Conditional Formula for Two or More than Two Columns (Excel Tutorial)

In this post we will learn about formula which will help us to get abstract quickly. It is very difficult to explain you without video but m trying to show you with images from which we will understand about it. Because once in my career I had also need about this..

excel tutorial conditional formula

Conditional Formula For Two or More than Two Column for Calculation

In simply I can try to explain you about it
See here is picture and you are seeing there are few salesmans and you want to know which salesman has how much sale in targeted area .
For example we want to know Aquib’s Sale in Karachi

In image you seen Aquib sales 2 times in Karachi
Now use this formula to get results:


You will find how much Aquib sales in Karachi

Here I have used only two columns but you can use it more than two columns like if there is any other coloums.


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