How Students Can Make Money With WordPress Blogs?

Nowadays huge sectors of aspiring bloggers, especially the students have expanded widely who perceive online publishing as an earning source. So what are the interesting strategies that one goes about drawing in few bucks from their WordPress blogs? In today’s phase, you need to be extra creative in earning bucks on WP site, by offering the visitors something really worthy and unique. We’ve helped the students with few ethical tips of generating revenue with their WordPress blogs.


how students can make money with wordpress blogs
how students can make money with wordpress blogs

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How Students Can Make Money With WordPress Blogs?

1. Go for WP Blog Setup Service

If you’re keen to make money with the use of WordPress blogging, then the perfect option will be blog setting up service. To acquire more number of clients you can craft a blog setup service page on your blog. You can even draw some leads or traffic towards that page, by including guest blogging, banners on your website for your service, or by paying advertisements. Also social media functions quite well. If audience is keen in your offer, they will certainly contact you, and pay you too. Given an example, if you would suggest that they make use of Bluehost WordPress hosting, as they offer priced hosting competitively which the new bloggers can pay for, in addition with their associate commission pays more of $65 for each signup that is successful.

2. Select a niche market

When you are intending to make money from your blogs, you require searching for a beneficial niche. For example, selling hair care products can be a gainful niche. Somebody might be looking for ‘hair care product’ search term, thus coming across your blog post. Even a proper domain name for your blog would be ‘’

It can also be quite critical of choosing an appropriate ‘buyer keyword.’ For example, you can add ‘eczema remedy’ so that the readers who are searching for solutions can find it soon from your site. So you should make your blog very informative and nicely designed that will provide you chance for monetizing your traffic.

3. Plan to write your blog in a tone suitable to your blog topic

Before you begin working on a blog, you should know what you need to say and how you want to convey it, which stands as an essential part. Your audiences will return back to your blog if the topic or the subject you’re writing about, and the style in which you’re portraying attracts them. You should keep it friendly so that you can invite interaction through your blog comments from various other bloggers and viewers.

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4. Propose premium ‘member only’ content for a fee

You can offer few ‘premium’ contents on membership basis only. When you see a demand for the type of stuffs you’ve been writing, you should charge a one-off or frequent membership fee.  For this you need to offer them something really valuable. If your viewers are paying you money to read your blogs, you should take it as a compliment. Few nice ideas for premium content could involve- audio/video recordings of your interviews with professionals; chat sessions with your paying members; multi-part tutorials to display people how to gain something tough yet rewarding; etc.

5. Cover classified directory on your WordPress blog

Along with adding an easy plugin such as Classifieds from WPMU Dev, you can arrange a list of directory on your WordPress website, and charge the audiences to advertise over there. For example, if you’ve written a blog on cars, you can charge the people to give ads on vehicles for sale purpose, or services from mechanic. If your blogs draw respectable amount of targeted traffic, it’s a great opportunity that general people will give you money for renting of space on your website.

6. Create a paid access blogging network

This is the biggest monetization process that needs the maximum level of recognition and blog traffic to be more flourishing. While running an elevated traffic blog along with well-known brand identity, you can quickly profit from by changing your WP website to multitask network, and also you can charge the audience for organizing their own blogs on your possession.

7. Set out for new blog website

You can go for new blog website, for example, You can replace your real domain name for ‘yourblogname’. Well you can take the step by clicking on Cpanel login; then type your username and password which you select when you bring the ‘web hosting’ provider. You should stay on your BLOG FILE. Then you should scroll downwards to ‘Software/Services.’ Lastly, you can click on the ‘Simple Scripts.’

8. Develop WordPress Blog themes

You can surely make money by developing attractive WordPress blog themes. You should be aware of what you are actually designing for your target audience, and also know for whom you’re creating your themes. High quality and fascinating blog themes for WP websites can help you sell them every day, but you should keep your price reasonable so that your users can afford them.

Therefore, you students should make the best use of the above tips in order to gain good money with your WordPress blogs.

