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Advanced Guide to Perfect On-Page Optimization Techniques

Advanced Guide to Perfect On-Page Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always ultimate for any business growth. Having perfect On-Page for the website is the first phase of optimizing and promoting our business. There are lot of webmasters who have already discussed this topic, but here I’m going to share some ultimate advanced guide for making perfect On-Page optimization for any website.

Keywords and its relationships

It’s about no matter what kind of product or services you choose, all just rely on discovering the great relationship between words and phrases. Organizing content on the website has the great influence over how search engines determine topics of On-page.

When we focus on keywords phrases, search engines are hunting for other phrases and concepts that related to one another. So our first step is that expanding our keyword research in the right direction. We have to include rich content like:

  • Synonyms and Close Variants of the phrase: Includes synonyms, plurals, abbreviations and phrases that mean the same.
  • Primarily related keywords: Phrase and words that relate to the primary category of your product.
  • Secondary related keywords: Phrase and words that relate to the primary keywords.

A very good keyword phrase means that has to predict what type of entities and phrases that have to be present on the page. For example, a page about “Tajmahal” should predict other phrases like “wonders in the world”, “Graveyard”, “Love identity”. Combining these related phrases may strengthen your keyword presence.

Distance, Position and Frequency

Every page have to be organized well, this will have a great influence on the concepts that related to each other.

Here the three primary things you have to consider while placing your keywords:

Position: Keywords have to be placed most wanted areas like title, descriptions, H tags, and high up in the main body of content may have a higher weight.

Frequency: search engines can easily determine whether you use any important phrases by calculating how much it appears in a normal distribution.

Distance: Words and Phrases that relevant to each other are easily often found close together.

Best way to organise the content is to employ primary and secondary keywords with the support of your focused keyword.

Each related phrases act as a primary topic and each and every phrase becomes its own subsections.

Few Alternative Tools for Entity and Keyword Research

Here the few alternative tools for keyword researching

Alchemy API

great tools that deliver concept targeting, extraction of an entity and linked data analysis. It also gives the overview about how modern search engines views your WebPages.

Social Mention

it’s very easy to use, enter your keyword phrase and then check the top keywords that relate your primary phrase across the different social platforms.

Google Trends

It is one of the powerful tools; you can download up to 50 related keywords for every search query.

SEO Review Tools

These tools return the related keywords of primary and secondary search terms, also it provides synonyms & country based targeting options for users.

Semantic Markup and Entities

Google easily identify and extract the list of entities from your webpage, without any effort from your side. The entities are places, Peoples and things have some distinct properties and relationships with of each other.

Shankar (Entity, person) stands 5’3” (property, height) and directed I(entity, movie)

Even though Google can easily find your entity of your page, but you should mark up your content with a schema for the specific support entities like business information, products and reviews. Adding schema markup code in the website will helps to reach out more exact audiences.  For every entity, there are different semantic code is available, choose the best one.

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Amy Jasmine is a passionate blogger and a web enthusiast; she is also working as a trainer offering SEO Training in Chennai from Zuan Education Institute. She loves to share her ideas and experience to the youngsters by blogging and teaching.