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How to create attractive social media profiles

How to create attractive social media profiles

There are two forms of attractiveness when it comes to social media profiles. There is attractive for friends or attractive for clients. This is only meant in broad terms that apply to most social media networks. Friends are people you know from online and offline and are relevant to private/personal social media profiles. Clients are potential customers or potential viewers/investors/associates/interested parties. They apply mostly to commercial social media profiles, or social media profiles set up to further/advertise a business.

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How to create attractive social media profiles

Now that the technical definitions are out-of-the-way, below you will find tips on how to create attractive social media profiles for both personal profiles and business/commercial profiles.

Friends - Great pictures of you

This may seem obvious, but great pictures of you are going to make your profile more attractive. One assumes that people are looking at your profile to see all about you in the first place, or that they have at least a passing interest in you. Give them pictures of you that are good. Do not fill your pictures areas with pictures of family, pets and miscellaneous. Give people pictures of you and try to make them about something instead of seven hundred “selfies” of you with your camera phone.

Friends - The occasional picture of you looking hot

If you have a hot picture or two, then slip one in. Your friends of the opposite sex will want to see, as well as the partners of your current friends. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the fact that sometimes you look cute or hot.

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Clients - Professional pictures to show your legitimacy

Obviously, you should not populate your profile with pictures of your staff drinking in music tents. Go for more professional pictures on your profile, and take a step further into a conservative professional ethos. In other words, make your pictures professional and then plus ten percent more.

Clients - Pictures of your products that will interest your target audience

One assumes that people are looking at your social media profiles because they have an interest in your business, services, website or products. If that is the case, then give them pictures of your products or pictures of the results of your service.

Friends - A bio that details your likes and dislikes

It makes for interesting reading sometimes. It may be nice to know if you like the Sopranos or not. It is also handy if you happen to like more obscure things such as the old British TV show, “Steptoe and Son.” If there is another person in your acquaintance that likes the same thing, then your profile becomes all the more attractive and interesting to that person.

Friends - Posts on things you find very interesting

This should be what happens anyway. You should post about things you find interesting, as there is a chance other people will find it very interesting too. It is common for friends and acquaintances to have similar interests.

Clients - Images and videos of your products in action

Show your range of weed whackers in action, and videos of your most recent cars in action. Videos of your service being performed are often very effective in attracting and interesting potential clients.

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Clients - images and videos of your products excelling and/or under pressure

Do not just tell people that your range of watches is water-resistant. Drop ten of them in a public swimming pool, fish them out, and show them still working. Do not tell people your ladders are the strongest; you should hit them with cars and watch the cars bounce off them.

Friends - Pictures and videos with your friends in them

When people look at photos, the first person they look for is themselves. All you have to do is add videos and images with your friends in and all of a sudden your profile becomes more interesting.

Friends - Pictures of your pets

Pets are cute and interesting. It may be viciously cliché to have your pets on your social media profiles, but the fact is they make your profile look more attractive and interesting.

Clients - Publicity photos and PR photos

You know the sort of thing this entails. It is a picture of a smiling deliveryman handing a package to a thrilled housewife. It is a sexy receptionist greeting a visitor to the business. This sort of thing is expected, and even though it is not original, it is still a good thing to have on your social media profiles.

Clients - Posts that exist to interest

This means posts that were not put up there just because you wanted something to post. It is better to allow your profile to lie dormant rather than put up content that doesn’t thrill your target audience. It is very easy to lose people on social media because they have no real incentive to visit your commercially motivated website. They may have incentive to visit the profiles of people they know and see often, but there is no direct reason for them to repeatedly visit your social media profile. That is why you cannot risk scaring people away with dull or uninteresting social media posts.

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