file is command for execution the virus automatically executed and attack in the system memory. Just once it go into system memory it will start its work as I have mentioned before that it is self replicating program means searches other exe extension files which can be infected or it resides in the background and infect the files.

Worms Attacks

Worms are extremely comparable to that of the Virus however it is different in the way that they don’t tie themselves to executable programs rather to reproduce themselves utilizing the networks. The aforementioned worms dependably focus on your network. So, if you find exorbitant usage of your network capacity then you may be tainted by a worm. A worm don’t need a command to execute any program for its execution it can work without users involvement. So this is much most dangerous than the virus.


A Trojan is also unsafe and Harmful program which might appear innocuous to the user before its usage. However, rather, it is customized or invert designed to help unauthorizedly remote access to the other computers. Trojan’s don’t imitate them self rather they give access to your documents to the remote computer/user who designed that Trojan horse.


Spyware may be most dangerous than all of above it is the program that keep an eye and gather information from pc secretly. It usually run in secrecy mode and very difficult to detected easily. As you have already heard about Keyloggers they are enormous example. There are no longer limited to only send data to the remote computer but also spying.

Learn How to Protect Your Computer from Virus Trojan Adware and Spyware. See This Post.