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Inspirational Blog Designs Layouts

Inspirational Blog Designs and Layouts for Beginners

This is not the end you have created a Blog and start working and sharing such contents on it but it is also very important that your Blog layout and design is also motivational and inspiration for your visitors and also for the better optimization for search engines. With this post we will continue our series for Blogging from beginning and in this post I will teach and guide you about best layout and designs for your new Blog. Before I have shared some SEO Friendly and optimized Blogger Templates but that is not enough for become well on the Blogging grounds. There is lot of things we have to check and make them always perfect for better Blogging.

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Why Inspirational or Motivational Designs and Layouts?

See! Always we like and find quality, whatever we want or need but we always must look for quality first. Hence, you must keep in mind that whatever you think may other people have same thinking so if you want to keep your visitors busy in exploring more your Blog then your Blog design must be simple, clean and inspirational. That is why I have shared before some motivational and responsive Blogger templates and same will you see in your Blog SEO score in the shape of visitors stay time on your Blog and bounce rate. For the bounce rate I will make a complete article because this is the way you will improve your Blog SEO.

Inspirational Blogging Design and Layout

Here is some responsive, inspirational and motivational Blog designs for making your Blog SEO friendly and help you to like and stay your visitors on your Blog.

Kyan Blog


Elliot Jay Stocks

The Brief

I love TypoGraphy

Jason Santa Maria

About Design

Jon Phillips Blog

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Bottom Lines

All the above designs and layouts are the perfect for better Blog and help you for achieve SEO Score. Hope you will like this useful post and share with your friend. Don’t forget to Follow Our Social Media Connections and RSS Feeds.