Avoid Robots to Crawl Archive in Blogger

In my previous post I have inform you about such useful SEO tips like How to Reduce Loading Time of Blog and Optimize Image for getting more traffic, also this time my topic is all about SEO. In this post we will learn to optimize Archive links in Blogger. 

optimize archive pages

What is Archive Links and How its affect SEO

Archive links is distribute and sort out your Blog’s Post into by Year, by months or by week whatever you have setup. These links basically distribute your previous posts with its times of publishing with another URL. Besides, when you post an article it will make its own address now you have 2 roads for one destination. As I have already mentioned in my post about duplicate meta Desciption that duplicate contents or 2 links for destination are creating disturbance for search engine spiders to crawl your contents because this will be as duplicate contents.

How to Avoid Robots to Crawl Archive and No Index

There no any lot of work, just in few step you can setup to stop search engines robots to crawl achieved, first of all you have to replace a code in the HTML Part of you Blog which will solve the major issue. Follow given below steps :-

Before any chaning in Your template you must Backup You template first.

Go to Blogger Dash Board > Templete > HTML >

Check on Expand Widget Templates
On thing I must mention here for before working in HTML you must backup your template.

Now find this code

And replace it with this one

Save you work. This changing of code will tell search engine spiders to that the link in archive should not be crawled.

Moreover, there is also a builtin tool in Blogger which is also having same function means that will inform robots to don’t crawl archive pages and other needless links.

Follow give below steps.
Blogger Dashboard > Setting > Search preference
In there you will find Custom Robots Header Tags
If it is disable make it enable and change its setting as per image shown below

avoid spider crawl archive pages

Save your work. Now you have stop Search Engine Robots to stop crawling Archive Pages of Your Blog.

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