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Difference between Windows 8 & Widows 7

Difference between Windows 8 & Widows 7

Windows 8, everybody talking about it, it is the complete new version of Microsoft Operating System with the additional desktop interface and also having some new styles to use it with touchscreen means mostly it is for Touch Screen Laptop and Mobile, All in one PC or touch tables.
When it was released all peoples don’t have computers with a touch screen so after its official launch or maybe before at the time of its trial, it was observed that all tech companies have started make Laptops PC and computer with touchscreen support.
what are differences between windows 7 and 8
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What are the major differences between Windows 8 & Windows 7

Windows 7 was also the huge success for Microsoft, but what I have found it is not more difference than Windows Vista.The windows 8 was also the big challenge for Microsoft i.e. how it becomes more successful on Windows 7 and trial for Windows Mobile etc.
I will tell you few differentiate between Windows 8 and Windows 7

Windows 8 Touch System.

Windows 8 Touch

The main and the most difference in windows 8 touch, as windows 7 is also support touch system but it did not get any rank and not become ideal because of its simple interface but now this generation wants better than the best. After making much improvement in Windows 8, it was the first touch support desktop. You can use windows 8 with your figures whether close windows with touch select menu with your fingers without any matter.

The New Start Screen

Windows 8 Start Screen
Wow! what I most like in windows 8 is, its Start Screen, it is not different than Start menu in other versions of Microsoft Windows but in New Start Screen is an edge which is made for touch system. It means the tile which you are seeing in Start Screen these instead of menus and also much quicker to lunch any application.

Better Multiple Monitor Support.

Better Multiple Monitor Support
Huh, maybe Microsoft has the ability to read our minds. Because most of us using multiples desktop on our system and Microsoft had made their dream true. You can setup multiple desktops with difference wallpapers and a different setting on each desktop.

Windows 8 Charms Bar

Windows 8 Charms Bar
It is also a new and beautiful feature which you have never seen in previous operating systems. When you arrive you mouse pointer in the left side of the screen a Charms Bar will appear with Quick access of Search Share Start Screen and Settings Function for volume adjustment brightness control and also PC Sleep or Shut Down PC.

Windows 8 Search & Social

We discussed about charm bar in which Search & Social, with search you can search over internet whatever you are searching using bigger search engines and also with the same search you can search any file or app in your smart screen of windows 8. With Social, you can browse social updates from Facebook, Twitter etc.
There is also few other difference in windows 8, and I will try to discover more and then share with you.