Top Ten Methods to Make Money Online Over the Internet

May you have heard and Google lot of time about making money online and may you have also tried it by using such methods but still not get any result so you don’t have to worry about I am gonna share my personal experience about our topic and give you some best methods which I am using personally for how you can make money online over the internet just sitting right there from home. In the following article you will get the list with small description of my top methods which I am going to reveal in front of you for making money online so here we start.

best methods for making money online
best methods for making money online

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Top Ten methods to make money online over the internet

No doubt, there are hundreds of methods around here for making money in which few are potential and more profitable so we have to start from methods like we gain something without wasting of time.

1- Make Money from Blogging

Almost this is the third year and continues I am using this method and getting wonderful result (Alhamdolillah) from my blogging platform. So if you want to make awesome income you have to start your blog also you can start it without investment or spending any single penny as I have already published an article for free blogging platform and share your thoughts/articles/tutorials around the world and apply for some high paying Ads publishing networks and start making money online.

2- Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

This topic is also the best method duly most recommended for your next online income and making money. Recently I have published a very easy and simple method for making money with Affiliate marketing in which you have been advised how you can start your new online business with affiliate marketing.

3- Make Money by Selling Products on Ebay, Amazon, or Other Classified Ads Sites

This is another method belongs to Affiliate marketing but here you have to sell your chosen products directly on Classified Sites i.e. Ebay, OLX, Amazon etc. before choosing any product you have to search for trending sites what people are looking for and then select that product affiliate links and sell within above mentioned sites to get your affiliate commission.

4- Make Money by Selling Photos

This is looks like joke but it is true fact that you can make money by selling photos online as I have already publish a complete article for this Check it here.

5- Make Money by writing Product Reviews

There are lots of companies and networks over the internet who wants more exposure of their product so if you have blog with good traffic, you can write product reviews for other companies and make good money.

6- Make Money with Writing Articles for other Bloggers

If you have great techniques for writing articles so what are you waiting for? There are so many bloggers around here who are looking for content writers to update their blogs. What you have to provide them is Unique Article with Quality Content. I have seen so many Facebook groups where bloggers come for buy unique articles in ($10/500 words) so don’t waste your time and start making money with your writing techniques.

Tips for Making Money from your Blog

7- Make Money by Freelancing

These are the websites ( where you can take projects in which have good expertise i.e. Computer Languages (Php, html, JAVA), content writing, software development, etc. and get awesome income .

8- Make Money with Your Own Expertise and Knowledge

You can also make good money by giving online tuition/coaching from social media platform or from your personal website , As I am blogger and I know little-bit about how to start blog and how to make money with blogging so I can start my tuition/coaching classes to teach people about blogging and in rewards I can make money from my blogging experience.

9- Make money with Facebook/Twitter.

You can also make huge amount from you social media platform.  This perfection comes if you have Facebook fan pages or Facebook group or twitter having long directory of followers. So you can post paid updates/posts on your Facebook pages/groups or twitter and start making money with social media platforms.

10- Make money by Uploading Files

There are 100’s of sites that pays for uploading and download, it means you can also make money by upload your worth documents, videos, photos and make money with each download. Just Google to start making money with uploading files.

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Bottom Lines

Every next person has different capability that is why I have to write 10 methods if u can’t fit in first one you should try 2nd one or anyone else as mentioned above. Hope you will like it so Best of Luck.

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