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How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once

Without a doubt, we have come across an instance where we have had to convert a PDF document into an editable format, such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice formats. Because we don’t have to worry that the formatting will be disheveled, PDF format is excellent for sharing or sending files, on the other hand, it can be problematic if we want to extract data from it.

When we have thousands of PDF files that we need  to convert, things can get even more complicated. Converting one file by one could take hours of time that no one has.

how to extract data from multiple pdf files

A solution to this is  using PDF conversion batch tools.  We are going to show you how you can use the batch tools inside Able2Extract PDF Converter 9, an established and popular PDF converter. Batch conversion enables converting multiple PDF documents at once. All you have to do is to specify which files need to be converted, the desired format and then click Convert. After this, the process will begin and you can take on other work tasks. Once the conversion is finished, the software will let you know. This is an excellent tool for office managers and administrators who need to convert dozens of PDFs daily.

To start the batch conversion in Able2Extract, click on the batch icon in the main menu.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img1

Add the files that you need converted. The files don’t have to be from the same folder, you can select them from multiple folders.

After adding the files, you need to specify the exact folder where you want all the converted files to be located. After the task is finished, this is the folder where you will be able to find all the converted files:

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img2

Lastly and most importantly, you need to specify the conversion output format. Able2Extract PDF converter offers multiple conversion formats. Besides being able to create PDF, users can convert them into Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, OpenOffice Calc, OpenOffice Impress and Text.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img3

If you need to convert multiple files simultaneously into different formats, you can do that by opening the software multiple times.

The final step requires you to enter a special code to start the conversion process.  The process will now begin and all you have to do is, sit back and wait for everything to be converted.

How to Extract Data and Text from Multiple PDF Files at Once - img4

All of the converted files will be waiting for you inside the previously indicated folder. However, keep in mind that while batch conversion is great in saving time, you should try not to use it when you only need a couple of documents converted.  The reason being  that the batch conversion feature doesn’t allow customization per individual documents. That is a characteristic of all automatic software and tools; they are great when it comes to reducing workload and giving us more time to do other things, but the customization is done on a mass level for multiple files at once. The best situation is to use automatic conversion when you have multiple files which are similar and have the same structure. In that case, all of the documents will be converted in the same way.

How to Block Specific Contacts Using Block Sender List in Microsoft Outlook?

There is a category of emails that neither come under the general category nor under the spam list but are still unneeded. This category is ruled by the senders that regularly send you unnecessary / forwarded email messages shared with another long list of users too. However, there is a way to keep such contacts and messages from them, at a distance.

Outlook renders all its users with a facility that makes up to be the best way in getting rid of contacts like these. By blocking such contacts that repeatedly load your profile with a bunch of unnecessary messages; you can get rid of them in just a few clicks!

Follow the tips and procedure on using the Block Sender List option in Microsoft Outlook to make things happen.

What is The Need to Block Contacts?

At times situations arise when you need to block some contacts in your MS Outlook. Some of the reasons which lead to blocking accounts are:

  • Suppose, you have subscribed to a product’s site so that you remain updated with their new products and services. But after a period of time you realize that the updates are not of worth and you don’t want to receive them anymore. In this case you can block the site’s contact by using the procedure mentioned in the next section of this article. This will send the emails from the site in junk folder.
  • It has been also seen that sometimes people receive emails from contacts with whom they are not even familiar. In such cases it is beneficial to block such contacts.
  • Some hackers send fraudulent emails to random accounts in order to hack their email accounts. It is recommended to block such contacts in case you are getting such kind of mails.

Procedure for Blocking Contacts in Outlook

  • Open MS Outlook.
  • On the Tools menu


  • Choose
  • Select the Preferences Tab from the Options window that opens.


  • In the Email section, click on Junk Email followed by


  • Select the Blocked Senders


  • Click onAddto add the contacts that you want to be blocked.


  • Add An address or domainin the box that appears.


  • Below are theEnter an Email address or internet domain to be added to the list, enter the name or address which you want to block.
  • Click OK.


  • Repeat steps 4to 9 for blocking any other name or address from your Outlook Contacts list.



