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Metro Style Social Media Subscription Blogger Widget V2

Metro Style Social Media Subscription Blogger Widget V2

After receiving bundles of beautiful feedback and emails from my visitors for my previous post of Metro Style Social Media Subscription Widget V1 today I am going to announce V2 for the same beautiful widget but having such more Social Media Connection Button just like Linkedin and Pinterest. In my previous post I have also share auto post list generator for the label hope you like to read that one. In today’s widget you can find six different type of social media networks and we can say the most usable networks in social media. Before I have also share benefits of social media that why we should share our blog or website post to Social Media Sites.
Metro Style Social Subscription Widget
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How to Install Metro Style Social Media Subscription Widget V2

You don’t have to copy or replaced links just insert you page or profile ids as desired by widget generator.

Click on the Generate Button and Copy the Generator Script into Blogger

Go to Blogger Dashboard


Add a Gadget >> install HTML/JavaScript Gadget and paste the Above Generator Script and Setup that one in sidebar.

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