The Top 4 Apple iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers

If you are a blogger using word press as you blogging app on a regular basis, you may find it quite a burden when you want post updates.  This is because for the most part, it entails more than just writing content and clicking the button for publishing. You need to upload images, create titles and the necessary posts need to be shared over social media. WordPress blog users find it necessary to have apps that make their work easier if they are supposed to carry out their blogging tasks over a short period of time. In this article, we will look at the top four Apple iOS apps for bloggers who use WordPress.

Apple iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers
Top Apple iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers

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The Top 4 Apple iOS Apps for WordPress Bloggers


WordPress helps you be able to manage the content no your blog easily and the best thing about this app is that it is absolutely free. The WordPress Apple iOS app allows you to easily get hold of the revolutionary CMS-WordPress. As a blogger, it presents you with a spanking new user interface, shortcuts that are very handy and allows you to get to the HTML code image uploads. It also offers you with lots and lots of cool and incredible features.


Feedly is a most recent RSS feed reader app, which attributes an attractive and likeable magazine style design. If you are a constant blogger, it is to a certain extent very important to always keep up with the updates of the latest news and ongoing market trends that are happening throughout the world or the place that favors you most. The feedly app for WordPress presents you as a blogger with a suitable and stress-freeway to be always up with updates. It does this by displaying with your preferred news and blogs all at the once. In addition you can also add tags, classify or even share your feeds with everyone that you want.

Pocket: SaveArticles andVideostoViewLater

One of the thing about news feeds and social streams is that they contain a large extent of information that as a blogger, it is just about impossible to read all that information all in a go. That is where the pocket Apple iOS app comes in to assist you. The pocket app can be used to bookmark and save all the fascinating articles that interest you so that you can view them later at your free time. Pocket in addition permits you as a blogger to share, assemble or tag the articles of your choice.

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The Blogpress Apple iOS app is very incredible and is just the right app to manage a variety of blogging platforms. Some of these blogging platforms include WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr just to name a few. This blog editor management platform comes with a comment management system that is in-built; it assists blogging operations that are basic, videos and also images uploading.

This is the list of the top four Apple iOS Apps that are designed for bloggers, they provide a lot of assist for you as a blogger and you should not hesitate to download. The amazing thing is that they are absolutely free.

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How to Optimize and Speedup Your WordPress Blog or Website

If you go through for the blogging platforms, WordPress is the best and popular platform to start your new blogging career as currently 18 – 20 % website means more than ten millions webmaster are using WordPress for their Business, Blogging, and e-commerce websites. Because there are lot of things which makes it more valuable and that are easy to install and its use, content management system (CMS), external plugins installation, easy to optimize for search engines with third party plugins and more but besides also some bad comments for its performance that’s why my today’s topic is about the more important thing which is also comes in search engine optimization and that is how to increase WordPress blog loading speed.

how to optimize wordpress speed
how to speed up wordpress blog

How to Optimize and Speedup Your WordPress Blog or Website

After few lines about its functions now we are going to our topic, in this post I will tell you some best tips, tricks and guides for better optimization and best ways to increase loading speed of your WordPress blog/website.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the best way to make it more easier for content management. But here my topic is speeding up your WordPress blog so if you have installed such plugins which are not in use or may they harm your WordPress blog speed you must uninstall and check the alternate method to solve same problem. Therefore, there is some external plugins such as P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) to check your installed WordPress plugins show the complete details about the installed plugin which plugins are creating disturbance and slowing your blog.

Responsive and Mobile Theme

You will find everywhere on the internet about new technology and mobile devices and every new week we find new mobile device launched by some popular companies. It is also observed and come in knowledge that there are more internet users of mobile than desktop and computer device. So, it’s very necessary that you blog or website is must mobile optimized and have a Responsive theme.

Web Hosting

If you search Google for cheep hosting, you will find thousands of hosting providers which are providing unlimited hosting with very cheap prices but in blog speedup case you will not find your hosting package is going well for your blog so its very necessary before purchase hosting you check and find review for the best hosting providers.

Minify and Combine JavaScript and CSS

After the updates in computer languages and new versions, there is different tools are being introduced to minify and combine JavaScript and CSS sheets by compressing for reducing blog loading timing. You can easily minify and Combine JavaScript and Combine CSS with the by installing external WordPress plugins.


Another major issue, also happened with me just last night (at the time of writing this article). Enabling cache on your WordPress blog /website will give you better performance for loading speed. You can use the WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache to control cache issues easily.


To reducing WordPress Loading your blog must have WP HTTP compression tool. It will help you to reduce 60 – 80 % loading time and give the better result to your coming visitors.

