Lite Antivirus for Slower PC

It has been observed that most of the Antivirus programs make your PC performance very slow and it is because of it is working every time inside the different process to protect your computer from harmful viruses. So today I decided to share the Best Antivirus Programs which is the most useful for slower PC and can easily save your computer or PC from harmful attacks. I have personally checked it with my system also and recommended to all my friends and visitor to use that.
lite antivirus for slower computer
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Lite Antivirus for Slower Computer PC



Avast Home edition free Lite Antivirus for Slow PC
Avast is best free antivirus to make your pc secure while browsing the internet, it will make safe your computer from spyware, malware, and others harmful viruses and attacks. You will be also safe from Hacking and Phishing.

SmadAV Lite Antivirus for Slower Computer

smadav lite antivirus for slow pc
Personally, I am using this antivirus programs for my all computers, it is not as Avast, but it has many features to protect your computer from harmful attacks, as this antivirus has autorun virus removal system etc.

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