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Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

As I am blogger and always looking for what is my site rank, how much I have achieved SEO score for better ranking of my site, try to search keyword listing, Alexa Global Traffic rank and Google pagerank. For getting all this information properly we have to visits different sites and check all information about our website or blog ranking. I am not blaming to those sites which give us these useful information for our SEO process but I am talking about all the information what we are getting from different sites we can obtain from just a single click so now I should come on the topic. Today I am going to share very useful Google Chrome Extension which will help you to improve visibility of blog or website over search engines.

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Top and Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome Browser

Now it’s time to share what I am talking about.  These all tools will help you to check almost all the information regarding your Blog or website that what is Blog or Website Alexa Traffic Rank or Pagerank or other SEO related analysis. I am also using this entire tool for betterment in my blog SEO because in real I am not a well SEO expert but try to follow ProBloggers techniques for better SEO of my blog. 

Alexa Toolbar

This is the Extension from Alexa as we all know about Alexa. Every time you try to find your Blog website rank through alexa but from this extension you can easily get all the information which Alexa Provides on their website just with a single click. check out the screen shot below.

SEO for Chrome

The best Tool which provides us best SEO stats and help you for betterment of your Blog or website optimization also the most used SEO tool for Google Chrome extension. This tool will exactly provide you site analysis, keyword research, backlinks, pagerank and other SEO tasks.

SEO Site Tool

This is the tool which gives us 11 best type of SEO stats for checking our Blog or website SEO score. It will provide us Onpage SEO, External Links, social media analysis, pagerank ranking in best search engines just like Google Yahoo Bing etc, SERPs, checkout below the screen shot of this tool.

SEOQuake Toolbar for Google Chrome

A best SEO extension developed by SEOQuake in the for analyzing our Blog and website SEO tasks. After installing this toolbar we can easily find Blog website Google PageRank, Google Index, Yahoo links, Yahoo linkdomain, Bing index, Alexa Rank, Webarchive age, Whois link, Nofollow links and many more. Checkout below the screen shot of this useful extension for Google Chrome.

Google Similar Pages (Beta)

Personally designed by Google for helping us in the betterment in SEO score the main thing that I want to mention here about it is, this is designed by Google so its must be very powerful and useful tool. it will work you for finding similar pages While you browsing internet and it will show you exace similar pages for your current browsing. Checkout below the screen shot of this.

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Hope all the above tools will help you to increase your site ranking and for better SEO. For further useful post follow our blog via social media network or our RSS feeds.