You can also add a name that you want to block and add to the Block Senders List using some alternative methods:

  • Select Junk Email folder.
  • Right click on the junk email message.


  • Select Junk email.


  • Select Add Sender to Blocked Senders List.



Q1) I have performed the above steps but the contacts are not getting blocked? What to do?

Answer:You may have probably saved the address you want to block in “Safe Senders” list. To check this follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open MS Outlook.
  • Select the Tools
  • Click on Options.
  • Select the Preferences Tab.
  • In the Email Tab select Junk Email.
  • Select Safe Senders Ensure that the email address you want to block is not enlisted here.
  • If the address you want to block is enlisted here, uncheck the Also trust e-mail from my contactsboxappearing at the bottom of this screen.

TIP: Kindly follow the mentioned steps carefully as even performing one step wrong can lead to adding any important contact into the blockers list.

About us: As author of MS Outlook Tools, Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products, especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.


How to earn online money in Pakistan?

There are so many options to earn money online in Pakistan but the difficult thing is how many of them are scams or legitimate. In this article, I am going to tell you the most easy and legitimate option to earn online money in Pakistan and that is Neobux. With this online money making system you can earn maximum 200 $ per month without any investment. Means without spending any single penny, you can start making money online by following the instruction shared below.


how to make money online in pakistan
how to make money online in pakistan

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How to earn online money in Pakistan?

First of all sign up on Neobux it’s very easy to create account on it after creating the account you have to view the some advertisement remember there only four permanent ads so you have to click four times on ads daily any how !   Rest of the ads you have to search them it’s totally up to you. If you missed a click on those four ads next day as penalty you will not get you referrals payment so be vigilant about this.
As many click to do per day you will get more money for them.

How Neobux converts you click in dollars?

You will earn 0.001 $ when you click an ads like this when you click four time you will get 0.004$ certainly this is very low amount, if we calculate this for a month means you see 30 ads and you get 0.03 $ which is very low amount and the monthly income will be 0.09$. There is two best ways to increase the income make more and more referrals for this you are dependent on others.

What are the referrals?

Referrals are the user that works for us there are two types of referrals.

> Direct Referrals
> Rental Referrals

Direct referrals: are those who you invite to join for example I am going to invite you, when I invite you, you will be in my list of referrals for ever and whenever he clicks 50% revenue will be transferred into my accounts for example there is 70 click from your friend and 45% money of that clicks will be mine. This revenue is only for thirty days .One rental referral is only for 0.02$ only for 30 days after 30 days if you want you can purchase another referral. If you rental referral is not active means users are not clicking the you can change the rental referral only pay 0.07$

How to rent the referrals:

You need minimum 2 $ to rent the referrals so first of all transfer 2 dollars then do many clicks and send the referral click to your friends and ask them to subscribe for Neobux therefore your revenue increase. After submitting 2$ you only need to rent the 10 referrals this is very important remember there is many people online on Neobux all the time so Sunday is reserved for referral rent also daily two hours you need to do referral rent on Neobux with these two hours you can’t do referral rent in these two hours you must do referral rent any time also you do monitoring these referrals to check out that which referral is good and active and which is not if any referral is not responding well mean in the four days there is no any click these recycle it paying 0.07$. Doing this new user will come in your list to replace the old user when 30 days completes then rent the referral for 150 days more you get 20% extra. Like this you manage the referrals and reach minimum 250 referrals. When you have 250 referrals than you monthly income it more than 200$

Now your next step is to purchase Golden member ship only spend 90$ from you income and increase your monthly income twice in the months it means 400$

How to get payment?

From Neobux you can withdraw minimum 2$. Basically Neobux is support both online PayPal and Alertpay but unfortunately Neobux is not working in Pakistan that why we use Alertpay in the Pakistan. According to Alertpay policy we can withdraw minimum 20$ also Alert pay shortly issuing the Debit Card in Pakistan.

There is only three ways for receiving money from Alertpay.

> Through cheque.
> Through back wire
> Through Credit Card

Payment reached within 2 to 4 days in Pakistan into your bank account so you can take it using your ATM card.

