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Most Important SEO Tools for Bloggers

Most Important SEO Tools for Bloggers

Every new day always we are facing new challenges in our blogging career and have to do lot of more important tasks to build traffic for our blog to achieve and fulfill SEO factors and score. So, Here you will be notified some of the most important tools for search engine optimization in this New Year of 2014. These tools will help you to understand every mistake regarding SEO metrics and give guidance in every step i.e. On-page & Off-page SEOimages optimizationBacklink tracking, Keywords Positions, Link Building and other SEO Factors.

Most SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2014

Hope you find the following SEO tools essential for your blogging career and use it to manage and improve search engine ranking by using these valuable tools.

Searchmetrics Suite

How this tool will help you, you just have to visit and insert your blog/website link in the domain field, it will start analyzing and give you actual result for SEO, Backlinks, Social Media etc. and give you details statistics of your blog.


If you are looking or searching for your competitors around the internet? You have really missed this to know and understand who are the competitors of your blog. This tool will help you to tackle all you competitors by keywords and show you most top ranked domain in search engines.


WordTracker is Keyword analyzing tool. You can track and generate thousands of keywords with potential long tail with monthly search volume and traffic amount.

Opensite Explorer

This tool is affiliated with Moz as discussed below, to analyze your site Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and backlinks with anchor text and analyze your website in all respect and give you actual report about you SEO score.

MOZ Bar Extension

Moz present extension bar for internet browsers for Firefox and Chrome to show you Live SEO metrics within few seconds. If you want to analyze any website without using any tools you must have to install Moz Bar Extension bar.


Another SEO tool by MOZ as I have told you must use it in 2014. In the very beginning I have written, we have new challenge every new day because of changes in search engine algorithm so this tool will help us to know if any implementation and changes in major search engines i.e. google algorithm.

Google Page Speed Insights

May be you have read our previous article for speeding up your blog, there is also little introduction of this useful tool which is provided by Google to check the loading speed and show you most important problems to speed up your blog.

Other SEO Tools by Google

These tools will help you track your SEO metrics, keywords position, search impression, keywords you are getting traffic etc.

Bottom Lines

As we know there are lots of changes in major search engines algorithms so we have to more focus in optimization each part of blog to increase traffic and generate more revenue. Hope you will like these useful tools to optimize your blog. Do you have any other information or any other tool for these criteria? Feel free to share with us by replying in this post.