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best foods for lowering blood pressure

10 Best Foods for Lowering Blood Pressure

Hello! Friends in this article I would like to tell you that how you can decrease your blood pressure by consuming natural foods in your daily meal and also can get rid of the daily medication and tell you ten best foods for lowering blood pressure.

Generally you see that patients of blood pressure mostly seem very tense about their disease and totally their life become depend on medicines. Day and night they just take stress of minor issues and make tense to their selves as well others, and it’s just because their growing blood pressure day by day. Generally a normal person finally feds up from medicine after taking them continuously, and want to get rid of them rapidly, In this regard am going to share with you 10 best foods through which the patients of blood pressure can do lower it. The main thing to consider is that keep away from high salt items because it’s a quite enemy towards those people who are suffered from high blood pressure.


Whole grains are the first best natural food; assist you in decrease of blood pressure and enrich with different kinds of nutrition. There are many health benefits in whole grain foods including decrease of blood pressure. The main two things that are especially for decrease of blood pressure are potassium and magnesium also exists in whole grain foods. And do you know what? Don’t you! So lets tell me that an amazing quality of whole grains is that it also helps to lose weight, and for a longer time you would not feel hungry. The common example of whole grains is oatmeal, easy to apply in your daily life and can make any edible from it that whatever you like to eat.


Usually peoples think that calcium is just necessary for children but actually it’s also very important for adults as well. Calcium is also considered in those requirements which are necessary for a normal person and very good for patient of blood pressure. With calcium, vitamin is also very beneficial for decrease of blood pressure and these both ingredients are found in low-fat dairy foods. The common examples of it are skim milk and fat-free yogurt, both foods will help in decrease of blood pressure and free from any type of extra fat. So let’s add such foods in your meal and rather it will be more beneficial by adding them in your breakfast.


Spinach is one of the healthy and tasty vegetable and also helps in lowering blood pressure. It consist of best ingredient namely magnesium which helps to decrease the blood pressure, makes blood clean and healthy and with all these qualities it also balance the weight of your body due to the lack of calories in it. You can consume it in your meal according to your choice, by adding it in salad or in sandwiches also make your food tasty.

Is it hard for you to eat just spinach separately? If yes then no need to worry because you can also eat it by mixing in other foods like pasta, egg, and other vegetables that you like to eat and especially with cabbage or pulse.


Nuts are also great ingredients in helping decrease of blood pressure, consisting of rich amount of magnesium and tasty for eat as well. Also beans including soybeans are good for patients of high blood pressure, consisting potassium which is great ingredient against fight of high blood pressure and also provide nutrition to a human body.


As I mentioned above that how potassium is beneficial and important to lower the high blood pressure, and whenever you provide potassium to your body it works inside as it controls blood pressure level of whole body but when there is lack of potassium in body, it becomes cause of increasing high blood pressure. Banana provides a good amount of potassium to our body and by consuming it in our meal will be significantly impact on blood pressure level.


Like banana, baked potatoes are also enriched with potassium and fiber that can help in keeping balance to the blood pressure level and also help in decrease of blood pressure.

Some people think that potato increases body fat, so on the behalf of this misconception they keep avoid from this amazing food but actually nothing like that but a meaningless fear. Yes, if you really don’t want to increase your fat than don’t eat fried potatoes over otherwise baked potatoes are quite better for health.


Who does not want to eat chocolate! I think no one yet who does not like chocolate and especially when it gives us dual benefits by tasting and by health. Kids and adults love to eat it. Still I was talking about milk chocolate and here the chocolate that is recommended for decrease of blood pressure is dark chocolate. It must be seems odd to be combined chocolate with blood pressure level but it is recommended because dark chocolate is enrich with antioxidants and is very nutritious diet that’s why it will be helpful in decrease of blood pressure.


Salmon is a combination of several species of fish, enrich with 61.9% of protein, 264.7% of vitamin D and other nutrition. But remember that all components will be useful at that time when you do use them properly. Similarly prepare salmon in healthy way, not so oily or salted; you can also use black pepper on it for a better taste.


Like other foods green tea is also a helpful food against fight of high blood pressure and very good thing to know is that it also helps in maintenance of body fitness. Green tea also keeps the level of blood pressure in normal range. If you are having coffee in your breakfast still, then change your routine and drink green tea instead of coffee.


Avocado refers to the fruit, botanically a large berry that contains a single seed, having dark green skin on it.