How to Make A Business Card (Corel Draw Tutorial)

Want to make your own business cards? Want to know how to make it? To create a business card in Corel Draw itself does not require a long time … with just a few simple steps you can design your business cards as you want. Let’s try to make it to CorelDRAW!

how to make a business card using corel draw


Make Business Card in Corel Draw (Tutorial)

The steps are:

1. Open CorelDRAW – New – Make a box using the Rectangle Tool with a size of 9 x 5.5 cm (one standard size cards)

Box with a size of 9 cm x 5.5 cm
2. Click on an object using the Pen Tool box and look at the bar at the top, at the Corner roundness properties change 0 to 5 that aims to be the corner of the box to make it more curved.
Properties Pen Tool
3. Click the Fill Tool – Select the Fountain Fill Dialog (also write the color gradient on the object)

After that comes the Panel as follows:

Fountain Fill setting
Replace several properties that are marked above:
– Type: Linear
– Angle: -90
– From: Blue
– To: Cyan
– Press the OK
4. Butlah rectangle (the box with the yellow line) by using the Bezier tool, so that forms the object as shown below:
 5. Click On SHAPE TOOL then Block Attractions (1)> CLICK RIGHT – TO CURVE (so the line can be curved)

6. Straight Line Pull it up to your liking curved

Give color of the object to the appropriate elegance you later …

7. Select INTERACTIVE TRANSPARENCY TOOL to give a transparent effect on the object (1)

8. Click on Attractions 1 then pull lines to form a transparent object like this:

9. Then make two straight lines using the Bezier tool as shown below and re-effects like the above steps ..

10. Finally, add the text according to what you want to fill in the card .. to be a simple business card tp quality

This is one example, but you can improvise your own:
This complete Tutorial is brought to you by Sri Hartaningsih Wijaya

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