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Google Penguin?  SEO for Google Penguin

What is Google Penguin? SEO for Google Penguin

Google penguin is the code name for a Google algorithm update that was first announced in April 24, 2012. The update aims to reduce the search engine rankings of sites that violate the webmaster guidelines of Google using blackhat techniques SEO, such as call coverage, stuffing, and participate in link schemes, the deliberate creation of duplicate content, and others.

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what is google pengin SEO for Google Pengiun

What is Google Penguin?  SEO for Google Penguin.

How to safe your Blog from being affected from Google Penguin? As mentioned above, because of such blackhat techniques used by various bloggers, Google has finally rolled out new update named Google penguin. The main changes of this algorithm is to Focus on Image Alt Tag, Backlinks, Header Tags, Internal Linking, Long Tail keywords, Meta Keywords and Title tag. While using any image inside your post and article, must include and assign Alt Tag for every image and before creating any Backlink with another blog or website, please often check its ranking and SEO score also for SEO facts, every blogger has to consider Header Tag, Title Tag and Meta Keywords to avoid and attack of Google Penguin.

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Penguin and Previous Updates

New Penguin, Google released a series of updates algorithm called Panda with first appeared in February 2011. Panda ranking measures aimed at websites that provide a poor user experience. To find such Web pages, the machine-learning algorithm used Navneet Panda, hence the name. The algorithm follows the logic that human quality raters Google determine the quality of the site.

SEO for Google Penguin

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