Most Important SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2014

Every new day always we are facing new challenges in our blogging career and have to do lot of more important tasks to build traffic for our blog to achieve and fulfill SEO factors and score. So, Here you will be notified some of the most important tools for search engine optimization in this New Year of 2014. These tools will help you to understand every mistake regarding SEO metrics and give guidance in every step i.e. On-page & Off-page SEO, images optimization, Backlink tracking, Keywords Positions, Link Building and other SEO Factors.

important SEO tools in 2014
important SEO tools in 2014

Most SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2014

Hope you find the following SEO tools essential for your blogging career and use it to manage and improve search engine ranking by using these valuable tools.

Searchmetrics Suite

How this tool will help you, you just have to visit and insert your blog/website link in the domain field, it will start analyzing and give you actual result for SEO, Backlinks, Social Media etc. and give you details statistics of your blog.


If you are looking or searching for your competitors around the internet? You have really missed this to know and understand who are the competitors of your blog. This tool will help you to tackle all you competitors by keywords and show you most top ranked domain in search engines.


WordTracker is Keyword analyzing tool. You can track and generate thousands of keywords with potential long tail with monthly search volume and traffic amount.

Opensite Explorer

This tool is affiliated with Moz as discussed below, to analyze your site Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and backlinks with anchor text and analyze your website in all respect and give you actual report about you SEO score.

MOZ Bar Extension

Moz present extension bar for internet browsers for Firefox and Chrome to show you Live SEO metrics within few seconds. If you want to analyze any website without using any tools you must have to install Moz Bar Extension bar.


Another SEO tool by MOZ as I have told you must use it in 2014. In the very beginning I have written, we have new challenge every new day because of changes in search engine algorithm so this tool will help us to know if any implementation and changes in major search engines i.e. google algorithm.

Google Page Speed Insights

May be you have read our previous article for speeding up your blog, there is also little introduction of this useful tool which is provided by Google to check the loading speed and show you most important problems to speed up your blog.

 Other SEO Tools by Google

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics Tools

Google Keyword Planner

These tools will help you track your SEO metrics, keywords position, search impression, keywords you are getting traffic etc.

Bottom Lines

As we know there are lots of changes in major search engines algorithms so we have to more focus in optimization each part of blog to increase traffic and generate more revenue. Hope you will like these useful tools to optimize your blog. Do you have any other information or any other tool for these criteria? Feel free to share with us by replying in this post.

Tips to Improve SEO Ranking by Researching Keywords

What I have noticed in my entire Blogging career is that, there is no any best business solution except having an online website also it is the most proficient thing for introduction and promotion of your product worldwide but it is not the end because you are not only one who have material also there is thousand of other spots for similar item. Therefore, what I am talking about is some tips to improve website SEO Ranking through keyword research. While browsing internet you can see there is thousands of online markets for buy sell options just as etc. but there is lot of work behind to become on the top so I have decided to share some very useful tips to improve SEO  Ranking by Researching Keyword.


improve SEO ranking
improve SEO ranking by research keyword


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Improve SEO Ranking by Researching Keywords

The great challenge for every webmaster and website owner is to become on the first page of Google or other search engines but if there is so much competition around it will be more difficult to keep website ranking balanced. Still there is some solutions to manage and keep your website ranking which will drive some awesome traffic to your website or Blog.



Use Keyword Research Tools

If you search the above line in Search Engines, you can find hundreds of Keyword Research Tools online which are available almost free of cost. Before all these I was check through Google Keyword Tools but recently Google has update this tools with Keyword Planner with more reliable functions. By using these tools you can find the exact information for what peoples are looking around the word and which words are used to be searched in most of the search engines then collection the complete information and save your targeted keywords and use them into your next post with natural look.



While writing, think as your client

These are the tough lines for every Blogger and Webmaster for their online business, because in this competition of online business always we have to think like customer and this is the thing which will help to get some awesome leading edge. In the race of this online business competition there are some consumer companies who are using accurate and actual keywords by using online keyword tools and get great result through search engines.


