Mouse Hover Cool Social Media Subscription Widget

A cool and beautiful Social Media Subscription widget with the mouse hover effect in the series of most beautiful blogger widgets. As before I have share another post for Social Sharing Mouse Hover On Image was about when you cross over the mouse pointer over the image immediately after 5 Social Sharing button will appear and you share post to 3 different most valuable social media network also this is has five different and top traffic generator social media networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Google Plus and RSS Subscription with cool mouse hover effects. As we have discussed before about how can we get benefits by sharing our post to social media networks.

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How to Install Cool Mouse Hover Social Media Subscription Widget to Blogger

I have made a Widget Generator for this as always I used to made for saving my visitors precious time for copying script and changing such links bla.. blaa..

Just Insert Your Ids and URLs as per Required by widget Generator and Click on the Generate Button

Now copy the Generated Script and Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout >> Inset A Gadget

Important : Before any edition in template you must backup your blogger template.

Select HTML/JavaScript Gadget and paste the Generated Widget in it.

Save your template and you have all done..

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