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Creative Writing Techniques for blogging

How to Write a Good Blog Post - Creative Writing Techniques

If you are novice here don’t forget to start from beginning, because I have started this series only for beginners and also started it from its base. Before this, I have shared an article for responsive and SEO friendly layout for Blogger templates, as I have always mentioned above only writing 500 words article without using the SEO techniques means you have just created like crap, its necessary you post must be well and creative for search engines so that you will be faster indexed in the search engines. In this post I will guide my entire visitors and novices for writing some worthy techniques for creative writing and guide them how to write and good post for Blog but always remember as I always mention in entire SEO posts that whatever techniques shared by SEO experts are not for only one time because if you want to write for getting good result you have to do this creative writing exercise in every your shared post.

Blogging Series:-


Creative Writing Techniques – How to Write Blog Post

Below I will share some very important thing which are must be focused before publishing any Blog post. There are so many tips as I have learned in my Blogging career for improve your Blog and if your are trying to do some business from your Blog you must have good writing skill and techniques for how to write Blog posts. Check below.

Do Research on Targeted Keywords

First of all I come across to the targeted keywords because if you have read my Blog posts completely may be you have seen some very important keyword and those are my targeted keywords which you will find in every new paragraph with new look and different style. Always before writing any article you must collect the best keywords for you article from keyword tools such as Google Keyword Tools it will show you the complete monthly search volume for each keyword and then you get proper idea for every keyword. This is first technique I always use for before writing any Blog post.

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Use the Proper Format and Layout for Your Post

For writing creative and good Blog post your post must be clean and proper formatted with correct layout so your visitors will like because your post will be easy to read and easy to understand for you visitors and also best to crawl for search engines.

Media Files Usage

On the third step, its time to tell you about media files. Media files mean the images or videos files which you will use in the post. All your media material must be related as per your post theme and also don’t ever think to steal any image from any site because search engines crawlers will detect if you image or video file is stolen from any site. Always use alt tag for image for better optimization of your blog post.

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Grammar and Spelling Check

If you have done the above suggested Blog post techniques now its time to check the grammar and spelling of entire written post. If your Blog post has problem of grammar and have spelling mistakes, search engines robots will not indexed or crawl your post well in time so for its also a good exercise to focus on spelling and grammar for writing a good Blog post.

Check Preview 

You have seen every Blogging platform allow us to preview every post before publishing and its all because of getting good result from search engines and visitors for clean Blog post. If you find your Blog post is clean and easy to read for search engines and visitors you can publish your post without waiting for a single second.

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Bottom Lines

All the above techniques are for daily exercise and for every new post. Hope you will get result in your first written post as per above techniques for a good Blog post. This series is still continue so don’t forget to like our social media platforms or Follow our RSS feed for get every day new update from us… Regards