Image Compression

It is the need of every article to have an image or images. Because as blogger, we share step by step tutorials and guides in which we have to add so many images that make blog page heavy in loading but if you compress your image before upload from or use the, it will compress all your blog image and reduce its sizes to improve the performance and loading speed of your WordPress blog.

Bottom Lines

At the end after applying and following the above tips tricks for reducing WordPress blog loading time, you must check you blog speed on google pagespeed tool and check the difference. For further inquiry, you can ask by replying in this article.

Image Hover and Preferred Contents Social Sharing Plugin

I have already seen valuable gadgets and also shared lot of beautiful Blogger and WordPress widgets but what I found today, I have never seen any plugin like this. This is the social media sharing widget for Blogger WordPress or any website. Before, I have shared a widget similar to like the coming below widget for Image hover social media sharing widget. But in this plugin has something more from the previous shared plugin to share you contents through social media platforms and get more traffic from the social networks platforms. Check below more information about it and how to install this widget in your WordPress, Blogger or custom hosted website.

hover sharing widget


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Image Hover and Preferred Contents Social Sharing Plugin

You can so many benefits by applying this valuable widget on your blog or website in the shape of increasing traffic audience from social media website. This plugin help your visitors to share preferred contents over facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin or by email also there is a great feature of image mouse hover sharing plugin system to share the above mentioned website.


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How to Install Sharing Plugin

This is the creating of Markerly and much appreciated work to help bloggers for increase social traffic. Follow the given below instruction.

Simply Go to Markerly

Generate Plugin as your blog layout settings and colours and fill the registration farm below.

Preferred Contents Social Sharing Plugin

Now Copy this Generated Code

Image Hover sharing plugin

And paste it in website, Blogger or WordPress template between the ‹body› [paste code here] ‹⁄ body›tag

imge sharing plugin

Save template and checkout New Preferred Contents Sharing Plugin and Mouse Hover Sharing Button for images.



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Bottom Lines

For any further assistance in case of any misunderstanding, below is the comment form, you can ask whatever related to above article, Hope This Social Media Sharing Plugin help your increase your Blogger audience and traffic.. Regards.

Top 5 WordPress Photo Themes

Themes always add life to whatever they are meant for. Be it for decoration, presence, appearance, impact, or just otherwise; themes are quite necessary to fill things with life. Here we present the top 5 themes for WordPress sorted in ascending order of rankings. They are as follows:-

top wordpress photo themes

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Top 5 WordPress Photo Themes

1.       Imgur This theme holds the top rank in the list of best WordPress photo themes or images themes. Its interface if glamorous, user friendly and has everything to connect to people. This theme basically aims at giving exposures to publish photographs and make it globally accessible. It offers fully customizable platform to decorate and present the theme as the user wants to.

imagr powerful wordpress theme

Though it has innumerable plusses, but the major ones put on offer are its essential and elegant layout, the simple and dynamic option panel, three ads places ready, lightbox, easy comment box etc. Thus the user interface is extremely friendly and simple to use. One can upload pictures with endless possibilities and share them with anyone they wish. Also the ads can be controlled as per requirements and this feature serves as a boon for majority bloggers.

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2.       Expressions: The second rank is held by this theme. It has due potential in it to perform outstandingly if adopted for business or corporate usage; though it has numerous other grounds to play on. It looks somewhat like this:

expressions wordpress photo theme

It definitely has some of the best and uncommon features. It has a pleasing yet attractive interface. The options bar at the top makes the important options easily accessible to the one using it. Talking of graphics and effects, it shows a dark shadow effect at the bottom of the image, thereby giving it a more elegant look. These features pump up its rank to 2nd.


3.       Narcilicious: This is 3rd on our list with packed features and endless possibilities for customizing it. This theme is from Colorlabs and allows creation of online photograph album with a creative motive to share them with friends, family or the entire world by making it online.

Narcilicious wordpress theme

Some features include gallery and portfolio templates, magazine style homepage layout, automatic image resizing, fancy AJAX visual effects, theme options panel and much more.

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4.       Photo Press Photography: This is 4th in the rankings and offers a very responsive photography theme from Authentic Themes. This premium interface has astonishing grid layout for the homepage thereby making it highly professional and gives exposure to showcase the photo gallery in a well organized yet attractive manner. These presentation patterns do catch eyes and are recognized for their uniqueness.

photo press wordpress theme


 5.       Picture Box Photography: This is another one of the hot favourites among the most popular bloggers for WordPress and ranks 5th. Designed by Theme Warrior, it is known for its glamour, elegance, and flexibility that it portrays. Picture Box also has custom widgets, 3 colour schemes, WP 3.0+ drop down custom menus, banner ad management and much more.

picture box wordpress theme


These are one of the best photo themes for Word Press and are highly recommended for bloggers to try and give their websites a new and upgraded look.

