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YOUTUBE  Unblocked in Pakistan

Youtube: When It Will Be Unblocked in Pakistan ?

This question has been asked so many times from me since YouTube was blocked in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The people have right to ask this simple question , because they need YouTube for their projects & better purposes and some of the users of Pakistan are also Making Money from from this service. However, the video sharing net site won't be unblocked in coming days said, PTA. The last statement from PTA was given on 30th of September, when they told the Pro-Pakistani net site & other media reporters that, the net site won't be unblocked until removal of Anti-Islamic video.

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When YOUTUBE Will Be Unblocked in Pakistan?

However, the same will be unblocked if supreme court orders PTA to do so. Also, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has the ability to order PTA for unblocking YouTube in Pakistan. PTA one time again requested Google to remove the Anti-Islamic video from their video sharing net site YouTube; but, they denied this again. So surely, the site won't be unblocked in near future but there is also some softwares which can help you access blocked youtube.

Best Ways to Unblock youtube in Pakistan

Below i am sharing my own article for unblocking youtube and other websites without any software and proxy site to continue watching videos over youtube.

Read the instructions of both shared link to unblock youtube. Hope this article will be useful my every reader. for any further assistant you many ask by comment on this post. Regards.