Google v/s Bing: how SEO differ for both?

Google and Bing: The Background: For many years now, Google has been the most popular search engine for people across the world. Bing is also one of the most used search engines after Google and is considered to be a prospective rival. Though the popularity of Google is so much that the noun has become synonymous with the verb ‘search’, there is still hope left for Bing. The reason behind the competition is mainly because of the way the search mechanism works for both the search engines. Since the algorithm is different, the techniques used for search engine optimization also vary for Google and Bing.

Google v/s Bing: how SEO differ for both?


Well, the first thing we consider while differentiating between Google and Bing is demographics. Bing is not popular everywhere in the world but its user base is mainly from the USA. Also, Bing users are usually Microsoft customers that used Internet Explorer as their browser with default search engine as Bing. Many search engine experts estimate that Bing will very soon be able to bypass Google because of its better monetizing capacities.

Traffic Sources

There are different ways by which search engine get traffic to their home page. Google of course is a household name and gets a lot of direct traffic that comes from simply typing the website name into the browser address bar. Bing on the other hand, gets as much as 21% traffic from MSN. Google traffic comes from many more sources and websites compared to Bing and it does not have dependency on any particular website for its traffic.

The Algorithms

Bing search results are influenced by the fact whether the page is linked to MSN pages or not. If not, it would not show high on Bing’s SERPs, even if it is more relevant to the search phrase. Google has worked hard to gain its image of a know-it-all website. Google users expect to find all sorts of information on this website and trust it too. They like the intelligent Google search engine and are not exactly looking for reference to other sites while using Google.

Monetization and Site Credibility

However, if you are looking for paid ads, Bing and Yahoo do the job better. Users using these search engines are more prone to clicking on advertisements and hence if you are looking for such campaigns, Bing might suit you well. Google is more open when it comes to searches, and includes sites like forums and blogs more easily than Bing. Bing also avoids article websites or the popularly known ‘content farms’ but gives importance to some low quality websites at the same time. Google is more intelligent and identifies the relevancy a lot better than Bing that is more concerned about word-to-word match.

Bing also keeps an eye on pirated content and other objectionable content compared to Google. So while optimizing for Bing, don’t worry about content farms, forums or any websites that do not have content which is officially supposed to be there. Rather work on the verbatim and be friendlier to Microsoft in terms of Links.
These are few general observations about the differences between optimization for Google and Bing. However, since the search algorithms keep updating themselves every now and then, an optimization expert has to be on his toes to keep up with the changing trends and update his strategies accordingly.

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Advanced Guide to Perfect On-Page Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always ultimate for any business growth. Having perfect On-Page for the website is the first phase of optimizing and promoting our business. There are lot of webmasters who are already discussed this topic, but here I’m going to share some ultimate advanced guide for making perfect On-Page optimization for any website.


Keywords and its relationships

It’s about no matter what kind of product or services you choose, all are just rely on discovering great relationship between words and phrases. Organizing content in the website has the great influence over how search engines determine topics of On-page.

When we focus on keywords phrases, search engines are hunting for other phrases and concepts that related to one another. So our first step is that expanding our keyword research in the right direction. We have to include rich content like:

·         Synonyms and Close Variants to the phrase: Includes synonyms, plurals, abbreviations and phrases that mean the same.

·         Primary related keywords: Phrase and words that relate to the primary category of your product.

·         Secondary related keywords: Phrase and words that relate to the primary keywords.

A very good keywrod phrase means that has to predict what type of entities and phrases that has to be present on the page. For example, a page about “Tajmahal” should predict other phrases like “wonders in the world”, “Graveyard”, “Love identity”. Combining these related phrase may strengthen your keyword presence.

Distance, Position and Frequency

Every page have to be organized well, this will has a great influence over the concepts that related to each other.

Here the three primary things you have to consider while placing your keywords

·         Position: Keywords have to placed most wanted ares like title, descriptions, H tags, and high up in the main body of content may have higher weightage.