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Stay Closed with Competitors

This one is also another great tip for researching keywords and collects great ideas for your next Blog post. Be focused and always keep eyes on you competitors, it will help to catch ideas and get new updates as well as you will learn for such a great writing techniques to how to write Blog post. So stay closed to your competitors collect the information, news, new promotion, advertisement etc.s



Write Quality Contents

As above I have mention that collect the right and well researched keywords by using tools and use it in your article but it is not enough, you have to use all these keywords in natural look and on the right place. Place your targeted keywords in the first paragraph then use it the middle section of your article and finally in the bottom but must be sure that keyword density is between 2%—-4% .


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Bottom Line

If you have followed above paragraphs properly no one can beat you in this online competition. Hope you have enjoyed this useful article for Improve SEO Ranking. For getting next update infront of you must follow our social media profiles or subscribe our RSS feeds to get next update directly in your inbox.. Regards…

Tips and Tricks to Rank Higher through SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is nothing but an art of writing especially for search engines! It is not just copy-paste of content but it actually means writing valuable content for readers as well as the search engines. It’s an awesome way to attain traffic and is not that difficult too! Previously bloggers used to stuff keyword and copy paste content on the posts to fool search engines robots to rank higher but now it is not at all possible. The search engine bots has become smarter as if you don’t follow its guidelines or do bad tricks then you will be penalized for sure!

rank higher through SEO

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Here are the tips on how to optimize your blog post to rank higher in the Search Engine’s Result Page:

Optimizing the Post Title:

Well the most vital thing in SEO Copywriting is to choose the best title that is eye-catchy to get enough clicks. You should be wise on giving an apt title to your post! Try to include your most targeted keyword in your title and give it an essence to increase your SEO. You can also research keywords and check on for competition analysis in order to find the best one that exactly matches your niche.

Choosing LSI Keywords:

It’s always a smart choice to choose a long tail keyword for targeting your goal. Inserting keywords that are dependent on LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) or Long Tail Keywords is very important for a better SERP ranking. As the Hummingbird algorithm has released out, search engines now focus largely on LSI keywords to give the users a better results in return to their query. This will surely provide an effective SEO for your post!

Producing Quality and Unique Content:

The search engine bots always loves only the content which is fresh, unique and of good quality. Due to the Panda algorithm, the websites that are delivering high quality content without any plagiarism are considered to be ranked well on the top! It is also essential to write long content that provides great results.

Don’t avoid Title Tags and Meta Descriptions:

Never ignore the title tag and meta descriptions as it plays a vital role in providing the impression of your website on the search engine results. These two are the major items that are displayed as snippets on the SERP. Search engine always collects the information from the meta data provided on its results page. So, try to provide an attractive title that contains one of your targeted keyword and a compelling that lets users to give a sure click on to your site.

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Optimizing the Images with ALT Tags:

Images are the most attractive thing that makes your post look more beautiful! Remember there are image search engine that can help you out in improving your traffic through the images on your post. Proper optimization of such images can be done by inserting ALT tags into it and provide a caption in which you can also try to include your keyword. Search engines can understand these tags and also such images will grab the reader’s attention too!

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Renovate your Post to look better:

A simple post with no presentation will be boring for the audience. Providing a killer post that includes different styles, colors and attractive images will help in increasing the readers which in turn increases the traffic. Make use of the heading tags H1, H2, H3 in order to improve your blog presence as well as your copywriting skills. You can also enroll social media marketing by simply sharing your blog on social media sites which increases your site popularity!

I hope you enjoy this post and these tips and tricks will work for your blog. Try to invent new strategies and work on it and share us your experience and feedback.

Happy Blogging!

Author’s Bio:

This post was written by Amy Jasmine who is a web enthusiast and a passionate blogger. She’s a tech writer for a leading UK SEO Company. Apart from that, she loves to be a net savvy and ghost writing is her craze.

Social Media Tricks to Promote Business

Presence of social media has revolutionized the way business strategies are formulated. It has led to innovation of new tools and techniques helpful for flourishing of small and big business communities. Its presence worldwide has enhanced services, and has led to globalization on a massive scale. One can view news, views, articles, shop everything by just a media tricks for promoting business

Many business organizations use this tool for promotion and to improve their profits. There are some tricks that are used by such organizations to strengthen their user base. Some of them are-

Promotion on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.-

You can promote your business on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Facebook has the biggest user base. This advantage can be utilized by sharing content and service information on Facebook. Google+ is not having as strong a user base as compared to Facebook, but it dominates due to its ability to optimize the search results of a website and promote it on its search engine. Twitter can be used to provide links to promote new products. The 140 word limit has to be utilized in an efficient manner.

