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Top Internet Tips and Tricks

Top Internet Tips and Tricks

Gathered some interesting information for internet users, or you can say some tips and tricks for getting most from using the internet. As I am using different websites, exploring internet whole day but we should know some facts, tips or techniques for using the same.
some best internet tips and tricks

Type Internet Address Without http:// or WWW

When typing an online address you are doing not ought to kind HTTP:// or www Within the address. for instance, if you needed to go to computer Hope you'll simply kind and press enter. to create things even faster, if you are visiting a .com address you'll kind google and so press Ctrl + Enter to find out the complete address.
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Move Faster / Quick between fields.

If you are filling out a web form, e-mail, or alternative text field you'll be able to quickly move between every one of the fields by pressing the key or Shift + Tab to manoeuvre back a field. as an example, if you are filling out your name and therefore the next field is your e-mail address you'll be able to press the key to modify to the e-mail field.
This tip conjointly applies to the buttons, if you press tab and therefore the internet developer has designed properly the button ought to be chosen and can permit you to press the key or enter to push the button.
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If you have got a drop-down box that lists each country or each state you'll be able to click that box and so press the letter of the state or country you are looking for. as an example, may be a drop-down box of States US you may press U on the keyboard to quickly scroll to State start with U.

Useful tips for Full Potential Internet Search.

Make sure to induce the foremost out of each search result. If you are not finding what you wished to strive to close the text in quotes. as an example, if you were checking out 'computer facilitate' this really searches for pages that contain each pc and facilitate and not essentially pages that have pc and help next to every different.
If you explore for "computer facilitate" with the quotes around the search question this can solely come pages that truly have pc and help next to every different.
Many new pc users additionally do not understand that in each search box you'll press enter rather than having to manoeuvre the button over to the Search button.

Shortcut for Your Internet Browsers.

There are so many shortcut keys which we can use in Internet browsers. Right Below there are a few of my top suggested and the most useful internet browser shortcuts keys.
- Alt + D: Almost in every Internet browser move your cursor on the address bar which can help you quickly write your address without touching or moving your mouse.
- For Zoom purpose of you, the page holds Ctrl button and press “+” and “-“.
- For Pages back and forward purpose hold Alt + “left Arrow” for Back and “Right Arrow” for move Forward.
- If Your page not loaded completely, press F5 for refresh or reload the page again.
- If you want to browse the internet in Full Screen and Can Press F11.
- For Check Your bookmarked Pages Press Ctrl + B
- For find/Search anything in web page press F3 or Ctrl+F.
More will be added Soon.