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Few Tips for Google Drive

Few Tips for Google Drive

In the series of Tips & Tricks I come again with another tip for Google Drive. Since its release the large number of users have been able to see Google drive which is another cloud storage service. However, the installation of the application and synchronize your files is just the first step. Here, I would like to share with you some of the benefits of using Google drive.
Google Driver Tips

With Dropbox, SkyDrive and other cloud storage services, you can use some skills. However, Google Drive integration of third-party Web applications, is a unique feature of this service.

Make “SEND TO” Option in Windows

 As usual when you right click on any file you will find there Send to Option for quickly sending your file to selected destination, here you can also Copy Your Google Driver folder and paste shortcut in Send to Folder for Quick File Sending.

Send to Google Drive
For Windows XP
C:/Documents and SettingsUSERSendTo (paste Your Google Driver Shortcut here)
Windows Seven
%APPDATA%/Microsoft/Windows/SendTo (paste Your Google Driver Shortcut here)

It will quickly send your file into Google Drive folder.

Protect Your Private Data 

Nowadays hacking is not a big deal also there is people who has made so many step by step tutorial for hacking accounts. To avoid hacking you must use two step verification for Google account it will help you to secure your all private data to be hacked. Also another tool named BoxCryptor app this app is also protect Google drive folder where you have kept it. 

Empty Trash Folder

Same like in computer sometime we find our drive is full and we have to clean some data. In Google Drive you also have to clean trash folder for time to time. It may be hidden simply click on More then Trash now select file and Click on Delete Forever.

Tips for Google Drive

I am trying to discover more tips for Google drive, time and again I will update this post stay connected with us by subscribing following networks.