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What is Label? Mostly Usable Beautiful CSS3 Designed Label for Bloggers

What is Label? Mostly Usable Beautiful CSS3 Designed Label for Bloggers

In this post, I will tell you how you can make your blog labels more beautiful, as much as you can change all of your blogger design with applying beautiful gadgets and manual working with CSS or HTML.

Today, I want to tell you how you can make your blogger labels more beautiful as everyone want his blog is lovelier than others and looking more professional. I have just started postings about how to make beautiful and SEO friendly Blog.

This post is one of them still behind I have a lot of topics about same for making make beautiful and SEO friendly Blog. In here I will guide you an amazing CSS design for Blogger Labels which is used by most of the blogger and more likable.

mostly usable css3 designed labels for blogspot blog

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What are Labels and How to Label a Post in Blogger?

Labels in which you are categorized you blogger posts for your visitors to search every post by giving a simply Tag like if You have written a post for Blogger Traffic you have to give set it Label SEO.

I have observed that most of the visitors after reading the concerned post, first of all, they find categories or tags of your blog and try to more explore your blog for that it necessary that your Labels must look attractive to your visitors.

So first of all here I will tell you how you can set a label in Blogger Post. Follow these steps.

Write a New Post in Blogger >

In the right side of post editor, there will be Sidebar of Post setting

Below there is also Label as per showing image below

label in blogger

Now after writing your post, Label You post as per the theme of your post, and publish, once you have applied a Label system will store it. If you can’t see labels on your blog I will tell you how to appear labels on the blogger blog.

Go to Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Click on Add a Gadget Button

A popup window will be appeared, try to find a Gadget named Label and configure label setting as per image is shown below for current CSS design for your blogger.

configure blogger label

Apply CSS3 Design for Blogger Labels

Now we come to the topic whatever we talk about it was applying Labels for your blog now I will tell you we can it beautiful with the following CSS Script.

Copy this above code and Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template

As I have already told you before any editing in HTML you must backup your template Click here for more.
EDIT HTML > Check on Expand Widget Templates
Find ]]> and paste above CSS code before ]]>
Now save your template and refresh your blog. You find beautiful CSS Labels on Your blog.