How to convert Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File

You often would find yourself in the scenario wherein you have any JPEG image, which needs some editing, so what can you do in this? Well, is it possible to do the editing part in it, of course you can do the needful by simply converting the scanned JPEG file into the editable word file.  Perhaps for those who have not tried this before, would find it difficult to do this, however, for the ones who have been doing these things too often can find things very much simple. Well, don’t, worry, just check the following steps, which would help you in converting the scanned JPEG file into the editable word file, let’s check them as under:

conver jpg into editable word file
convert jpg into editable word file

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How to convert Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File

Check the following given to change your scanned JPG document file into Editable Word File.

Step one

In the very first step, you are supposed to check whether you have the OCR software or not. Well, for those who do not know this, let me tell you, OCR is nothing but optical character recognition software, which converts any JPEG file into editable format, which further allow you to make any required changes in it. This simply means you can find the document or image soon in the editable format, which can further help you in making the required changes once for all. Once you download the software, you need to install it over your machine along with choosing the right language option as well.

Step two

The moment you finish doing the first step, you are supposed to now open the scanned image or shift the same into the software converting into the editable option by simply choosing the same program. The moment you do so, you would find the software recognizing the text and the characters found in the same seen in the form of PDF scanned documents, which carry out multiple page files, the images and other stuff that you have captured using the digital cameras. If you rely over the free online service, you have so many languages support, choose the right one as per your choice to do the needful. You can also download directly from

Step three

With this step, you would not find the real conversion of the said image into the editable document. The software supports to a different formats, which include JPEG, JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF, etc, which can be chosen to convert the same into editable Word other PDF formats. Very soon you would end up seeing the conversion taking place of the image into editable format. In order to start using the software program, you are not supposed to register yourself. You are just required to click at the online tool followed by browsing the file, which will further help you in converting into the editable word format. Once you complete this step, you simply end up getting the changes in it.

Wrapping up

So, you can now find out how simple it is to convert the scanned JPEG file into editable word format. All you are supposed to do is to follow these three steps and carry out the same without any hassle of issue.

Rakesh is an internet marketer. He loves to writing about technology, digital media and software’s. These days he is busy to writing an article on Scanned JPEG to Editable Word File Converter.

Top Ten Methods to Make Money Online Over the Internet

May you have heard and Google lot of time about making money online and may you have also tried it by using such methods but still not get any result so you don’t have to worry about I am gonna share my personal experience about our topic and give you some best methods which I am using personally for how you can make money online over the internet just sitting right there from home. In the following article you will get the list with small description of my top methods which I am going to reveal in front of you for making money online so here we start.

best methods for making money online
best methods for making money online

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Top Ten methods to make money online over the internet

No doubt, there are hundreds of methods around here for making money in which few are potential and more profitable so we have to start from methods like we gain something without wasting of time.

1- Make Money from Blogging

Almost this is the third year and continues I am using this method and getting wonderful result (Alhamdolillah) from my blogging platform. So if you want to make awesome income you have to start your blog also you can start it without investment or spending any single penny as I have already published an article for free blogging platform and share your thoughts/articles/tutorials around the world and apply for some high paying Ads publishing networks and start making money online.

2- Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

This topic is also the best method duly most recommended for your next online income and making money. Recently I have published a very easy and simple method for making money with Affiliate marketing in which you have been advised how you can start your new online business with affiliate marketing.

3- Make Money by Selling Products on Ebay, Amazon, or Other Classified Ads Sites

This is another method belongs to Affiliate marketing but here you have to sell your chosen products directly on Classified Sites i.e. Ebay, OLX, Amazon etc. before choosing any product you have to search for trending sites what people are looking for and then select that product affiliate links and sell within above mentioned sites to get your affiliate commission.

4- Make Money by Selling Photos

This is looks like joke but it is true fact that you can make money by selling photos online as I have already publish a complete article for this Check it here.

5- Make Money by writing Product Reviews

There are lots of companies and networks over the internet who wants more exposure of their product so if you have blog with good traffic, you can write product reviews for other companies and make good money.

