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Easy Methods to Make Money on YouTube

Are you interested to make money online??? Are you really tired of your current job??  Want to earn more money consuming little time?? Are you depressed by seeing fake earning websites?? OH!! So Now you really don’t need to get depressed as here I am going to introduce some very fruitful ways by using YouTube and even without consuming so much time. You might have been heard before making money on YouTube, Facebook and on other social media websites, though due to lengthy methods and time consumption you may leave those methods. As most of us want to earn money online but as a part-time job continuing their current job, I will not promise that you will start money very quickly and you will earn 1000$ per month!! But actually, it depends upon the work efficiency that you apply, here you find guidance only, here is the map to reach the destination how you plan to reach that is your responsibility.

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How to Make money on YouTube

So these easy method will really work and get you close to your new income generation method via youtube platform.

1: Set a YouTube Channel

In very start you have to make a YouTube account, any account on Google can work for this like Gmail etc, so the YouTube account is the same as Google
Add keyword as people can find your channel for this go for advance setting of you channel setting, make sure that your keyword match to your content

2: Add Content that should be high Quality:

Create some high quality and valuable videos on your YouTube channel but not much lengthy means make it short but not meaningless on daily basis. In the beginning, you will not find much focus on your videos but you have to keep this practice continue because practice makes perfect also you have to keep in mind that your every new video should be better than your last one. When you upload videos on daily basis, the audience for your YouTube channel will come to check every new update from your channel and also force them to subscribe your YouTube channel to get every update from channel directly in their email inbox. Most important thing is the keywords tagging for your video contents and that is the method to drive more audience and traffic to your video so always assign a proper tag to your shared video.

3: Traffic Generation

Traffic is the money means traffic generation for your videos will increase your Adsense monetization and for this, you have to share your YouTube channel videos on Social Media Websites ie. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. as well as you create Social Media Fan Pages for your YouTube Channel.

Monetize Your Videos

Finally, Your YouTube Channel is ready and now its time to make money from your video and start monetizing your video channel. Go to Dashboard in Your Video Channel and Click on Start monetizing it will ask for Google AdSense sign-up 1st time. Fill the form and Start Making money on YouTube and Google AdSense. Besides, you can also make more money by Sponsor Videos if you have enough visitors and audience on your YouTube channel.

Final Words

Make sure all the above methods you have read carefully before applying for video monetization on YouTube channel because all your video must be your own and not stolen from somewhere else otherwise your AdSense Account will be banned. Feel free to ask any question raise in your mind for the above money making method.