·         Frequency: search engines can easily determine whether you uses any important phrases by calculating how much it appear in normal distribution.

·         Distance: Words and Phrases that relevant to each other are easily often found close together.

Best way to organise the content is to employ primary and secondary keywords with support of your focused keyword.

Each related phrases acts like a primary topic and each and every phrase becomes its own subsections.

Few Alternative Tools for Entity and Keyword Research

Here the few alternative tools for keyword researching

Alchemy API

Great tools that delivers concept targeting, extraction of entity and linked data analysis. It also gives the overview about how modern search engines views your WebPages.

Social Mention

It’s very easy to use, enter your keyword phrase and then check the top keywords that relate your primary phrase across the different social platforms.

Google Trends

It is one of the powerful tools; you can download up to 50 related keywords for every search query.

SEO Review Tools

This tools returns the related keywords of primary and secondary search terms, also it provides synonyms & country based targeting options for users.

Semantic Markup and Entities

Google easily identify and extract the list of entities from your webpage, without any effort from your side. The entities are places, Peoples and things have some distinct properties and relationships with of each other.

Shankar (Entity, person) stands 5’3” (property, height) and directed I(entity, movie)

Even though Google can easily find your entity of you page, but you should mark up your content with schema for the specific support entities like business information, products and reviews. Adding schema markup code in the website will helps to reach out more exact audiences.  For every entity there are different semantic code are available, choose the best one.

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Amy Jasmine is passionate blogger and a web enthusiast; she is also working as a trainer offering SEO Training in Chennai from Zuan Education Institute. She loves to share her ideas and experience to the youngsters by blogging and teaching.

Best Keyword Research Tools in 2014 for Bloggers

As discussed earlier so many times about new changing in search engines algorithms due to spammers and black hat techniques, always we have to focus all SEO tactics for creating all blog post more search engines friendly. That is why my this topic is about keywords research because after hummingbird update in Google, people have lost all the organic traffic due to low quality keywords, therefore, it is very necessary to research related keywords and optimize your blog post for well rank in search engines.

best keyword research tools 2014
best keyword research tools 2014

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Best Keyword Research Tools 2014

In this post I and going to share some best tools in 2014 to research keywords for bloggers. These tools suggest you good keywords for your post to well rank in major search engines to drive huge organic traffic.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is new creative name of Google adwords Keyword tool and it assists in keyword research. Keyword research is a progressive strategy for a successful post and it also help to the review of global traffic for any particular region or phrase.


Ubersuggest is a Google keyword planner tool, helps to get many ideas and provide search engine suggestions that can be helpful for your post.


SEMrush is best SEO software which is used for keyword research and also have strong keyword database. The famous SEO’s also recommended this best software.

Bing keyword research:

Bing keyword research tool belongs to Bing webmaster tools. To access of this service you have to sign up and then it will provide you ideas concern with

Seo books:

SEO book is connected to firefox and it’s a free service. You have to sign up to access their services and get add-on in firefox.

World tracker:

World tracker helps to get free suggestions and provide some extra information like daily search volume etc.


Wordstream is a free keyword research tool which provides new ideas that can be helpful for your new posts.


Word post is also a free keyword research tool that provides suggestions and searches related to selected phrase.


Suggester is a free keyword research tool and provides free suggestions and best ideas which can be very useful for post.

Long tail pro:

It is a best keyword research tool which provides you suggestion as well further details about total monthly searches, keyword competition, compute CPC and many more.


For further assistance for any above external link or related to the topic Keyword research tools you can ask here. Regards.

