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How to Make A Business Card Tutorial

How to Make A Business Card (Corel Draw Tutorial)

Want to make your own business cards? Want to know how to make it? To create a business card in Corel Draw itself does not require a long time ... with just a few simple steps you can design your business cards as you want. Let's try to make it to CorelDRAW!


Make Business Card in Corel Draw (Tutorial)

The steps are:

1. Open CorelDRAW - New - Make a box using the Rectangle Tool with a size of 9 x 5.5 cm (one standard size cards)

Box with a size of 9 cm x 5.5 cm
2. Click on an object using the Pen Tool box and look at the bar at the top, at the Corner roundness properties change 0 to 5 that aims to be the corner of the box to make it more curved.
Properties Pen Tool
3. Click the Fill Tool - Select the Fountain Fill Dialog (also write the color gradient on the object)

After that comes the Panel as follows:

Fountain Fill setting
Replace several properties that are marked above:
- Type: Linear
- Angle: -90
- From: Blue
- To: Cyan
- Press the OK
4. Butlah rectangle (the box with the yellow line) by using the Bezier tool, so that forms the object as shown below:
 5. Click On SHAPE TOOL then Block Attractions (1)> CLICK RIGHT - TO CURVE (so the line can be curved)

6. Straight Line Pull it up to your liking curved

Give color of the object to the appropriate elegance you later ...

7. Select INTERACTIVE TRANSPARENCY TOOL to give a transparent effect on the object (1)

8. Click on Attractions 1 then pull lines to form a transparent object like this:

9. Then make two straight lines using the Bezier tool as shown below and re-effects like the above steps ..

10. Finally, add the text according to what you want to fill in the card .. to be a simple business card tp quality

This is one example, but you can improvise your own:
This complete Tutorial is brought to you by Sri Hartaningsih Wijaya