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How to Stop Country Specific URL redirection in Blogger

How to Stop Country Specific URL redirection in Blogger

Another Question asked by me today about country URL redirection in Blogger (blogspot) blogs. There is a big list behind, where  we have already shared Social Media Gadgets and tips and tricks for blogger. In this tutorial we will guide you a simple trick to prevent auto country URL redirection i.e, etc to its main URL that is This URL redirection happened when you receive any visitors from India, UK, France etc. your blog auto redirect main URL of your to the country code Top level domain (ccTLD) as defined below.

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What is blogger country specific URL redirection?

The blogger country specific URL redirection is actually such type of redirection that is concern with geo-location of the visitor. For example, it’s a but if a visitor come from India searches then there would be shown instead of and same will happen with other country visitors. The ccTLD stands for country code top-level domain and this domain is kept for respective countries like: .fr ,, etc.

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How to stop redirecting the URLs?

You can also see the .com version of URL using /ncr. For example normal URL without /ncr will be shown as: and the URL with /ncr will be shown as: Now the question arise is it legal to stop redirection? and of course the answer is positive. This is declared by Google that there is nothing wrong in stop it and it allows to view the .com part of any blogspot using url/ncr.

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How to Stop Country Specific URL redirection in Blogger?

It is very easy to disable and stop country URL redirection. You have to add following codes as per instructions guided you in following lines.

Go To Blogger Dashboard > Template >

Edit HTML and search for closing head tag i.e. </head>

Paste the following given code above / before the closing head tag </head>.

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[ var blog = document.location.hostname; var slug = document.location.pathname; var <span class="hiddenSpellError" pre="var ">ctld</span> = blog.substr(blog.lastIndexOf(".")); if (ctld != ".com") { var ncr = "http://" + blog.substr(0, blog.indexOf(".")); ncr += "" + slug; window.location.replace(ncr); } // ]]></script>

Save you template and you have done.

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Bottom Lines

I wish that you have read my article carefully and gained important information given above. If there is something that is out of your sense or difficult to understand so you can ask me whatever making you frustrated.