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How to increase the traffic of the online shop

How to increase the traffic of the online shop

The online shop with a good reputation should not only please users visually, but also stimulate them to make purchases. And it means, that it has to be convenient to use, fast to change the online pages and simple for orientation. And here, as well as everywhere, the most important role plays details - buttons, forms, navigation, etc. How to take a maximum advantage of these elements and How to increase the traffic of the online shop and simplify life to the online customer?

How to increase the traffic of the online shop and simplify life to the online customer?

Clear buttons with an appeal to action

CTA buttons on the site have to be extremely noticeable and clearly explaining where exactly they conduct (to check the goods, a basket, to buy a product, etc.).  The key characteristics of such elements as the size, color and design each shop defines for itself by АВ testing.

For example, some sites have added to the basket CTA button that could upset the impressionable designer, but it precisely wouldn’t pass a look of the user. Remember, we make the CTA buttons to attract the clients’ attention and simplify their pastime on our site. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the need buttons, don’t make this mistake with your site.

Important information for buyers

The user makes purchases more willingly when he knows exactly on what "subscribes" (how much he needs to pay when the goods arrives, what to do if the purchase isn't pleasant or he is not satisfied with the goods, etc.).

Don't force the user to open the section "FAQ" and to look for information throughout the whole site.  Place all necessary data directly on the goods page, duplicate on section pages and on the main page of a site.  Information about the actions, special offers, guarantees, terms of return, don’t be afraid of repeating, the user shouldn't pass it.

For instance, create the banner on the main page, telling about the advantages of purchase on your site. After a click on a banner it opens and provides more information about the goods.

Simple navigation

The thought-over system of categories and filters for users will simplify their life and will accelerate the process of search in for necessary goods and, accordingly, its purchase.  Very often such systems aren't finished, or on the contrary, are too complicated; therefore, think always over in advance how can the visitor will use the navigation of the site.

Don't forget to test a form: arrange the user polls on the site, make the email-mailing, collect feedback from the customers. It is possible to carry out a small user quest to learn, what difficulties appear when the clients use the site.


The research conducted by the Compete Company, showed, that a quarter of all dissatisfaction connected with purchase, is a discrepancy of goods to expectations.  The users have to understand what they buy.  Therefore, pictures play a paramount role during the online shopping. Photos have to be of high-quality and show goods from all the sides and various foreshortening. Videos with the full review of a product also will be an advantage.  If the goods go in several color variations, we take the picture for each of them even if there are no other differences.

Responses, feedbacks and proofs

People trust to responses in 12 times more, than to the usual description of goods, 81% of users consider, that existence of responses on a shop site – is obligatory, 63% of users more willingly buy on a site where there is a rating of goods and feedbacks.

Registration forms

The requirement to log in irritates the majority of users. Therefore, one should reduce various forms of registration and simplify its filling as much as possible. Don't forget to give the customers the chance to make purchases without login and password on the site or one can lose the potential clients.

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