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Optimize images with ALT Attribute Tag to increase Traffic

Optimize images with ALT Attribute Tag to increase Traffic

I have just read earlier an E-book from Google which guided me to increase traffic by assigning Alt attribute to every used image and picture in the blog post so I must share this information for my visitors how to optimize images to increase traffic by assigning Alt attribute tag to every image in your blog post.

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As we all know from webmasters to usual internet users, Google image search is mostly used to search valuable and quality images and photos which they use for their assignment and I have also learnt that most of your traffic depends on your blog website is by searching image.

Alt Image attribute tag is simple HTML code which helps crawler robots to explain about your image. Same as when you write such articles and start finding rich keywords or write a description.

Also image Alt attribute tag will help robots to scan your image description as well as your contents, that this image is about SEO or Blogging or whatever, otherwise robots will be confused and could not identify about your image contents.

how to assign alt attibute tag in every blog image

How to insert and Assign Alt Attribute Tag in Blog Image

Now I will tell you how you can add description to image as per content. Below is simple image HTML code
<img src="your image url" />
When you insert this above code it will show the image but only with this code robot cannot inspect your image it will just scan your text contents but if you assign Alt Tag and write description properly, robots can easily judge your image and its purpose.
So let start indexing your image content by robots by adding alt tag which Google has introduced to describe and index you image content.
<img src="your image url" alt="Alt Tag" />
This is all we are talking about. In this above code you can see there is alt=”” tag after image URL which will brief well and inform spiders to crawl your image, now you have to put your image description between inverted commas.

Tips for using Alt Attribute Tag

Now I will tell you such tips you must keep in your mind how you can put a proper description of the preferred image.
Your description should be 3 or maximum 4 words not more than 4
Put description like “Make Money Online”, not “How to make money online”.
Don’t write alt tag like keywords “make money,how to,alt tags” Write proper English words in description to help spiders crawl your image properly and avoid special characters such as % # $ ^ etc.

Check this

You may Use Alt Attribute TaG in Image Manually

When you upload image you can see its HTML code in Post Editor’s HTML view it will be look like this

<img src="" />

For inserting alt tag

<img src="" alt="Your Alt Tag Comes Here" />

It will optimize your blog image into a new method to generate more traffic for your blog. INSHALLAH, you will find this trick very useful.