Most Important SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2014

Every new day always we are facing new challenges in our blogging career and have to do lot of more important tasks to build traffic for our blog to achieve and fulfill SEO factors and score. So, Here you will be notified some of the most important tools for search engine optimization in this New Year of 2014. These tools will help you to understand every mistake regarding SEO metrics and give guidance in every step i.e. On-page & Off-page SEO, images optimization, Backlink tracking, Keywords Positions, Link Building and other SEO Factors.

important SEO tools in 2014
important SEO tools in 2014

Most SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2014

Hope you find the following SEO tools essential for your blogging career and use it to manage and improve search engine ranking by using these valuable tools.

Searchmetrics Suite

How this tool will help you, you just have to visit and insert your blog/website link in the domain field, it will start analyzing and give you actual result for SEO, Backlinks, Social Media etc. and give you details statistics of your blog.


If you are looking or searching for your competitors around the internet? You have really missed this to know and understand who are the competitors of your blog. This tool will help you to tackle all you competitors by keywords and show you most top ranked domain in search engines.


WordTracker is Keyword analyzing tool. You can track and generate thousands of keywords with potential long tail with monthly search volume and traffic amount.

Opensite Explorer

This tool is affiliated with Moz as discussed below, to analyze your site Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and backlinks with anchor text and analyze your website in all respect and give you actual report about you SEO score.

MOZ Bar Extension

Moz present extension bar for internet browsers for Firefox and Chrome to show you Live SEO metrics within few seconds. If you want to analyze any website without using any tools you must have to install Moz Bar Extension bar.


Another SEO tool by MOZ as I have told you must use it in 2014. In the very beginning I have written, we have new challenge every new day because of changes in search engine algorithm so this tool will help us to know if any implementation and changes in major search engines i.e. google algorithm.

Google Page Speed Insights

May be you have read our previous article for speeding up your blog, there is also little introduction of this useful tool which is provided by Google to check the loading speed and show you most important problems to speed up your blog.

 Other SEO Tools by Google

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics Tools

Google Keyword Planner

These tools will help you track your SEO metrics, keywords position, search impression, keywords you are getting traffic etc.

Bottom Lines

As we know there are lots of changes in major search engines algorithms so we have to more focus in optimization each part of blog to increase traffic and generate more revenue. Hope you will like these useful tools to optimize your blog. Do you have any other information or any other tool for these criteria? Feel free to share with us by replying in this post.

How to Increase the Number of Post Comments and Drive More Traffic

Both increasing the post comments on your blog and getting more traffic to your sites are massive issues, which is why this article deals with one in the hopes that it will stimulate the other. This article will show you how to get more comments on your blog.

increase blog comments and traffic
how to increase blog comments and traffic

Generate Traffic from other Blogs by Commenting

How will getting more comments help you drive more traffic?

There are a few reasons. For some reason Google has said before that it considers comments to be good in some ethereal way. We assume that it is because they act as mini updates and Google likes to know that pages are active and maintained.

However, if the updates consist of user comments, then where does the whole “high quality content” gubbins come in to play. The people who comment on blog posts range from the hyper intelligent to the gibbering idiot, so how can Google define if you are writing high quality content or writing about how President Obama is not American. Still, Google have said that comments are good, so maybe the benefits of mini updates and user engagement is overall more important or powerful than this quality quandary. So, here is how you drive more comments to your blog posts.

Have people use a Facebook comment section

Install a widget on your blog that is run by Facebook. People have to sign into their Facebook account in order to leave a comment. The widget will show the person’s Facebook profile picture on the comment section next to their comment. This helps to stop some people leaving purposefully nasty messages and helps to reduce spam. There is also a tick-box function that has their comment posted on their Facebook profile page. They actually have to un-tick the box in order stop it being posted, so most people will end up posting by default.

This is great because everybody monitoring their social media profile will see the comment and may also go onto the blog to have a read. They too may then comment and click “like” on the comment that the person left.

Pose a question at the end of the comment section

This is an old trick, but it still works to some extent. Just do not do that sleazy trick of writing a list on your blog post but then leaving out a key component so that people comment and mention why it was not included. This sort of trick only goes to prove to people that you have no idea what you are talking about on your blog and will have people resent your blog posts.