Blog Regularly-

A business can survive only if it adapts to the highly volatile market environment. With innovation comes a need to express the results to the user, so that they can go for their product. A blog can serve the purpose of communicating with the users. Every company should maintain a blog of its own. They must be able to explain people about the advantages of their new products and changes from the previous ones.

Instagram and Vine-

Instagram and Vine are video and picture sharing and hosting social media websites. Nowadays advertisements are playing a great role in the promotion of company products. Instagram and Vine provide a platform for video hosting. One can share a 15 second video on Instagram and a 6 second video on Vile. These videos can give brief information about the product, its usage and its advantages. For e.g. if you have a company where you manufacture cars, the customers will definitely love to watch the videos to check the quality, noise and looks of a car. This may encourage them to go on a test ride.

Online competitions-

An organization can promote its product by organizing competitions on social media websites. The exciting gifts can encourage the users to check the page, and get an idea about the services provided.

Better services, become viral-

If you have the best services and you are able to market them correctly, then it is obvious that people will go for your product. A service becomes viral when people share the success of product among themselves. This can only be achieved by minimizing flaws in the services.

A consumer can only remember the best service providers and in a world of competition, the one who is unable to market their product will be left behind. Business directories are the indexes from which the customers can choose the best services.  Free Business Directory Australia is an example of such directory where a list has been made according to services provided by that particular company. In this, the ever changing world ideas should never be static, as it is known stagnation can always throw you out of the competition.

 Guest Post by Ella Borrie 

What is On-Page Off-Page SEO and How to Optimize

offpage onpage seo


Always you have heard so many times about ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO, but you have never tried to search what is it, and how to optimize for On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. So today I am going to share such very useful techniques we call it On-Page and Off-Page SEO all we are doing because of better optimization of our blog or website, right before this I have also served an article regarding best optimization of blog with the title of Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome if you haven’t checked you must check that one. I was talking about On-Page and Off-Page SEO.



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What is On-Page SEO and How to Optimize

This is not the first time I am talking about it, I have time by time in my every article related to SEO I have mentioned all these tasks. Always Use your main Keyword in Post Title and in its also desired in Header Tags, Set No Follow attribute to External Link, All post Links To Your Landing page with your Main Keyword, No External Links to inappropriate Sites, You have Seen in my post few keywords are bold and italic so always Bold or Italicize Keyword at least once on your article, Name Images with main Keyword also use alt tag for image for better crawling your site, Interlinking of posts, Reduce the use of JavaScript Iframes, Always start your article with main keywords and end with that,  use main keywords in categories and lables, Don’t overload your articles with so many image but atleast one image is most important, Use 3% to 4% keyword density in your whole articles and Make sure to link one post to another post on in your blog or website with main keywords.



What is Off-Page SEO and How to Optimize

Now It’s time for optimize your blog website for OFF-Page SEO, as I have mentioned above that I have already discussed about these topics, first of all you after creating quality contents and with ON-Page SEO Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, try to create Backlinks by Guest Blog Posting on Authority blogs mostly related with your niche, Comment on other Blogs by such appreciation and leaving  your link, Signup for biggest Social Media Networks Just Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Linkedin and Youtube  then Share Your Blog posts or use any tool for auto share your blog post on Social media networks, create some good educational blogging or your niche related videos on Youtube with your blog URL, Create Facebook Page and Group. This all tricks are the Off-Page SEO and will help you to ranking your website and achieve the SEO score.



Bottom Lines:-

In the end I want to ask you about my above article, it that help your for better SEO, So Give FeedBack by replying in this post. Like Our Social Media Networks and Subscribe our RSS Feeds.

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Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

best chrome seo extensionsAs I am blogger and always looking for what is my site rank, how much I have achieved SEO score for better ranking of my site, try to search keyword listing, Alexa Global Traffic rank and Google pagerank. For getting all this information properly we have to visits different sites and check all information about our website or blog ranking. I am not blaming to those sites which give us these useful information for our SEO process but I am talking about all the information what we are getting from different sites we can obtain from just a single click so now I should come on the topic. Today I am going to share very useful Google Chrome Extension which will help you to improve visibility of blog or website over search engines.


