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How to Host JavaScript & CSS file on

How to Host JavaScript & CSS file on

before few days I have shared an article regarding how can and where can we upload HTML CSS and JavaScript files and I shown you complete tutorial about the upload of HTML CSS and JavaScript files on Google Drive and also I have mentioned there that was method -1 so now its time for another method for upload JavaScript & CSS file on

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How to Host JavaScript & CSS file on

First on all you have to get any script inside the JavaScript embedded file.
Get the script as per image shown below javascript hosting

And paste in notepad with the extension of “.js” it will be “your-script-name.js” CSS Hosting

Now go to and click on the create new project

Fill all the fields as per image shown below. In the version control click on the Mercurial and Select GNU GPL V3 in the source code license

Now from the top right click on the my favorite and select project then go to download section and click on the new download

Now again fill the fields as per requirement give a summary and write a small description for your file and click on the Browse button then select you file and click on the submit button.

Now click on the uploaded file and right click on it copy link location. You have all done.

Now you can embed this script wherever or whenever you want.
For example this is the link of uploaded JavaScript
embed it like this

<script scr= type=”text/JavaScript”/> 

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How to Host CSS files on

For Hosting CSS file on google code you have to follow all the above steps just the different is embedding option how to embed CSS file check below
For example
embed it like this

<link rel=“”/>

Bottom lines

Hope you have understand this still I will share another tutorial for hosting CSS JavaScript and HTML files on the Dropbox so stay connected with us and Subscribe our RSS Feed and Get all the alerts in your inbox also don’t forget to follow our social media community.