Get the ball rolling yourself

Add a comment on the comment section yourself. This may start people off and get them talking about your posts on your comment section. You yourself could make an interesting comment that starts the ball rolling and gets other people thinking about the blog post you just wrote.

Be controversial on your blog posts

It may sound like a sleazy trick, but being controversial will get you a lot of comments. People love to stick their nose in and take a moral high ground, even if their moral high ground isn’t that high or correct. If you hit a topic that has a lot of people opposed to it, then even a righteous cause will elicit results.

Engaging content may elicit more comments

In other words, if your content is engaging and of a high quality and makes people think or touches people in some way then it may elicit more comments. There are also times when you look at blog posts and it is good but you cannot think of a single thing you would say in response. The blog is just correct and useful and nothing more. It may be that you need to prompt comments in some way (without ruining the content of your blog post).

More people means more comments

Get more people to look at your blog and you increase your chances of getting more comments. Sure, it is possible to have thousands of viewers and no comments, but there are comment-hungry people out there and if they see a post with no comments they then feel they have to add one.

Your writing “voice” will speak to some people

Giving out facts in a banal manner or in a way that text books do will not engage some people. People need to hear your voice, which is your style, manner, attitude, emotion, etc, in order to elicit a response from them. Learn to use your voice, or find your voice, and apply it to how you write.

Author bio:

Sonia J. is an author of this post. She’s also in a team of that helps students to find the most reliable and professional writing service.

Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

Hope you must follow and read my recently shared tips and tricks for BlogSpot ( optimization. Now we come to another topic and that is Backlink and we will discuss about some best and free online Backlink checker / analyzing tools. Backlinks are the technique to connect your webpage/website/weblog etc. with another one. If you want to rank your blog you have to create quality backlinks and this is the very tough method I have ever seen my blogging career but whatever it is, you have to more focus about creating high quality backlinks for Search Engine Ranking.

online backlink checker tools
online backlink checker tools


Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

Once I was also new and don’t know more about the On-page and Off-page SEO and so far I couldn’t search my blog search engines because I have not developed or started creating quality Backlink to my blog but after reading some SEO related tips and tricks, I have found that Backlink is the technique to rank well your blog in search engines and finally I have started creating backlinks with another blogging platforms. The question is how you can track or analyze backlinks to your blog or website so check below the best online Backlink checker tools.


The best online tool for tracking backlinks to your blog or website either it dofollow or nofolow. It will analyze the complete data of your blog which is complete related to optimization for search engines and show the very correct information about the total numbers of backlinks.

Majestic SEO Tool

Another very valuable SEO tools from which I have learned lot of factors for my blogging career and its optimization. After analyzing your blog your will see the list of backlinks for your blog as well as other SEO related score.


SmallSEOTools has also great website for blog optimization, you easily check there backlinks to your blog with just inserting your blog URL.


The best tool suggested by so many webmaster and ProBlogger for checking most of the SEO factors such as Domain Authority, Page Authority as well as you can check all Internal and External Backlinks to you blog.


Another famous tool for checking backlinks online without any software. Its programmed with Ahref which I have already mentioned above.  You can analyze easily you blog to check all backlinks domain to your blog.

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Bottom Lines for Free Online Backlink Checker Tools

The all above external links for backlinks analyzing will help your track all type of backlinks to your blog or any post of your blog with anchor text. for any further assistance you can ask by replying from the comments box below..