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Top and Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome Browser

Now it’s time to share what I am talking about.  These all tools will help you to check almost all the information regarding your Blog or website that what is Blog or Website Alexa Traffic Rank or Pagerank or other SEO related analysis. I am also using this entire tool for betterment in my blog SEO because in real I am not a well SEO expert but try to follow ProBloggers techniques for better SEO of my blog.



Alexa Toolbar

This is the Extension from Alexa as we all know about Alexa. Every time you try to find your Blog website rank through alexa but from this extension you can easily get all the information which Alexa Provides on their website just with a single click. check out the screen shot below.

SEO for Chrome

The best Tool which provides us best SEO stats and help you for betterment of your Blog or website optimization also the most used SEO tool for Google Chrome extension. This tool will exactly provide you site analysis, keyword research, backlinks, pagerank and other SEO tasks.

SEO for Chrome extesion


SEO Site Tool

This is the tool which gives us 11 best type of SEO stats for checking our Blog or website SEO score. It will provide us Onpage SEO, External Links, social media analysis, pagerank ranking in best search engines just like Google Yahoo Bing etc, SERPs, checkout below the screen shot of this tool.

 SEO site Tool chrome extension


SEOQuake Toolbar for Google Chrome

A best SEO extension developed by SEOQuake in the for analyzing our Blog and website SEO tasks. After installing this toolbar we can easily find Blog website Google PageRank, Google Index, Yahoo links, Yahoo linkdomain, Bing index, Alexa Rank, Webarchive age, Whois link, Nofollow links and many more. Checkout below the screen shot of this useful extension for Google Chrome.

SEOQuake Toolbar Chrome Extension


Google Similar Pages (Beta)

Personally designed by Google for helping us in the betterment in SEO score the main thing that I want to mention here about it is, this is designed by Google so its must be very powerful and useful tool. it will work you for finding similar pages While you browsing internet and it will show you exace similar pages for your current browsing. Checkout below the screen shot of this.

Similar Page extension for Chrome


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Hope all the above tools will help you to increase your site ranking and for better SEO. For further useful post follow our blog via social media network or our RSS feeds.

Analyzing Tools to Become Social Media Expert

In the Social Media Section, I am going to place a new step for guide each and everyone become expert in using of Social Media Sites, every ProBlogger knows about social media benefits. Sharing on Social Media Website delivers flood of traffic to our website and I have already discussed bundle of articles regarding getting traffic from Social Media Websites. Today I am sharing with you about analyze tools what you have shared on social media networks. As Social Media is the great platform for introducing and promoting any product and very useful of online marketing.

Social Media Analysing Tools

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How to Become Professional in Social Media

As I have stated above about social media so now I am going to share with my friends about make themselves expert and become specialist in using of Social Media Sites. The main purpose of sharing is this post for all of those who have online business and want become professional then must try all these tools for their interest.

1- HootSuite

HootSuite Social Media Analystic

On this website you can easily signup 100% free and manage multiple Social media networks in one time such as Google+ Facebook Twitter Youtube etc. you can schedule in absence your status updates and tweets and analyze social media traffic.

2- SocialMention

SocialMention Analyse Social Media

Unlike above, it is different, this is the social media search engine and investigation tool. A platform where you can search contents around the world and also show you tracking about your product and what people are saying about it. You can find any topic in all social media networks almost 100+ directly. No signup needed.

3- Followerwonk

Followerwonk Social Media Analysing

This one is especially for twitter. You can analyze you twitter account for social growth. It will help you to track your follower about their need. What are people looking for? Connect you with new bloggers and webmasters and share your contents with over all in the world.

4- Sysomos

Sysomos Social Media Analyze

For online business, I must suggest you about this one. You can easily find there million of conversations in blogs Social networks Forms means all over the web world. It will give you exceptional service for increasing your online business with unlimited access to millions of social media conversations for getting ideas and views what are people looking and searching.

5- SocMetrics

SocMetrics Social Media Analyzer

Another analyzing tool for Social Media Websites where you can make successful social media campaign and also make you discover every movement on social media networks. Help you finding different conversation about online business.

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