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Setup Wodpress Blog Mobile Theme

how to setup wordpress mobileJust now, I was browsing internet from my android phone and discovered that there is no mobile theme or version setup for my WordPress Blog and my Blog is opened in same regular theme as its shown in PC and it will take so much time to load from mobile from mobile phones. As there is no auto setup for mobile version in own domain WordPress Blog. After searching such plugins to solve my issue I have found a very useful plugin for your WordPress mobile version from which users can easily surf your WordPress blog without spending time in loading pages and wait until page load with PC regular view or may be they leave without hang around. So today in this post I will step by step guide you how to setup mobile version theme for your WordPress blog within few steps.

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Why Mobile Theme Version for Blog is important?

Yes it is very important to having mobile version theme in your WordPress Blog, for understanding this question we have to go 15 years back and remember that before Mobile Companies was making phone smaller and slims but what is nowadays is mobile phones has changed their sizes from mobile phone to tablets, iPhones, Androids, windows mobiles means day by day mobile phone companies are making different operating systems with lot of functions and from that we can operate all over system which we are using from computers. That’s means, computer and phones are doing same job and most of the people likes to have good mobile phone instead of computer or Laptops because if we get everything from mobile why we should use or have computer or laptop. I have also check the visitors of my sites and almost 30 to 40 % visitors was come on my Blog using mobile, iOs, tablets, iPhone, or other smartphones so we must have installed Mobile Theme in Our Blog. Check below guide for installing Mobile Theme in Your WordPress Blog.

How to Setup Mobile Theme Version in Your WordPress Blog.

As I have mentioned few importance of having mobile theme of Blog. After that here below the complete guide for installing WordPress mobile theme. Follow the given below instructions.

Direct installation from Plugin.

Go to Plugin Section and Click on the Add New

Image now search for the “Wordpress Mobile Pack” and Click on the Search Button then Click on the Install button

You Plugin for WordPress Mobile Theme has been installed now, click on the Active Plugin.

Go to appearance tab, there you will see three tab for mobile theme as per screen shot shown below and setup any setting as you want or need for your Blog.

Checkout again your Blog from any mobile phone and make any changing as per your requirement from Mobile Theme, Mobile Widget.

If you want to download this it click here to download WordPress Mobile Pack from WordPress Plugin Director.

Bottom Lines

I highly recommend you to must setup mobile theme for your Blog or website for giving proper information to your visitors. For any further assistance or inquiry please send us by replying in this Post. Regards..

Social Popup Widget with Email Subscription For WordPress

After Sharing of such beautiful and SEO friendly widgets for blogger, today it’s my first widget for wordpress. Its not my creation I have discovered it for my blog but for better provision to my entire visitors I have modified this widget with Email Subscription below the Social Media Like and Follow buttons. Before I have also shared so many widget for you should check in the category of widget. This widget will force your visitors to follow your blog via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and after modification you can insert Email Subscription widget below the follow buttons.

wordpress social popup email subscription

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How to Install Social Media Popup Widget For WordPress

As I have mentioned above this is not my creation I have just modified and integrated it Email Subscription so first of install or download this widget from WordPress Plugin Directory.

Click here to Download it from WordPress Plugin Directory.

Install it in unzip the folder and install it in /wp-content/plugins/‘ or you may search it In plugin section and click on install to direct install it inside your blog. Check below screenshot.

how to install wordpress plugin

 How to Customize Social Media Popup Widget For WordPress

For customization you can check the installation tab on the installation page or you may check the following screenshot for and fill all the fields as per widgets requirement.

wordpress social popup widget

Save it and checkout your blog homepage.

social popup widget for wordpress

You will find there is a Popup Social media Widget now what I have done.

How Add Email Subscription in Social Media Popup Widget

Wordpress Social Popup with Email Subscription

Check above screenshot if you want this widget like this. Follow the give given below instructions.

copy the given below code and Go to Social Popup Section >> Styling >> and Paste the Code as per Screenshot shown below.

Social Popup with Email Subscription
Insert Email here as Per ScreenShots

Now check your homepage you will find new Social PoPup Widget with Email Subscription.

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Bottom Lines

Feel free to ask any further query, Keep Enjoying TipTircksIsland.Com, waiting for your positive feedback. Follow Our Social Media Networks for always uptodate with RazBlogs.