6- Make Money with Writing Articles for other Bloggers

If you have great techniques for writing articles so what are you waiting for? There are so many bloggers around here who are looking for content writers to update their blogs. What you have to provide them is Unique Article with Quality Content. I have seen so many Facebook groups where bloggers come for buy unique articles in ($10/500 words) so don’t waste your time and start making money with your writing techniques.

Tips for Making Money from your Blog

7- Make Money by Freelancing

These are the websites ( where you can take projects in which have good expertise i.e. Computer Languages (Php, html, JAVA), content writing, software development, etc. and get awesome income .

8- Make Money with Your Own Expertise and Knowledge

You can also make good money by giving online tuition/coaching from social media platform or from your personal website , As I am blogger and I know little-bit about how to start blog and how to make money with blogging so I can start my tuition/coaching classes to teach people about blogging and in rewards I can make money from my blogging experience.

9- Make money with Facebook/Twitter.

You can also make huge amount from you social media platform.  This perfection comes if you have Facebook fan pages or Facebook group or twitter having long directory of followers. So you can post paid updates/posts on your Facebook pages/groups or twitter and start making money with social media platforms.

10- Make money by Uploading Files

There are 100’s of sites that pays for uploading and download, it means you can also make money by upload your worth documents, videos, photos and make money with each download. Just Google to start making money with uploading files.

Make Money With Payoneer Refer a Friend

Bottom Lines

Every next person has different capability that is why I have to write 10 methods if u can’t fit in first one you should try 2nd one or anyone else as mentioned above. Hope you will like it so Best of Luck.

Best Websites to Get Free Image Stock for Your Blog / Website

Nowadays, internet become the best platform to start your own online business by creating e-commerce website, stores, blogs etc. but there are some necessary things you must know before start your business. One of them is high quality unique images/photos for better presentation. But always be careful about copyright infringement because if you take any photo from other site without permission or any credit link (link to the original source) means you have breached the terms of top search engines i.e. Google, Bing, yahoo etc. because there are hundreds of online software to check plagiarism over the internet, in case the original owner find you it will embrace him and he may report for copyright violation and it will affect your ranking.

get free royal image stock
get free royal image stock

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Best Websites to Get Free Image Stock for Your Blog / Website

In this article I am going to share few best sources and websites to get free royal image stock to use for your new online business for better presentation and to avoid any breach of copyright. Please check the following lists of Free Image Stock Websites.


You can download thousands of Free Images for use in your blog website. There are more than 350000 images stocked in Freeimages galleries.

This company was started in 1998 so there is no any doubt in its collection of photos. You can also use get free photos from your website presentation.


Stock Vault is also another popular site to get free images. When you visit this site you will there is 46000 free images and also download more than 10000 times. If you want free images you must visit this site.


There is also huge collection of free royal image stock complete free of cost and no one can claim any photo.

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Final Bottom Lines

These above links are totally free of cost to download royal images for your website. For any further assistance or enquiry, contact us or leave the comment below. Regards.

Few Essential Guidelines to Gearing Up Website Design Challenges

A lot of professional website designers tend to freak out the mere ideas of building website, when they undertake a new web deign project. If you are a web designer or developer, then surely you too in the habit of becoming nervous, when your project manager asks about new web designing venture. Well! This is quite common phenomenon, which generally every web designer faces. Today, I‘ll let you know about web design challenges that need to consider and hopefully, this post will encourage you to take up the utmost amount of confidence, while implementing or following these guidelines.

guidelines for website design
Few Essential Guidelines to Gearing Up Website Design Challenges

What exactly the “Web Design Challenge”?

It is necessary for a web designer to justify the design logically. Logical justification is a kind of skill, in which most of the website designers are lacked. So, taking up a new web design challenge in your web designing creativity, which will combat your fear of logical justification about your own design. Try to focus on providing a detailed explanation for your designing approach and be confident about reasons that why you choose this particular approach to fetch the optimum results for your business.

Is Challenge Worth Undertaking?