Basic Killer SEO tips for Blogspot (

Still I am talking about the same and that is Blogger because this is the platform from where I started TipsTricksIsland, the most useful and valuable platform for blogging with completely free of cost. I have already written and so many tips and tricks about the free blogging platforms but today decided to clear some very startup and Basic SEO techniques for your blogspot blog because there are so many beginners they still don’t know how to optimize newly launched blogspot blog and also same question asked by my friends and fans of this Blog. In this article I will tell you some tricks with very basic SEO tips for blogspot blog i.e Meta description, heading tags, URL Structure, Meta Robots, etc. for better optimization and well and quick index in search engines.

basic SEO tips for blogspot
basic SEO tips for blogspot

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Basic Killer SEO tips for Blogspot (

Here is the complete and step by step guide for very basic and killer SEO tips for your newly launched blogspot blog for optimization because just writing and sharing your work is not enough but you have to make it top in search engines such as whenever we need to know something, we start google and search for it and find the same, same here before writing you must think how you will find this topic in search engines (google, bing, yahoo) and people reaches at your blog by search it.

Meta Description of Blogspot Blog.

After penguin update, this is the main thing you have to consider while you start writing your post. The meta description is the 150 words paragraph to tell search engine spiders/crawlers/robots, what are you writing and what is it about. Means these 150 words or para has to define your article to search engines. Check the following steps to enable Meta Description for Blog and blogspot post.

Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Setting >> Search Preference

Now Enable Meta Tag and write 150 words which describe what this blog about is.

blogspot meta tag
how to add meta tag blogspot blog

Now same you have to apply for ever blogger post. You have to write search description for all of your blogspot post.

blogspot meta description
how to add meta description in blogspot blog

Make use of Heading Tags

Heading Tags another must have factor inside your blog article for OnPage SEO. In my previous article for and other SEO posts it has already mentioned but some newbie and beginners still don’t know how to apply heading tags in your article. This feature is same as we write something in notebook before startup of any paragraph, we mention above its heading and same here before starting any paragraph must mention above what are going to write and use your targeted keywords in H1 and H2 to H6. There are six different types of headings to format your article for make it optimize to well understand search engines H1 to H6. Check below screenshot for how to apply different heading tags for your blogspot article.

add heading tags blogspot
how to add heading tags blogspot article

URL Optimization (Permalink)

When I started using, there is no any option for permalink in blogger post options, but after the very need of search engine optimization, finally blogger has added this feature to optimize blogger permalink for your blogspot article. Now there is an option in right side of post options for permalink where you can setup your permalink or URL structure for your blogspot post. Check below, how permalink should be good for SEO.  not good for SEO or

check the following screenshot.

change URL in blogspot
change URL in blogspot

Hope you will understand how you have to optimize blogger url structure which look good and well understand to search engines.

Make Use of Blogger Labels

This is the feature to categorize your blogger articles by label. May be you have found so many labels, categories and tags on other blogspot blog but still don’t know how to apply. Check this.

add label in blogspot
how to assign label in blogspot post

Just you have entered any label one time; it will be stored and saved.

Image Optimization with Alt Attribute

If you search in my blog, there is complete article for optimization of image because if you use google for search anything there is image search but unlike text there is nothing in photo and image to read it for search engine spiders so the function called Alt tag is available for search engine spider to crawl your images and what your image about is? You must use and assign Alt attribute to every image for better SEO score.

add Alt tag in Blogspot
how to add alt attribute in blogspot Image

Final Words

All the above tips and tricks are very useful and must be used for all your blogspot post because SEO is the thing you must know after startup of newly launched blog. For any further question, feel free to ask by replying in this post. Regards.

Startup SEO Checklist for New Blogging Niche

You must be recommended by someone to start your own blog but still don’t know what basics are and how to drive good traffic to your blog from search engines or any tactic for search engine optimization. In very startup or may be before it, there is lot of things you have to know what is blogging and how to start a blog and then how to optimize it for search engine. In this article I will guide my best techniques which I am applying for my newly launched websites over and over and find it solid SEO optimization in 2014, because there is lot of changes introduced by Search Engines due to some bad techniques such spamming, cloaking, keyword stuffing etc. but proper SEO strategy well ensure your visitors about your business or blog.


