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Making 3D Ball - Cristal Ball with Adobe Photoshop (Tutorial)

Making 3D Ball - Cristal Ball with Adobe Photoshop (Tutorial)

Adobe Photoshop, or Photoshop commonly called, is made in the image editor software Adobe Systems is devoted to editing photos / drawings and manufacturing effects. You already know what it is bowling. Bowling is a recreational sport in which a player throws a bowling ball with a target to drop a pin. So what to do bowling with Photoshop?

How to Make 3D Ball in Photosop

Okay guys, in this tutorial we will explore the Photoshop program to create a 3D ball that resembles a bowling ball. How do I? Follow the steps below!
Steps - steps:
1. Open the Adobe Photoshop program, and then open a new document with the size of width 300 pixels and height 300 pixels with black background color (using the paint bucket tool)

2. Then go to Filter> Render> Lens Flare set the lens type: 105 mm prime and brightness: 105%. As the picture below:

3. Once the effect is finished, go to Filter> Distort> Polar Coordinate select Polar to Rectangular.

4. Click OK and your image will look like this:

5. Then go to Image> Rotate Canvas> Flip Canvas Vertical.

The image will be like this:

6. Open Polar Coordinate (Filter> Distort> Polar Coordinate) again select the Rectangular to Polar Secondly click OK

7. Select the Eliptical Marquee Tools / Click M to create a circular selection as below:

The results are as follows:

Choose Select> Inverse or Ctrl + Shift + I and click the delete button to clear the area around the circle.

8. Now we just set the color balance to Image> Adjustment> Color Balance set up to find a suitable color.

Ball 3D- Crystal Ball is so, like a bowling ball or not 
9. If you have time to spare can try to modify it, you are free to have his own creations
Ball 3D - Crystal Ball