Through website designing challenge, you will be confident to articulate and gather the information or reason that how your design is the best suits to meet the client’s requirements. It will also help to build a trust among your prospective customers and clients. The satisfaction of clients provides an overwhelming & proud and inspire other customers to easily trust and work with you. For the brand new website designing projects, it is also convenient to opt for personal web page development. The design critiques provide their feedbacks & suggestions about your design and these feedbacks help you improve the work quality. Thus, it will be easy for you to target maximum audience.

Taking Care Essential Guidelines That Help You Take Challenges with Confidence:

Plan for Grid Structure

While designing a website, it is noticeable or important to give more attention on the grid structure for the same design. It is advisable to prefer 12 column structure rather than of 16 column grid structure. It does not matter, what choice you have for grid structure, the important thing is to provide satisfying explanation of products and services to their clients.

Well-organize the Layout

Planning for an effective web design layout is a crucial task that comprises every element of web page. The term “layout” refers the buttons, white spaces, bullets, margin, and the overall structure, which is generally different on every web page of the site. The proper adjustment of elements is essential concern in order to improve the readability of site. For the web designer professionals, it is the vital fact to be considered.

Selection of Suitable Typography

Another important aspect is to choose the right typography to target the over-conscious audience & always kept in mind, while taking up a new web design project. You can take advice from your peers or browse other websites to check the design and typography, then choose the best and unique one for your website. Gather useful information from other audience targeted websites regarding different kinds of fonts.

Choose the High-quality & Perfectly Fitted Images

It is the sole responsibility of every developer to ensure that each image, which is included on the web pages are highly qualitative and accordance to the site. If your website is the services or products’ provider, then the use of well-defined images should not be missed out at any how. Quality and uniqueness of images must be 100% for the better success. You can use the images of your group members to showcase the team spirit and ensure that it provides a detailed explanation about why you choose these images?


I hope that the above explanation regarding guidelines of this post will help you build a passion for the new website designing projects and encourage to discover the endless opportunities and fulfill your business goal in a short span of time. Whether you have a web redesign work or a new design project work, the essential thing is to have a right kind of attitude with your work.

How to convert a WebPage to PDF format With in seconds?

I hope that all of you may have heard about PDF Formats. PDF Means Portable Document Format which is not depend to any applications, software or even Operating System tools. Each PDF Files are enriched with text, images and graphics which can’t edited later. Whatever the platform, PDF files can be opened using Adobe Reader or with other alternatives. There will be no changes happen to the file format inside a PDF. PDF Opened on Windows system will be same as that of opened on a Linux Operating System.

convert webpage to pdf
how to convert webpage to PDF format

There might be variety of instance where the user needs to save a webpage. [For eg: Reading articles, Viewing Google Adsense or other online charts etc]. Usually all of us simply Right-click on the browser and save it on the desired designation. Is this the better way to read the file later? Probably NO. Because if there happens a missing of any file which you have saved, it shows some problems to access. Doing so needs to manage a lots of files. This problem can be easily overcome by saving the webpage to pdf format. Today there are several Online and offline websites proving the opportunity to save your webpage to pdf format. I know several extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox loaded with ton of advertisements doing the same function. Is there any need of such third party applications if the browser does the same? Here we shows how to convert a  WebPage to PDF format with in seconds.

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Advantages of PDF Over other file Formats

  • No missing of related files
  • Light weight And portable
  • Platform independent.
  • Exist as a single File

How to convert a WebPage to PDF format With in seconds?

Convert Webpage to PDF in Google Chrome

Currently Google Chrome and Torch Browser supports this feature. In case of mozilla Firefox, you should need the support of an external plugin or application. In IE also no such feature.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing

  • Go to the page you want to convert to pdf format.

convert webpage to pdf
convert webpage to pdf

  • Now give the Print comment for that page. In Chrome the Keyboard shortcut is CTRL + P.
  • On the left hand side, you can see the Printing option.
  • Under destination, there is an option to change. Click on Change.
  • Now a Pop up appears to Select the destination.


save webpage into pdf format
save webpage into pdf format

  • Now Choose Save as PDF option.
  • Then Click Save.