Startup SEO CheckList
Startup SEO CheckList

Startup SEO Checklist

It is not enough that just writing an article, but also you have to consider some startup techniques for your new blogging niche for well indexing your blog post in search engines and ensure peoples that it is what they are looking for. The Proper SEO Strategy will send visitors to your website for your products or whatever you are giving them from your niche instead of competitors. So following are the Best Startup SEO Checklist for your new Blogging Niche or Website.




Writing Techniques

Before writing on any topic or your targeted keyword, you must collect all the information about it by using some keyword research tools. That comes in both free and paid version. Google Keyword Planner is most recommended keyword research tool it will give you ideas for you keyword and show you popularity in all regions and countries. Now write valuable and quality contents which must be more than 500 words and ensure that not be found anywhere else.

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On-Page & Off-Page SEO

We have already published a complete article for On-Page and Off-Page SEO optimization techniques.

  • Select Unique Title for Your Article
  • Also select Good Meta description from your written article or write it.
  • Use third Party SEO Tools for Better SEO Score such as Yost SEO Plugin
  • Optimize Your Webpage URL and Use Targeted Keyword in URL
  • H1 tag must be used one time in a page with your targeted keyword, otherwise use additional headers h2 to h6.
  • Bold (strong), Underline, or italic your targeted keywords in article.
  • Use Alt Attribute for Every image you use in your blog.
  • Social Sharing is also most important tactic for SEO. Ask your visitors for liking and sharing your contents through social networks.
  • Check for 404 error and Redirect it 301 in Webmaster Tools.
  • Ensure Your site speed is compatible with SEO otherwise check it Google Pagespeed


Create Quality Backlinks

In you want to increase your presence over the internet and also it is better for SEO score, you need to start link building. Read Article over the internet you can leave comments with your blog link or by submission of guest posting you can create backlinks to your blog.

  • Create Blogger/Wordpress Widgets with Credit Link
  • Create Website/Blogger/Wordpress Template with Your Credit Link
  •  Submit Guest Posts
  • Leaving Helpful Comments to Other Blog with Your Link
  •  Join Discussion Forums

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Final Words

These are the basic SEO Startup Guide for your newly lunched blog. Still there is lot of factor remains which will be discussed earlier or if you have any other please mention it in comments. Always check webmaster tools to ensure all is going well or anything is broken. For further assistance I will wait for your Reply. Need Best Regards.

What is High, Normal, Low Bounce Rate and How to Decrease?

If given contents are enrich with concern topics then a visitor will surely get interested in article and read more that article without any frustration. It’s mean that whenever a visitor visits your website, he doesn’t get the real content that what he wants and he immediately leaves your site simply. There could be many reasons for bounce off a costumer. One of them could also be the improper presentation of given contents

how to reduce bounce rate
what is low normal high bounce rate and how to reduce


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What Is High, Normal And Low Bounce Rates?

As I have already mentioned the whole definition of bounce rates above and now I am going to tell you about high, normal and low bounce rates. Whenever you will see, there you will find low bounce rates in forum as compare to blogs, it is because there are contents more than one while on a Blog there is usually single recent post. It’s obvious that who does not want to read new threads regularly and therefore it becomes the cause of low bounce rates simply. Somewhere the bounce back is in your favor. And you must be thinking that how? That mean, if you provide an amount of ads on your website and visitors click on these ads, so that response is quite in your favor.

Actually blogs have generally high bounce rates because the visitors only like to read latest post and then move on. Therefore if you have ads on your Blog, so high bounce rate is rather easy to accept.

On the other hand if you don’t have ads on your Blog, then your bounce rate might be exist between 40% n 70% and this isn’t called to be high bounce rates according to me.

So publish up-to-date contents on your Blog and get a number of visitors on your site. As a result bounce rate of your Blog might be 40% or lower than it.

And now after these all you must be know whole information about high, normal and low bounce rates. Check below some very best tips to decrease bounce rate of Blog.

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How to Decrease Bounce Rates?

