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Tips to Reduce Loading Time of Blog

Tips to Reduce Loading Time of Blog

Loading time of blog is basically Speed in which your blogs page is open and it is very important at this time in the SEO. So here we will discuss about few tips on how you can and decrease the load time of your blog and this will absolutely all concerned with the ranking of your blog.
Reduce Blog Loading Time

To check the status of your blog loading time you can use some tools which are online available. But most of those tools all are not working well however also there are some tools that are created by a skilled and professional companies and those will work perfectly to Loading Time. I will suggest you about one of the best tool which is created by Google and for which we can say best of all. Because it will help us to get the exact and accurate time loading of your blog. It will also provide you such ideas for how to improve your blog time using Google tools.

Check Your Blogs Loading Speed

Google’s Speed Checker

check blog loading speed

Go on above link and check your blog time by submitting your Blogs URL and click on Analyze. Which few seconds it will show you complete overview of blog loading time. Now how you can find that blog loading time is OK or NOT. It will show you points of your out of 100, whatever your blogs points but it must be more than 90 out of 100 points. If it is less than 90 points it means you have to itch your head and think about your blog loading time.

How to Reduce Blog’s Loading Time

Now I will tell you few major tips from which of course you can improve loading speed of your blog to be in less time and also you have to take these steps keep in mind for always.

Avoid JavaScript

Please stay away from using unnecessary use of JavaScript because it has lot of functions to affect your blogs loading time so try to avoid useless JavaScript as much as possible.

Try to Use 1 or 2 Images per article

Avoid using unnecessary images in article except tutorial project. Images are playing very good role in article but more than 2 or 3 images per post also reduce you blogs speed.

Optimize Images

Like you are writing a tutorial on a specific topic and you have to add more than 5 images as per you steps of tutorial, so try to resize you images and it will become more beneficial for you because after resizing it has now small size it will be better to load quickly and second it will be your and there is no copyright on that image.

Nos. of Post on Home Page.

As I have seen such blog, theirs home pages are full of posts it means more than 25 to 30 or may be more posts are on Home Page. Let me tell you that this the main page of your blog and if your main page has loading problem how visitors stay on website. So try to reduce such post and it not more than 10. It will help Home page to load quickly.

Remove Extra Widgets

Such blogger are using some widgets just like state counter, headlines, translator etc. these are also effecting on your blogs loading time. So try to remove needless widget and also avoid to use.

After using my above tips for how to reduce loading time of your blog, you will get result soon if you have any other questions feel free to ask me.