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The Real Value of Mobile Optimized Content

Optimized mobile content means two things, you can optimize it for search engines and optimize it for mobile use, and both are needed for a good mobile website. This article explains a little bit about optimizing for both and gives reasons why it is such a good idea. This article lists a few reasons for the value of mobile optimized content, and each reason is followed by an example of how you could make it happen.

Optimizing helps to improve the usability of your mobile website

Optimize your mobile website and its suddenly becomes more user-friendly. Things such as it loading quicker or an easier navigation system is going to help improve your website usability. This is good because it will allow your user to use your website more easily, and usability is an SEO factorSEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your website more search engine friendly and more likely to rank higher in the search engine results pages. Google consider websites with good usability to be more valuable.

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For example, you could make your website more touch screen friendly

 Most Smartphones have a touch-screen interface, but most desktop websites are not optimized for touch screen. They often have links that are hard to press with a touch screen, and have elements and widgets that are difficult to pinpoint or see with a Smartphone. If you make your website more touch screen friendly with link list and bigger buttons as links, then your website becomes mobile website optimized. It is easier for people using a touch screen to use and will encourage people to return to your website using their Smartphone.

Optimizing helps your mobile website load faster

 You can optimize a page so that it loads faster. You can do this a number of ways such as by improving your hosting service, but the point is that it is good for you SEO. The search engines such as Google will check your loading speeds and create an average. If your average loading speed is not very good then they will lower your search engine ranking. Improve your mobile website and make it load faster and your website will rank higher, plus your viewers will be less annoyed at having to wait for your pages to load.

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For example, you could lower the weight of your website pages

 Just like with desktop websites, your loading time is measured from the moment that the page renders to the moment every single element is loaded. So if you have a page element (widget, image, etc) that takes a long time to load, then either optimize it or get rid of it. People using a Smartphone may be using 3G mobile Internet, so their loading times are already going to be slower than landline/broadband. So, if your page takes a long time to load then it is going to be even worse with mobile Internet.

Optimizing makes your mobile website more cross compatible

 Cross compatible in the sense that it will work on more than just one web browser and therefore work on more than one mobile or desktop device. Doing this is going to bring your website to a larger audience. Instead of just optimizing for the Android or Windows browsers, you can make it cross compatible with all of them. It will take a bit of fancy programming, but is going to allow a wider range of people to view your mobile website. As time goes on, people are going to start expecting mobile websites to be cross compatible with all mobile devices.

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For example, you could make your website dynamic/responsive

 This means making your website change the way it looks to suit the browser it is being viewed with. The code you install will recognize the browser it is being viewed with and then change the shape and layout of the website to the preprogrammed settings that you installed. If you are clever then you can get the website to change completely to accommodate the size of the mobile devices screen.

Optimizing helps you rank up through the search engine results

 If your website is optimized then it is more likely to rise up through the search engine results pages. It is not guaranteed, but statistically you are more likely to rise up through the results if your website is optimized rather than if it is not.

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For example, you could work on mobile friendly SEO

 SEO for mobile websites is not massively different from desktop SEO, but it does have a few differences. For example, mobile users are less keen on typing things into the search engines, so shorter search terms are preferred over longer ones.