Read More Button in Every Blogger Post

You have written an article more than 1000 words, after publishing you saw that your blogger homepage is showing the whole post on the main home page so let we learn how to break your post on the main page.

As you have already seen on many blogs that after few line in their post, there is button of Read More so in this post I want to tell you how can we Insert Read More Button In Blogger Post because once I was new blogger I was also not aware of it but now I have seen such template are designed and that’s are already designed like we don’t have to use Insert jump or manual break.

how to add read more button in blogger blog post

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Why should we use Read More Button in Blogger Post?

It is my own thinking according to my blogging experience if you add read more button in your blogger post your visitors will stay more time on the blog.

Because for reading more article and post your visitors have to use that read more button and they explore more and how much you have written such a wonderful and useful article for your visitors.

So now we learn how to insert Read More Button in Blogger

When you are creating an article in the blogger post editor there are many tools for formatting your post. After writing few lines or wherever you want to add a break or read more button click on insert jump break as per image shown below.

It will add Read More Button to your article and also you can use your own image to at the place of read more button.

Insert Custom Image Button instead of Read More in Blogger Post

Here I will tell you how you can add custom image instead of Read More Text for making your blog more beautiful. Follow this

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > check on Expand Widget Templates

find the following code

Leave it here and now you have to upload you an image which one will be used for Read More Button, simply upload it to your blogger and copy link location

Use this code and replace red text with Image URL in below code

It will look like this

This is the last stage now code which you find in Blogger template

Replace the READ MORE with the image code like this

Save template and refresh your blog’s homepage

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  • Thanks….Human………..Im Finding This from 7 days ….tnxxx

  • Nice posting.I will add this knowledge in my sites .

  • lee

    I fixed it , I searched for "jump-link" and I found the place where I should replace the codes , Thank you very much.
    A very useful tutorials , anyways your welcome to check the progression I made on my blogger , and please reply for any improvements you think I should make :

  • Can you show me your blog link??

  • lee

    But how do I find "Read More " , I click format template , then I search but nothing is found , please help !

  • lee

    Exactly , that what I was thinking but when I saw the comments August 3 2013 I though I might be doing something wrong , Thank you very much…

  • Dear Now blogger has changed there EDIT Html interface so there is a button called format template you can use that buttin instead of Expand Widget

  • lee

    What about now ? I click edit HTML , but no expand widget is showing , am I doing something wrong ?

  • ThanQ Dear.. Keep visiting us and get new updates every day

  • Alex

    Thank you for this wonderful tips, mate. I have been searching for this… Good job!

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