Unblock Youtube/Website Without Software or Proxy New Method

As we all Pakistanis are facing an issue of Ban on Youtube, because someone published an Anti-Islamic Movie which was totally against according to Muslim religion, but now its come to in my knowledge that Google has also Blocked Youtube services in Pakistan (I am not Sure but I have heard this new from one of my friends).

Before, I have already shared a trick for unblocking Youtube in Pakistan or from anywhere where it is banned or blocked by assigning a simple DNS IP in your network connection settings, but few people comment that trick was not working at their end or maybe no more working. therefore, I have searched another trick for the same and bring some another useful way for Unblocking Youtube Without any Proxy or Software.

unblock youtube websites without any software or proxy

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Unblock Youtube/Website Without Software or Proxy New Method

Please watch this video for Windows 7 –  8

You may follow the Given Step and instructions in screenshots below.

For Windows XP

Copy this and Paste in Notepad and use any one of the following for given below steps

Server Hostname: us.newipvpn.com
VPN Username: newipvpn.com
Password: 2013


Server Hostname: uk.newipvpn.com
VPN Username: newipvpn.com
Password: 2013

Always connected with NewIPVPN.com because may they change password any time so you have to update your Password from NewIPVPN.com
Go to Control Panel >> Network Connections >>

Unblock Youtube Without Software
Unblock Youtube Without Software
Unblock Youtube Without Software
Unblock Youtube Without Software
Unblock Youtube Without Software
Unblock Youtube Without Software

Now open Youtube in browser

May you find a page with I AGREE Button before opening Youtube Click on that Button and again insert Youtube.com in the browser.
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Hope you will find this tutorial good. For any further assistance, you can ask by replying to this post.

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  • Ayan Khan

    this idea is cool…my cousin told me this idea and it was working perfectly from last 3 months but now from last few days it is not working anymore…i dont know what happened…i didnt do any kind of changes but now an error is continuously occuring….. this kind of error " Error 800. unable to establish the nvp connection. the VPN server may be unreachable or security parameters may not be configured properly for this connection" can u help me plzzzzzzzzz????

  • RazBlogs

    same as the above

  • QurAt UL Ain Anne

    tell us how to do this in windows 7 ?

  • No only one time Dear

  • bilal

    dows it slow down speed or connection?

  • you tube lover

    I love you brother…. Thank you sooooo much… God bless you… I am really happy… Although I am an IT Professoinal but this method is out of this world…

    Bundle of thanks

  • Habib Ahmed

    Thanks. its working.. but i want to know that.. do i always need to do the same steps when i open my computer.. or it is automatically connected to the youtube.. ???

  • contact me. I will operate you PC through remote desktop and check it

  • Reintall Windows.. it will work fine

  • You have to reinstall windows

  • when i enter his username=newipvpn.com and password as 2013 this tell me that "error 800:unable to establish the VPN connection.the VPN server may be unreachable,or security parameters may not be confiqured properly for this connection". now what should me do for open youtube

  • you have wrote there about any video for unblock youtube, but i didn't found any video..
    can u explain me where is that video??

  • Soha Ali

    I tried everything as mentioned. After I click "connect" button, It says:

    Error connecting to Free Youtube
    Error 619

  • I've tried your methods but im unable to open youtube, still.

  • Same method as mentioned above otherwise contact me through contact section or via social media profiles

  • Noshad

    Ehsan windows8 main kaisa kola ga youtube Without Software or Proxy

  • Noshad

    Ehsan Windows8 Main kaisa kola ga

  • contact me through contact section I will guide you properly

  • armaan malik

    can u please explain it for windows 7 ?

  • such nice and a latest post. thanks for sharing such nice and great post

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  • Blanca Berger

    A great tip! I would also recommend another way: https://vpnclientapp.com/blog/how-to-unblock-youtube/