Here I’ll give you the proper method to decrease bounce rates. Just you have to concentrate that how your website is being used by your costumers. For this purpose we have to do the use of Google analytics.


Content Quality

The most important thing is the quality of your content. You must have to provide such contents to your site that the visitors get satisfy form given articles and they feel that this is the thing that what I am looking for. Content should be readable and detailed with concern topic. Certainly it’ll decrease the amount of bounce rates. It’ll be also prove a good impression towards Google. Every visitor satisfy to visit your site and thankful to provide them a meaningful content.

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Use Images and Paragraphs Liberally

You can also use the images and paragraphs accordingly. Whenever you are going to show a new idea whether it is concern with subject, you can change the paragraph. At the same time you can do use of pictures as well. It will make more attracting to your article.  The use of images should be limited to the article. Remember that your aim is to provide a meaningful content to readers and can read easily.


Remove “Forced-Consume” Content

You must have to avoid from forced-consume in your site. Now you must be thinking that what forced-consume is! So here I will clear you that forced-consume means auto-play of music and videos within the entrance of site.

Yaa! Somewhere it’s better but it’ll be best in that situation when you provide a selection key/button for visitors as they can watch the video if they want. Other wise may some peoples do not interested in watching video so in that situation they can get frustrated. And may they will leave site as well. By ignoring this one the bounce rates can be lower simply.

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Update Old Content

Try to avoid from publishing out dated contents in your site. It may also the cause of bounce off. And it’s Very good to update old content for your site. This expresses that your site always show recent contents to the readers.


I hope that you are satisfied by above all tips. Certainly these all features can lower the bounce rates.

Google Penguin and You

Since Google emerged as first search engine, many dishonest SEO practices have been performed by corrupt webmasters. But unfortunately Google has many finest minds to caught unscrupulous operators and ruined their all efforts. A cyber cold war is continuously going on between Google and the black hat spammers. So it’s better to go straight and work according to predefined rules by Google. And the best search engine optimization strategy is to follow the rules of the web and give high quality content.


Google Penguine and you
Google Penguine and you

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Google make changes in their algorithms often, which affects many websites. There is no space for web spam in the world of Google. Google is in the business of providing required customers to the advertisers. If users get useless websites they will slowly tire of the process and move to some other place. So Google never ever takes low quality content for its customers. Good content gives good customers to Google and good customers generate good revenue for Google.

Many web administrators who maintain websites have knowledge of Google’s recent algorithm update named Penguin and Panda. This new update effect a lot search engine optimization rankings and traffic.

This recent update Google Penguin, worked on poor quality back links, keywords spamming is not a good practice any more. A good SEO strategy is to maintain at most two percent density.

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Repeating same anchor text also not a good practice. You can use synonyms that give you the same meanings.  This saves your work and precious time by not ranking down your site in the eyes of Google.

Back links from the same or low eminence websites rank down your website. It will be better if you get back links through people who really appreciate the content of your website. Websites that get more traffic and responses, have some good professionals to get high ranking back links. Social bookmarking is the key factor for getting more back links. There are many social Bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Tumblr, Stumbleupon and many more to spread your links and get back linked more and give a good boost to your website. You can also publish your content on different Forums, blogs and on other good websites which accepts your content.



RSS and Websites Rankings                                  

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. Through RSS user can get most of the information from your website without opening your website. All the information user gets in automated format instead of manually opening the website. By RSS Feeds website owners allows user easy access of their content to their users. This is very important tool for Backlink indexing. Keywords in RSS feeds can be used to improve SEO ratings of any website. RSS allows back links which can improve backlink ranking of any website. Remember the number of RSS Subscribers of your website shows the popularity of your website. This trend has been threatened by the use of automated RSS scripts where websites and artificial users seem to subscribe your website in a large number.


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Author Bio

Ghulam e Mustafa is a project manager and webmaster at Web Masters Eye Web Design and Marketing Firm. He shared with you about two kinds of CMS systems and their preference.