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things you need to remember before building an android application

Things to Know Before Building an Android Application

With thousands of apps being offered to customers every day, many amateurs have become involved in mobile application development. Among the leading Smartphone applications, Android is very popular in the application markets because of its many benefits to your business and organization. For anyone who is interested in this field, it is important to know the fundamentals of Android app development.

The interesting fact about Android is that its market is expanding by 32% every month, with 4,000 distinct devices. This could imply extra work for mobile application developers, while you are on the lookout for well experienced Android developers. Here are some things you need to remember before building an android application:

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Things Mobile Application developers must know before building an Android app

Different functionalities for each device

In contrast to iOS, the Android operating system is implemented by the respective device manufacturer to meet their hardware requirements. Owing to this, every Android device behaves differently compared to another manufactured by someone else. Therefore,  mobile app developers need to be extra careful about such manufacture-based   distinctions during development.

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Complex programming  implies time-consuming development

Unlike iOS, the programming model of Android is quite complex. When developing an iPhone app, Apple guides you to app designing using ModelViewController. However, Android works by giving you a toolbar only. Thus, making it relatively harder for some to design or code something on Android, compared to the easy and time saving work on  iOS.

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Different sizes mean different layouts

The different Android devices like Samsung S3, S4, HTC, and Galaxy Note come in different sizes. This implies extra work for designers than is usually required. Unlike iOS, there is a variety of screen layouts for Android devices. Therefore, the mobile application developers will have to redevelop the layouts to support different devices and the designers will have to create images to suit different screen resolutions.