Now a windows appears and ask you where to save the file. Choose the path and enjoy the PDF.

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Convert Webpage to PDF in Mozilla Firefox using plugin

As I mentioned earlier Mozilla have no such inbuilt feature to convert webpage to PDF. So here is the plugin page to download the extension. Some of the features of this extension:

  • Convert a selection of Bookmarks into a single pdf
  • Convert a webpage to Pdf
  • Convert all open tabs into a single pdf
  • Convert links on Scrapbook to PDF.
  • Convert External source links to PDF.
  • Convert links on bookmark folder to pdf.


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If you have any problem about topic webpage to PDF, please feel free to comment here. We will contact you with in 24 hours. if you like this tip, please share it.

What is High, Normal, Low Bounce Rate and How to Decrease?

If given contents are enrich with concern topics then a visitor will surely get interested in article and read more that article without any frustration. It’s mean that whenever a visitor visits your website, he doesn’t get the real content that what he wants and he immediately leaves your site simply. There could be many reasons for bounce off a costumer. One of them could also be the improper presentation of given contents

how to reduce bounce rate
what is low normal high bounce rate and how to reduce


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What Is High, Normal And Low Bounce Rates?

As I have already mentioned the whole definition of bounce rates above and now I am going to tell you about high, normal and low bounce rates. Whenever you will see, there you will find low bounce rates in forum as compare to blogs, it is because there are contents more than one while on a Blog there is usually single recent post. It’s obvious that who does not want to read new threads regularly and therefore it becomes the cause of low bounce rates simply. Somewhere the bounce back is in your favor. And you must be thinking that how? That mean, if you provide an amount of ads on your website and visitors click on these ads, so that response is quite in your favor.

Actually blogs have generally high bounce rates because the visitors only like to read latest post and then move on. Therefore if you have ads on your Blog, so high bounce rate is rather easy to accept.

On the other hand if you don’t have ads on your Blog, then your bounce rate might be exist between 40% n 70% and this isn’t called to be high bounce rates according to me.

So publish up-to-date contents on your Blog and get a number of visitors on your site. As a result bounce rate of your Blog might be 40% or lower than it.

And now after these all you must be know whole information about high, normal and low bounce rates. Check below some very best tips to decrease bounce rate of Blog.

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How to Decrease Bounce Rates?

Here I’ll give you the proper method to decrease bounce rates. Just you have to concentrate that how your website is being used by your costumers. For this purpose we have to do the use of Google analytics.


Content Quality

The most important thing is the quality of your content. You must have to provide such contents to your site that the visitors get satisfy form given articles and they feel that this is the thing that what I am looking for. Content should be readable and detailed with concern topic. Certainly it’ll decrease the amount of bounce rates. It’ll be also prove a good impression towards Google. Every visitor satisfy to visit your site and thankful to provide them a meaningful content.

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Use Images and Paragraphs Liberally

You can also use the images and paragraphs accordingly. Whenever you are going to show a new idea whether it is concern with subject, you can change the paragraph. At the same time you can do use of pictures as well. It will make more attracting to your article.  The use of images should be limited to the article. Remember that your aim is to provide a meaningful content to readers and can read easily.


Remove “Forced-Consume” Content

You must have to avoid from forced-consume in your site. Now you must be thinking that what forced-consume is! So here I will clear you that forced-consume means auto-play of music and videos within the entrance of site.

Yaa! Somewhere it’s better but it’ll be best in that situation when you provide a selection key/button for visitors as they can watch the video if they want. Other wise may some peoples do not interested in watching video so in that situation they can get frustrated. And may they will leave site as well. By ignoring this one the bounce rates can be lower simply.

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Update Old Content

Try to avoid from publishing out dated contents in your site. It may also the cause of bounce off. And it’s Very good to update old content for your site. This expresses that your site always show recent contents to the readers.


I hope that you are satisfied by above all tips. Certainly these all features can lower the bounce rates.