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Make Windows 8 Logo in Corel Draw Complete Tutorial

Make Windows 8 Logo in Corel Draw (Complete Tutorial)

Today we will learn How Can We Make Widows 8 Logo in Corel Draw.


Windows 8 is the name of the latest version of Microsoft Windows, a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft. Logo Windows 8 looks Simple but Elegant with a versatile zoom box - the box but still Fresh and eye catching. It is interesting to learn how to make it.

Okay, how do I make it? Let us create a logo Windows 8 with CorelDraw!!!

Follow the steps below:

1. Open Corel, click File >> New (Ctrl + N), click Ok.
2. Create a box with the Rectangle Tool (F6)

Press Ctrl + Q to change the box that we created a line of curve (Convert To Curves), the wake consists of a point - the point curve so that it can be modified point - point curve. Use the Shape Tool (F10) and then left-click on the curve and then hold and drag to drag curve (curve Moving)


we named the Box Windows 8

3. After that create a rectangular box that cuts horizontally right in the middle of the box Windows 8

Let's call the box horizontal separator box

4. Now left click and hold it horizontal separator box shift key on the keyboard and then click the Windows 8

Then click Trim to cut 
Now box windows 8 split into 2 parts

5. Ok now lives Box Windows 8's cut vertically (top - bottom). How: Click 2x separator box round windows that exit sign and turn 90 degrees.

Repeat as previous cuts, the vertical separator box left click and hold down the shift key on the keyboard and then click Windows 8 box, then click Trim to cut vertically and we have a logo Widows 8. Click the box and press the Del vertical cutter (to remove).

We have the logo of Windows 8

6. Paint will, I click the windows logo then left click on the preferred color palette color palette color and then right click on the logo outline to remove windows 8, results:

7. Give an interesting background, as an example I use a gradation between the colors blue and white

Logo Windows 8 has been completed. This time we are only able to make its logo alone, but hopefully can inspire graphic design lovers to try to make the other. Thank you and hopefully useful. Greetings.