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How to Permanently Delete Files From Computer

How to Permanently Delete Files From Computer

Time and again I was asking from my friends about this topic that have you seen any software which can permanently delete files from computer and never be recovered. Because sometime we have very private or personal data which we have to hide from other and sometime we have sale our hard disk or computer and have to delete that files but always it comes in mind that after my deletion these file will again recovered. So for that solution and I am going to introduce a free software for permanent remove file from which cannot be recovered be recovered ever. Some people / computer user don’t know about file recovery system they think they have delete files from computer now it will never come back or recovered. Nowadays I have seen bundles of free software which can recovered deleted and formatted data in few minutest just like you have never deleted it. 
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How to Permanently Delete Files from PC/Computer

I am not going to do any big work I am just going to introduce a program named Eraser. This is the software which can help you to delete permanently personal private files from pc or memory or harddrive and feel free thinking about the recovery of that files.
You Can Download This Software from its official Site its free ( Click Here )
How to Permanently Delete Files
 Eraser 6.0.10 released!

Features of Eraser

As per describe by website it will working in Windows XP (S3), Windows Vista, Windows Seven and Eight Windows Server Pack. Work with any drive installed in computer. Easily can erase permanently files and folders.

Bottom Lines

As I have mentioned above never sale any USB or Hard Disk or PC without removing deleting or erasing your data permanently. Because as I have personally seen on the internet there is so many videos and photos that are looklike personal data I don’t know about it but please before selling anything like Hard Disk USB Flash Drive Memory Card please ensure that your data is permanently removed or not. Otherwise may your data can be recovered.
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