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How to Access Blocked Youtube and Other Blocked Websites

How to Access Blocked Youtube and Other Blocked Websites

As discussed in my earlier post regarding Pakistan Government Banned YouTube Because of  Anti-Islamic Movie. The decision was taken so as to protest against that video and to not access the video in Asian nation. Earlier, Pakistan's government request was denied by Google for removal of that anti-Islamic video. Google's statement was that, the corporate isn't however registered in Pakistan; thus, Pakistani laws cannot be followed by Google. Though, the video was blocked in India, Indonesia, Asian country and Libya wherever Google is registered and follow the native laws.

how to access blocked youtube


There are several VPN softwares and tricks which might be useful for accessing Youtube and different blocked websites for Asian nation. principally they're Proxy package that hide your privacy and grant to access to the YouTube. Please however typically, security problems arise whereas employing a proxy software; they will transfer your personal information to their servers. It does not show your identity to anyone. thus this can be the simplest resolution for exploitation YouTube in Asian nation once it's blocked. i am exploitation it myself and it's counseled to you to.

Trick to Unblock Youtube without Proxy and Software

Here are two different methods shared by me recently in which you easily access YouTube website without using any third-party software and access YouTube.

Check ⇒ Unblock YouTube Without Software or Proxy Method -1

Check ⇒ Unblock YouTube Without Software or Proxy Method -1

both methods are very easy to use, just follow the given instructions and enjoy YouTube without buffering and loading.

Best VPN Softwares and Proxy Sites to Access YouTube and other Banned Websites

Here i am including some very best free VPN softwares for the same purpose which can you help to access YouTube easily.

UltraSurf - Visit its official website here
HotSpotShied - Visit Official Website here 

also proxy website is given below to access block websites,


All the above methods are genuine and checked personally, not to hurt anyone just for information purpose only. for any further inquiry, feel free to ask.