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How to Create Blog on Blogspot

Blogger Basics (Tutorial) How to Create Blog on Blogspot

Due to Lot of changes day by day in interface and its features, it comes in my mind I should update this article for providing exact and updated information about how to create blog on (blogspot) with new interface and tell you about its best features to get well experience and most out.Check Out the Best features you should know about

Blogger Basics

Launched in 1999, Blogger, Google Service, is a great way to create your own blog to start. Blogger completely free with free hosting.Blogger is for: To share your thoughts, photos, and more with friends and the world.

Easy to deploy text, images and videos and the Internet or from your mobile phone.

Unlimited resilience to customize your blog with themes, tools, and more. There is also some site which provides online blogging courses from which you will learn complete blogging, how do I blog and start make money from your blog with traffic and the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

How to Create Blog on Blogger (Blogspot) New Interface

Step 1: Sign Up for a Google Account

You will need a Google account to build your own blog on Blogger. If you already have one, you do not need to create a new account, simply follow these steps.

Step 2: Go to then Sign In

Just Simply Add Your Blog Title in the Title Field i.e. An Island for Blogging Tips and Tricks and Insert Your blog URL address in the second field i.e.

In last select any theme from the templates section and click on the Create Blog Button.

finally you have created your free blog on blogger and thereafter its take you to Blogger dashboard. check the following screenshot

Enable Meta Description for  Blogger Blog

This is the major issue which is mostly avoided by newbie and they still don't know what is it. but after lot of changes in Search Engines algorithm and SEO factors this information must be shared with all blogspot user to enable meta description for your blogspot blog and every post.

Note : After making enable this feature you can add meta description to your every blogger post from post settings.

How to Write Post in

Some newcomers still unaware how to create post in blogger because I have found and notified some blogger are creating pages instead of blog post. Check the above screenshots there is an orange button of New Post click on it and you will see the following page where you have to write your article or any post for your blog.

As i have mentioned above about meta description, after enabling this feature as stated above, there will be another option in Post setting tab of Search Description where you have to describe search engines what you have written means a small description for search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. about Your written post.

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Add Blog Description

You can easily add or change your Blog title and add brief description for your blog. Check this screenshot

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How To Create Page on Blogger

Check the Following Screenshot for creating pages on Blogger Blog.

Check Traffic Stats in Blogger Dashboard

For checking blog traffic you don't have to use third-party tool or any other stats website, Just use your Blogger Dashboard and check all out stats of your blog. Go to Stats tab and check traffic sources, traffic per post, audiences location easily from single click.

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Bottom Lines for Creating Blog on

Hope you have well understood all the above guide, tips and tricks for creating your new blog through for any further query, you can ask by replying through comment form.